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Not to be confused with Mahanon Lavellan, by creator SomeDoofus.

Mahanon Lavellan is a Dalish hunting elf.


Physical Appearance[]

Mahanon stands at 6'1 and weighs about 134 pounds.


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Talents and Skills[]

Special Skills[]

  • Artificer: Through the mixed teachings of Three-Eyes and his home crafter Jules, Mahanon has learned to use gadgets and traps to his advantage. He tries to utilize a variety of resources as well as map his environment to yield a head start from his opponents, typically strategizing moments ahead of those that stand before him.

Other Talents[]

  • To be added


  • Medu'a Poison: A common custom in his lineage, Mahanon crafts a specialized poison for his weapons that, upon its injection into the blood of humans, can leave its victim in a paralyzed state, similarly to a gorgon's eyes petrifying what gazing into them.


Early Life[]

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  • Lavellan Clan


  • Cassandra Pentaghast: Though the two had initially clashed, Mahanon has found Cassandra to be a mighty warrior and admires her devotion to her Andrastrean faith. Despite her bashful attitude towards him, he expressed persistence into romancing her outside the conflict that arises from the Inquisition's plan to seek a truth. Eventually, Cassandra caves and attests to a private date in the Garden of Skyhold. There, the two shared much of themselves; she also prophesied that he should perform a truly romantic gesture if the relationship is to go any further. Mahanon purchases candles and flowers and manages to obtain a book of poems, using them as inspiration for a self-crafted letter. As night fell and Cassandra meeting him at the grove outside Skyhold, he performed a beautiful courtship to win her affection, to which he had, the lovers enjoying their naked company beneath the stars.


  • The Trevelyan Brothers
  • Bull's Chargers
    • Iron Bull: To be added
    • Cremisius Aclassi: To be added
    • Dalish: To be added
    • Grim: To be added


  • Corypheus: To be added


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