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"Loghain is a fool, yet he is no more a fool than the rest of Ferelden if this Blight isn't stopped."

Lumin “Lumi” Amell is a former Circle Mage, the current Warden-Commander of the Ferelden Grey Wardens, and the Hero of Ferelden.


Physical Appearance[]

Lumi is on the taller end of average, coming in at about 5’7/170 centimeters. She’s thin, as she spent a good chunk of her life in the Circle and had to use a lot of focus on magic. After joining the Grey Wardens, she was able to gain some muscle and fill out a little bit. She has dark brown hair that she likes to keep in a chin length bob, though she usually adds a little braid at the front. She has freckles across her nose and cheeks.


Lumi is reserved, never showing much emotion or affection until people gain her trust. She has a cutting tongue, using it as her first line of defense before any sort of combat breaks out. She seems a lot meaner than she actually is, but once people get to know her, they see the Lumi that formed during her years at the Circle: a scared young woman who had to grow up far too quickly and who was dealing with powers and leaders that she didn’t quite understand. Despite these fears, Lumi is fascinated by powers that the Chantry forbids, including blood magic. After becoming a Grey Warden and learning that she could utilize some of these forbidden specializations, she jumped at the chance.

However, Lumi is never the type of person who gets herself into trouble just because she can, but because she wants to know why that law or rule was put into place. For example, regarding blood magic: Lumi wanted to know why so many blood mages were drawn to abominations and killing people, not because she wanted to stick it to the Chantry. In another life, Lumi would have been a scholar or an inventor. Lumi isn’t a natural born leader, though she has no issues taking charge if need be. If there’s a person in a senior position she expects them to lead, though when leadership is forced down to her, she does her best to make the right decisions. She’s outraged and sickened whenever a person uses their own power to harm others—see Uldred and Bhelen—but otherwise believes that she shouldn’t meddle with others’ affairs.

Talents and Skills[]

Lumi is a talented mage, learning spells very quickly and taking in her studies faster than the other apprentices who were at her level. She does especially well with ice spells. She’s also adept with animals, having several secret, uncuddly pets when she was growing up in the Circle. Lumi’s a bad cook, but she can brew some decent ale and some potent poisons. She can also kill people and destroy darkspawn, but as Grey Warden, that should be a given.



Lumi was born in late Bloomingtide of 9:10 Dragon in Crestwood, the eldest child of the Ferelden branch of the Amell family. Lumi’s childhood was happy, though uneventful: her father was a merchant who travelled around Ferelden; her mother was a homemaker. She had two younger sisters (one born in 9:13 Dragon, the other born in 9:17 Dragon) whom Lumi adored. She never had a dog growing up, though the kitchen had several cats that Lumi ended up appropriating as pets. The family was very close, until shortly after Lumi’s twelfth birthday. One day, when Lumi was playing with her sisters, she accidentally knocked over one of the vases their father was hoping to sell on his next trip around Ferelden. While her sisters tried to hide the vase, Lumi willed it to repair itself—and it did. Lumi’s sisters told their mother, and Lumi was packed off to Kinloch Hold in a matter of hours.

At Kinloch Hold, Lumi led a lonely life. She befriended Jowan, and she exceeded at her studies, but her family never contacted her and the constant watch of the Templars made her feel uneasy. Additionally, some of the mages that Uldred taught were jealous at how quick of a study Lumi was, and how Enchanter Irving took a shine to her. Lumi learned how to become a very fluent liar, to protect herself from the Templars’ questions and from the torment of Uldred’s apprentices. When a young Templar, Cullen Rutherford, was assigned to the Tower in 9:29 Dragon, Lumi was attracted to him, but didn’t let her feelings show for fear of repercussions. She was jealous of Cullen for allowing himself to show his feelings so freely and started leading him on, in attempt to break his heart and make herself feel better. She continued this façade up until her Harrowing in 9:30 Dragon.


In order: -

Helped Jowan escape the tower -

Helped the mabari at Ostagar -

Recruited dog (Barkspawn), Sten, and Leliana

- Saved the mages at the Circle, including Irving

- Recruited Wynne

- Spared and recruited Zevran -

Helped Redcliffe fight the undead -

Saved Connor -

Recruited Shayle -

Brought Dalish lovers together

- Cured the werewolves and brokered peace between the Dalish and the werewolves -

Left the sacred ashes unharmed -

Saved the Denerim elves

- Developed a romance with Alistair

- Recruited Oghren -

Sided against Branka and destroyed the Anvil of the Void -

Bhelen crowned king

- Alistair fought Loghain -

Anora crowned and rules alone -

Convinced Alistair to perform the dark ritual

- Slayed the archdemon and lived


After the Blight, Lumi knew there was still much work to be done, but she was relieved the worst of it was over. After bidding goodbye to some of their companions (Leliana, Zevran, Wynne, Sten, and Shayle), Lumi, Alistair, and Barkspawn led Oghren to Amaranthine, where they witnessed his Joining. Once they were certain he was going to be all right with the Orlesian Wardens, the three of them headed back to the Orlesian border, to help fight off any remaining darkspawn and to prevent any stray Orlesian Chevaliers from entering Ferelden. In their off-hours, Alistair and Lumi’s relationship continued to blossom, with Alistair suggesting they get married in 9:34 Dragon. Lumi agreed, and the two of them quickly eloped.

Their marital bliss quickly ended, as word soon spread to all Grey Wardens that they were to report to the Free Marches city of Kirkwall. Lumi and Alistair were assigned to different units, with Alistair working with one of the newer Wardens, Carver Hawke, while Lumi and Oghren were reunited for a brief time. After Kirkwall was retaken from the Qunari, Lumi and Alistair joined up with the remaining Grey Wardens and headed to Vigil’s Keep. Lumi and Alistair kept Vigil’s Keep as their home base for the next five years, until rumours started spreading about how all the Orlesian Wardens were hearing the Calling. Lumi left Vigil’s Keep to stop the Calling altogether, keeping in contact with Alistair, and after the Inquisition’s formation, Leliana and Morrigan. Despite these correspondences, her whereabouts were unknown until Leliana tracked her down after the journey to Skyhold. Lumi penned a quick letter to the Inquisitor, before continuing her quest.

In 9:42 Dragon, Lumi returned to Vigil’s Keep, expecting to find Alistair waiting there for her. She instead received the shock of her life: that Alistair was trapped in the Fade. Lumi spoke with the Warden-Commander before leaving the Keep again, this time bringing Barkspawn and Oghren with her. She began looking for locations across Thedas where the Veil was weak, in the hope that she would be able to rescue Alistair. As of the Exalted Council, Lumi’s whereabouts remain unknown.


Alistair: Alistair was the second Grey Warden Lumi ever met, and while it wasn’t love at first sight, she did grow very fond of him, especially after the Ostagar battle. She sympathized with the loss of his father-figure, and in turn, he empathized with her familial abandonment, though she still didn’t let him get close to her. The two of them didn’t acknowledge their blooming feelings until after they met Alistair’s sister, Goldanna. After witnessing Goldanna’s cruelty to her younger brother, Lumi finally understood Alistair completely and told him her entire life story. By the time of the Landsmeet, the two were completely smitten.

But the Landsmeet bought new challenges for the two of them: namely, which one of them would slay the archdemon and ultimately die. When Morrigan offered Lumi a chance at survival, Lumi didn’t hesitate. Alistair had been one of the few bright spots in a hopeless situation, and she was loathe to give him up now. She didn’t tell Alistair the entirety of the details, as she knew that he would immediately refuse. She felt incredibly guilty about it, but she decided to keep the result of the Dark Ritual secret until her dying day.

After the Blight, the two of them remained at each other’s side until the false Calling started, and both Alistair and Lumi went off in different directions to investigate it. Lumi regretted leaving Alistair alone, and resolved to never rest again until she found him in the Fade.

Morrigan: At first, Lumi felt unsure about Morrigan. On one hand, Morrigan proved herself to be a useful ally; on the other, Morrigan was raised by Flemeth. However, as the journey continued, Lumi and Morrigan began to understand each other. The two were not close, but Lumi was horrified by Flemeth’s plan, and promised Morrigan that she would kill Flemeth to prevent the cycle from continuing. In turn, Morrigan was slightly less bitter to Lumi. Lumi kept her promise to not contact Morrigan after the final battle, and the two didn’t reconnect until Leliana’s agents found Lumi in 9:41 Dragon. Lumi was thankful to hear that the Old God Child was behaving as close to normal as possible, and that Morrigan seemed to have matured a great deal, but the two rarely wrote to each other.

Barkspawn: He’s the goodest boy. Lumi adores him and his children that he sired at Vigil’s Keep.

Leliana: Leliana became one of Lumi’s closest friends. Lumi felt apprehensive when she encountered Leliana in Lothering, but Lumi knew she wasn’t in any sort of position to turn away anyone who offered to help, even if they were a few nugs short of a roast. At first, Lumi was apprehensive about Leliana’s friendly nature, alongside Leliana’s skills with knives and a bow. As the journey continued, Lumi began to admire Leliana’s eye for fashion and her optimism about the Maker. After spending so much time in the Circle, Lumi mistrusted the Chantry and its teachings, but Leliana gave the teachings a new light. In return, Leliana told Lumi the story of her life, including her journeys as a bard and her history with Marjolaine.

Lumi offered to accompany Leliana to Denerim where she could confront Marjolaine, and Leliana gladly accepted. Lumi felt certain that Leliana would kill her, but instead Leliana let Marjolaine go. Lumi felt confused at first, but then came the realization: Leliana wasn’t looking for justice but was instead looking for closure. After the final battle at Denerim, Lumi and Leliana promised to keep in touch, but after the Battle at Kirkwall, the two lost contact. Lumi tried to send messages to Leliana, but most of the letters were returned unopened. It wasn’t until 9:39 Dragon that Leliana began communicating with Lumi again, informing her about Leliana’s position as the Left Hand of the Divine as well as the rumours that the Inquisition might be reformed. Leliana advised Lumi to hide, as Lumi didn’t need to struggle with the responsibilities of being the Inquisitor alongside her Grey Warden duties.

Lumi took Leliana’s word, using that time away from Vigil’s Keep as an opportunity to search for a cure for the Calling. The two remained in touch, using different codenames and codewords to keep Leliana’s agents away from Lumi. It was Leliana who told Lumi what happened to Alistair in the Fade, and Lumi was heartbroken. Just before Leliana was elected Divine, she and Lumi had final conversation before began traveling to find open spots in the Fade. Whatever the two of them discussed remains unknown.

Sten: Lumi wasn't ever quite sure how to feel about Sten. On the one hand, she admired his dedication and his brutal honesty, but she couldn't reconcile how he could kill a family over a missing sword. She did help him find it, but she never could understand him or the Qun's strict rules. After the archdemon's slaying, the two separated, never to see each other again.

Wynne: Lumi encountered Wynne in the Circle before, but the two never had a proper conversation until Uldred's uprising. When Lumi saw Wynne protecting the apprentices, she felt a little bit amazed as no one ever showed her that level of selflessness in the Circle before. She decided to bring Wynne along for the rest of the journey, even though Morrigan objected. At first, Wynne and Lumi got along well: Lumi admired Wynne's kind and unselfish nature, while Wynne genuinely enjoyed Lumi's company, seeing her as a long-lost apprentice.

As the group's travels continued, Lumi and Wynne's relationship began to cool. Wynne was incredibly upset when she saw Lumi willingly practicing blood magic, while Lumi grew incredibly distant once she found out that Wynne was technically an abomination. It didn't help that Wynne criticized Lumi's relationship with Alistair, pointing out that Lumi had a duty to Thedas first, not her own personal needs. Lumi argued back that she and Alistair were possibly being sent to their deaths; why shouldn't they have some happiness for once in their lives? The two stopped speaking to each other until the group's expedition into the Deep Roads and their encounter with the Broodmother.

On the way back to Denerim, Wynne apologized to Lumi first, explaining that she failed to understand how much pressure a Grey Warden was under, especially when dealing with creatures such as the Broodmother. Lumi offered her own apology, saying that Wynne still had a life to live and that if she needed any help, Lumi would offer it. Wynne quickly jumped at the chance, telling Lumi of her missing apprentice, Aneirin. The group made a quick detour to the Brecilian Forest, where they found Aneirin and settled Wynne's debts. After the Landsmeet, Wynne and Lumi promised to remain in touch, but they lost contact after the Qunari Battle of Kirkwall. It wasn't until Lumi's journeys to find a cure for the Calling did she learn of Wynne's death.

Zevran: Lumi originally kept Zevran alive instead of killing him because she figured that he had information about Loghain that he wasn't telling her. After finding out that he didn't have any useful information about Loghain or his forces, she still kept Zevran alive because he'd proven himself to be quite useful; and loathe she was to admit it, she did see a little bit of herself in him. She related to his feelings of abandonment and lack of belonging, though she freely admitted to Zevran that the two had very different ways of dealing with their emotions. Lumi isn't the pious sort by any means, but she still felt that Zevran went a little too far with some of the comments he made. Despite that, Lumi and Zevran did end up becoming friends. Lumi helped him fight against the Antivan Crows and after the Blight was over, Lumi promised Zevran that he would always have a place with her if he so needed it.

While Zevran never took Lumi up on that offer, the two did frequently see each other, both wittingly and unwittingly. When Lumi began searching for a cure for the Calling, and later a way to find Alistair, she encountered Zevran on both journeys, and he willingly joined her each time. Besides, who knew when one who need a Grey Warden to fight off a stack of Antivan Crows?

Shale: Like Sten, Lumi felt uneasy around Shale at first. Unlike Sten, Lumi realized that Shale wasn't behaving maliciously, but instead because she hadn't been around people who treated her kindly in a long time. The two still did struggle to communicate, but after Lumi and Wynne reconciled, Lumi encouraged Shale's relationship with Wynne. Lumi was genuinely happy to see Wynne and Shale traveling together, but like Wynne, Lumi lost contact with her early on. Unlike Wynne, Lumi has no idea what happened to Shale.

Oghren: If someone had told Lumi that one of her best friends would turn out to be a drunken dwarf, she would have rolled her eyes and walked away. But that's exactly who Oghren is. Is Oghren a drunk, lazy, a little bit dimwitted, and completely crude? Yes. But Oghren has a noble heart and when Lumi realized that Oghren was actually serious about joining the Grey Wardens, she was glad to help him. The two of them spent a lot of time together after Vigil's Keep, and Oghren was able to teach Lumi some of his ale tricks. Oghren went with the rest of the Grey Wardens to Kirkwall, and later, he went with Lumi to try and find a way to reach Alistair in the Fade. The only time Lumi and Oghren have been separated was when Lumi went to try and find a cure for the Calling: Lumi was traveling all around Thedas, while Oghren remained up in the Free Marches. Despite their opposite natures, Lumi can't imagine a life without her mad dwarven stallion in it.



Lumi's favourite colour is iris purple. She likes reading and sometimes meditating. She adores all sorts of animals, and used to keep some pet mice under her bed before she went to the Circle. She's a pretty terrible writer, though she does try and keep a diary of all her day's events. She loves dancing and all sorts of music and was upset to see that the Circle had not time for those frivolities. She likes visiting large cities and exploring them, and was glad that her life in the Grey Wardens granted her the chance to see some of these cities again. Her favourite drink is ruby port and her favourite food is lavender custard.


Lumi doesn't like loud noises, but not because she's afraid of them: instead, she dislikes them because they distract her from her work and she finds them unnecessary. Despite loving most animals, even insects, the only creature she cannot stand is a nug. She finds their little feet disturbing, and was horrified when Leliana brought one back from Orzammar to keep as a pet. Lumi doesn't like painting or sculpting, as she was never any good at it growing up. She doesn't much care for nature either, and spending so much time in camps during the Blight made her more irritable than usual.


As a child, Lumi was fearless, but after being sent to the Circle and then to the Grey Wardens, she developed two fears. The first was becoming an abomination. Lumi liked learning about different types of magic, even forbidden types, but abominations terrified Lumi, as she feared losing control of herself and her body. If she were to die, Lumi wanted to die as herself and not influenced by a spirit or demon. The second fear, though, is something that Lumi consistently has nightmares about: Broodmothers. Before the team went down into Orzammar, none of the group had even heard of Broodmothers before. They simply assumed all darkspawn were made from ghouls and that was the end of it. But after meeting Hespith and then fighting the Broodmother themselves, Lumi became terrified that the taint inside her would eventually transform her into one. While Alistair and the other Grey Wardens swore that wasn't the case, and that it actively involved darkspawn to become a Grey Warden, Lumi found it hard to believe them. It didn't help that the taint inside her seemed to sense her fear, and began shaping her dreams to include Broodmothers alongside other darkspawn. When Lumi dreams about Broodmothers, even Alistair and Barkspawn struggle to calm her down, and Lumi often ends up shaking and dry-heaving for hours afterward. She now carries a bottle of poison and a dagger covered in poison with her at all times, to prevent the worst from happening.


Other Information[]

  • Lumi has the "Wise" voice type
  • All possible companions were recruited


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