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Reddit Headcanon Threads:Edit

Please keep in mind many of these were written before I had a super clear idea of her character yet, so take them with a grain of salt, or several.

AMA: - Maeve hosts a fake Reddit AMA.

Advice - Maeve gives the reader some advice on life

Tattoos - What it says on the tin

It's a scorcher - Where to find Maeve on a hot day

FITE - Maeve's "combat" style, plus music

Relationship Irks - what drives Maeve nuts about Cullen, and vice-versa

Relationship Advice - Maeve's thoughts on how to make relationships work + (very short) bonus prompt from Cullen's POV

Reddit Writing Prompt Threads:Edit

Soothing Hands, Soft Words - Cullen has a nightmare

Non-Reddit links (AO3, DeviantArt, Tumblr):Edit

Thy Little Wings are Stronger - AO3 - Single Dad Cullen AU, collab with zinjadu

Warden, Champion, Inquisitor - 8tracks - My DA protagonist playlist

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