Lydia Rainier, born 9:49 Dragon, is the daughter of Lera Trevelyan and Thom Rainier.

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Physical Appearance Edit

Lydia resembles her mother greatly, sharing jet black hair, thin eyebrows, and a gaunt facial structure with her. Her eyes and lips resemble her father's more, and her eyes are icy blue.

Personality Edit

Lydia is headstrong and stubborn, often butting heads with other members of her family. In her teenage years, she becomes rather ambitious, deciding to go to Ostwick to claim what she views as her noble birthright.

Talents and SkillsEdit

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Biography Edit

Lydia was born in X village outside of Y city in Z country. She discovered she was a mage when her powers manifested at 9 years old.

Training with Dorian Edit

Dorian Pavus, a very close friend of Lera's, agreed to help Lydia understand and control her powers as much as he could through the use of the sending crystal he gave Lera. Whenever he could manage it, he visited in person to give her more instructive lessons.

Journey to Ostwick Edit

Some time in her late teens, Lydia journeyed to Ostwick with her mother, seeking to claim the titles and fortunes owed her by House Trevelyan.

Relationships Edit

Lydia is the daughter of Lera Trevelyan, the former Inquisitor, and Thom Rainier, a member of the Inquisition's inner circle. She has two brothers. Alan Rainier is three years her elder. Levy Rainier is two years younger.

Throughout her upbringing, Dorian Pavus acted as Lydia's mentor and magical instructor.

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