"I have some friends who'd love to meet you. They're called 'arrows.' "

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Tawny skin, auburn hair, icy blue eyes and something of an hourglass figure. Not bad for someone who only stands four and a half feet tall. She favors cosmetics in a variety of blue tones to match the tattoo on her cheek. Also has a penchant for silver jewelry.

Personality Edit

Impatient, gruff, a bit twitchy, more than a little trigger happy, and has a disdain for birds. Has been known to carry on conversations with her bow.

Talents and SkillsEdit

A top-notch marksman and look out. Enjoys hunting wild, and not so wild, game. Also good with a set of lockpicks.


History Edit

Maia is the younger sister to Miko Cadash. The siblings went into the Carta together as teens to keep themselves from starving after the deaths of their parents, who'd been semi-legitimate merchants. Maia became closed off and angry but poured herself into their work, watching her older brother like a hawk just in case anyone got any funny ideas about double-crossing them.

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  • Maia is not sure about this magic stuff.
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