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Luciel Sabetha Tabris was an elf born in the Denerim alianage the daughter of Adaia and Cyrion Tabris. Luciel was trained by her mother to fight and survive until the latter's untimely death in one of the alienage purges when Luciel was a young girl. Years later, she was conscripted into the Grey Wardens, eventually becoming Warden Commander of Fereldan.


Physical Appearance[]

Luciel was an elf with long, brown hair and bright green eyes. She had a tattoo on her face done by her cousin, Shianni.

Luciel in 9:30 Dragon, during her joining

She had scars all over her body from her travels, most notably a jagged crossed pair on her face, intersecting with her tattoo, from her fight with Flemeth.

Luciel in 9:41 Dragon


For much of Tabris' life, she was resentful of humans, having witnessed the purging of her alienage and murder of her mother when she was eight years old, as well as the treatment of her people by all strata of human society. As a result, she was openly vitriolic in her engagements with humans and was not hesitant to escalate a dispute to violence.

When her anger was not leading her actions, Tabris was capable of deep sympathy and love, resulting in a willingness to make personal sacrifices for her family and community in the Alienage, and later many others in Fereldan. However, she was also capable of making hard decisions for the greater good, such as when she chose to use the Anvil of the Void.

Talents and Skills[]

Until her death, Luciel's mother Adaia trained her in combat and stealth. Despite the elven prohibition against weapons, Luciel learned to fight with swords, daggers and knives. She was also taught to pick locks, pick pockets, and arm and disarm traps. After Adaia's death, she continued to practice and refine these skills for the rest of her life, and the training she received gave her the aptitude to learn new skills and fighting styles quickly during her adventures.

As with all Grey Wardens, Luciel's physical prowess and stamina were enhanced after the Joining, and she was able to sense Darkspawn. However, thanks to the experiments of the Warden Mage Avernus, she was able to willingly tap into the power latent in her corrupted blood to become even more nimble, giving her the ability to move more stealthily and improve her already quick reflexes. The mage's experiments also enabled her to manipulate her blood physically despite not being a mage herself, a trick she often used to exacerbate the wounds she inflicted on her opponents.

During a sojourn to the Temple of Sacred Ashes, Luciel drank dragon blood, further pushing her physical abilities to an almost self-destructive degree.

During the Fifth Blight, Luciel's companion and lover Leliana taught her to augment her skill set with the talents of an Orlesian Bard. Over the course of months on the road, the Warden not only learned new ways to fight, but also to sing, play an assortment of instruments, lie more convincingly, and analyze hidden meanings in words, gestures, and omissions.

On an excursion to Denerim, a search for allies to the Wardens led Tabris and her companions to a brothel called the Pearl, where she met a pirate named Isabela. In exchange for sharing a bed with Tabris, Leliana, and Zevran, the pirate taught Luciel a duelist's fighting style.

After the Blight, Luciel learned the skills and methods of the Legion of the Dead's scouts from her friend and newly minted Warden Sigrun, and learned to reach the pinnacle of her stealth skills from a manual of Shadow in Vigil's Keep.

Tabris was known to fight with two long swords, Starfang and Vigilance, both of which were forged to her specifications.



Luciel Tabris was born in the elven alienage in Denerim on the seventh day of Firstfall in 9:13 Dragon to parents Adaia and Cyrion Tabris. Almost as soon as young Tabris could walk, her mother trained Luciel to fight, often in direct violation of the alienage ban on weapons, as well as a number of other skills.

When Tabris was eight, there was a purge of the alienage and her mother was one of those executed. At the same time, her cousin Shianni moved into the Tabris home, having lost her own mother to a fever. The two girls comforted one another in their shared mourning, and became the closest of friends. Together, with their cousin Soris, they developed reputations as lovable trouble-makers.

Luciel always did her best to help her community and doing what she could to inspire her fellow elves.



In 9:30 Dragon, Luciel was betrothed to a young elf from Highever named Nelaros. Tabris was not pleased with the betrothal, but eventually acquiesced to her father's wishes and prepared for a double-wedding, shared with her cousin Soris and his betrothed Valora. As she prepared, Vaughn Kendells, the son of Denerim's arl, entered the allienage with a group of thugs and began harassing women, until Shianni smashed him with a bottle. As the arl's son was being carried out, Luciel met another human named Duncan, who claimed to be a Grey Warden. Luciel threatened to beat the human if he did not leave, but the Warden merely complimented her bravery before the alienage elder Valendrian intervened and convinced Tabris to stand down. The Warden expressed a desire to find recruits for his battle against the darkspawn, but he would wait until after the wedding.

Luciel and her betrothed, Nelaros

During the ceremony, Vaughn Kendells, the son of Denerim's arl, interrupted proceedings, kidnapping many many wedding guests, Valora, and Luciel herself, to be raped and possibly murdered.

Soris and Nelaros broke into the Arl's estate to stage a rescue. Soris found Luciel and the other women, and supplied Tabris with a sword, borrowed from the Grey Warden Duncan. With it, she carved a bloody path through the Arl's estate.Too late, she found Nelaros and watched as the Arl's men cut him down. After avenging him, she took the wedding ring that was meant for her, which she would keep for the rest of her life. She then proceeded to kill every human man and woman in the estate until she found Vaughn, who had just finished the act of raping her beloved cousin Shianni.

The human lord attempted to bribe Luciel to walk away and abandon Shianni, but all that accomplished was ensure Vaughn's death would be exceedingly gruesome.

Tabris led her families and the others back safe to the alienage, but the city guard was not far behind them, having followed the trail of blood straight to them. Luciel took full responsibility for the murder of Vaughn and all his household and was to be arrested and put to death within the day.

It was not to be, however, as Duncan issued the Rite of Conscription, forcing Luciel to join the Grey Wardens to escape execution. Tabris reluctantly acquiesced and followed the Warden to Ostagar.

The Battle of Ostagar[]

Duncan had intended to bolster the ranks with at least two other candidates, Circle Mage Vasher Amell and dwarven princess Adare Aeducan. However, the situation at Ostagar was escalating and they had to make way straight to the ruined fortress, leaving only Tabris, a knight named Ser Jory, and a pickpocket named Daveth to undergo the Joining.

Upon arriving at Ostagar, Tabris met King Cailan, to whom she unwisely and aggressively expressed her disdain for. Cailan himself, however, seemed to be in quite high spirits about the encounter. While at the fortress, Luciel also helped a mabari hound to health, killed an accused deserter to obtain a key to steal from the Circle Mages, and met junior warden Alistair, and many other prominent figures.

Luciel meets Morrigan for the first time

Under the supervision of Alistair, Luciel, Jory, and Daveth were sent into the Kokari Wilds to acquire vials of darkspawn blood and find old Grey Warden treaties that had been abandoned along with an ancient watch tower. While there, they met the apostate Morrigan and her mother Flemeth, who gave them their treaties and a warning that the threat was more dire than they realized.

Upon their return, Duncan quickly ushered his new recruits to undergo the ritual that would make them Grey Wardens. It was only then he revealed that the key to the Wardens' power was drinking of darkspawn blood. Of those to take part, Daveth died undergoing the ritual, while Jory was killed trying to back out of it. Luciel survived the joining and became a Grey Warden.



Over the course of her journeys, Luciel made no shortage of enemies, but she also earned companionship, friendship, and even love in her fight against the Blight, and after.


"Of all the things I could have imagined would have resulted when Flemeth told me to go with you, the very last would have been that I would find in you a friend. Perhaps even a sister. I want you to know, that while I may not always prove... worthy... of your friendship, I will always value it." ~ Morrigan

The Witch of the Wilds, also known as Morrigan, was the Warden's first friend outside of her elven community. Though their relationship initially started as politeness tempered by trepidation, Tabris very quickly found Morrigan's wit and irreverence charming, which coupled with her beauty attracted the young elf. By the time of their second encounter, which led to the mage joining the Warden's party, Luciel was completely smitten with the Witch, though those feelings were one sided.

Tarot Card - Luciel.jpg

The Blight[]

From the day Morrigan first set off with Luciel, the two were nearly inseparable, with the Warden always seeking the Witch's advice before any of her other companions, and frequently deferring to her judgment. Over time, Morrigan opened up to Tabris, eventually confessing that she saw the younger woman as a sister. Although in her heart she wanted more, Luciel contented herself by remaining Morrigan's close friend, happy to have made that connection.

When Morrigan pleaded with Luciel to convince Loghain lie with her to undergo a Dark Ritual in order to ensure no Warden had to be sacrificed upon killing the Archdemon, Luciel agreed with heartbroken reluctance. After slaying Urthemiel, Morrigan fled the company baring the child that had saved Luciel's life, leaving behind only a request that Tabris not follow her.

"Let me come with you." "I wish that were possible, but you do not know what you ask. I cannot allow you to make that sacrifice. ... Goodbye, my friend." ~ Luciel and Morrigan

Witch Hunt[]

Though it took some time to find a lead, Luciel denied that request and tracked her friend down, following behind her on a search for an elven artifact called an eluvian.

Luciel Tabris - Witch Hunt.jpg

When Luciel found Morrigan, she offered to join her, but Morrigan denied her that sacrifice. Instead, they parted ways, but the Witch left Luciel a gift -- a pendant containing the feathers of a griffon and a raven, from which Luciel could feel Morrigan's presence and feelings of friendship. The Warden was certain she would be reunited with the Witch someday soon.


"The day will come when the Arishok sends us here. On that day, I will not look to find you on the battlefield." ~ Sten

Luciel met the Sten of the Barasaad in Lothering, where he had allowed himself to be imprisoned after he murdered a family. The Warden had heard of the prowess of the Qunari soldiers, and recruited him to her cause, freeing him from his bonds. The two did not understand one another at first, but Luciel made sure to listen when he spoke, and over time they grew to respect one another's council. After a time, Luciel began to count him as a friend.

When Sten told Luciel about his lost sword and the significance of a Qunari weapon, she dedicated herself to finding his weapon. She reunited the sword with its owner, shocking the Qunari and giving him the right to return home.

After the Blight ended, they traveled together to Seheron, while duty bade they part ways, they did so as friends, and they agreed to meet again one day.

When Luciel came to Par Vollen in search of clues to fight the calling, she found that the one she called Sten had become the Arishok, but he was no less willing to call her his friend.


Tabris' relationship with Leliana, also known as Sister Nightingale, and later as Divine Victoria, was a complicated one.

The Blight[]

Luciel met first met Leliana in Lothering. She thought the Chantry lay Sister was insane for believing the Maker sent her visions, but after the resounding failure that had been the Battle of Ostagar, she figured one more weapon against the Darkspawn couldn't hurt matter.

Over time, Luciel began to warm to the Bard as they spent nights sharing stories, and Leliana taught Luciel the skills of being a Bard, from the combat skills to the spy craft and the Great Game of Orlais.

As this happened, Luciel noticed Leliana clearly had feelings for her, she said nothing until she realized Morrigan would never reciprocate her feelings, at which point she took Leliana to her tent.

Leliana disagreed with many of Luciel's decisions, including tainting the Urn of Sacred Ashes, but she was blinded by her love for the Warden and followed along to the end of the Blight.


From the first time Luciel took Leliana into her tent, the Bard was dedicated to the Warden, to the point where even as Divine she never denied her relationship with her, and even changed the Chantry rules regarding relationships. Though she was jealous of Luciel's affections, she wasn't above taking Luciel's offer to join her in bedding Isabela.

Though Leliana believed the two of them were mutually in love, Luciel never felt the same way, and was frequently unfaithful to the bard, usually with women who reminded her of Morrigan


Luciel met the Golem known as Shale while en route to Orzammar. She got along well with the misanthropic construct and enjoyed her company. Although Shale never learned the truth of Luciel slaying Paragon Caridan, the young elf helped Shale recollect her memorial by exploring what he left behind.

Luciel inspired the Golem to seek away to become a dwarf again after the Blight. 


The Antivan Crow was sent to assassinate Luciel, but she spared him, first for answers pertaining to who sent him, and ultimately because she believed elves needed to stick together. They became good friends over their journey, and even traveled together with Sten for a time after the Blight, though they ultimately parted ways.


Soris (Dog)[]






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