Magnus Aeducan (Born 9:7 Dragon) is the famed Hero of Fereldan, Warden Commander of Fereldan, Paragon of Orzammar, and the recently revealed romantic partner of Divine Victoria. Magnus is lauded across the world for his leading roll in ending the 5th Blight in 9:31 Dragon, having utilized ancient Grey Warden treaties to bring together the army that defeated the Darkspawn horde. He is celebrated for personally slaying the Archdemon on top of Fort Drakon, and miraculously surviving to help rebuild the shattered Fereldan. King Bhelen Aeducan of Orzammar, Magnus's cousin, elevated him to the high status of Paragon, giving him a new role in his homeland after having been exiled for political reasons.

In the past 13 years, his activities have been generally obscure. He was criticized by some for assigning the Orlesian elven Warden Melowyn the command of Vigil's Keep, but his efforts were focused on the remaining darkspawn war bands in the south of Fereldan, where the darkspawn had held nearly absolute dominion since the Battle of Ostagar and the destruction of Lothering. It has since been revealed that the two corresponded heavily over their efforts, but Melowyn was unable to call for his aid as the crisis in and around Amaranthine deepened.

In 9:44 Dragon, Magnus Aeducan was once again thrust into the public eye with his stunning appearance at Divine Justinia's side after the Exalted Council and the disbandment of the Inquisition. It had been known for years that the pair had an intimate relationship, but many assumed it had ended long ago. Now the Hero of Fereldan has again sparked controversy by aligning himself with some of Divine Justinia's radical reforms and being one of the first public lovers of the Divine.

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