So, Lothis, hahren's son, left Amaranthine at 19 rather than marry some girl he'd never met and wasn't consulted on. Sometimes, being hahren's son is not a good thing. He found Zathrian's clan, and fell in love...which is also not a good thing. A few months later, he discovered that while she had feelings, too...she also planned to honor her betrothal, to a childhood friend that she loved as well.

Fast forward, and a few stumbles, he wound up becoming a roving Jenny, delivering messages, packages and general assistance. When he wound up back in Amaranthine, he decided to fix what the Howes' slaughter of the Jennies almost a generation ago had done. He declared himself Red Jenny, and waited to see what would happen.

Fast forward *another* handful of years, and he along with several other Red Jennies declared their loyalty to Felandris as Ferelden's Red Jenny. It's...a long story.

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Physical Appearance Edit

Lothis is remarkably broad-shouldered for an elf - probably all the archery. He was a craftsman, but you have to be able to draw the bows you shape, to make sure they've settled, right? He's got dark eyes, a deep voice and chestnut hair. Oh, and freckles. Lots of freckles.

Personality Edit

Younger Lothis is irreverent and immortal, though heartbreak has taught him to not open up to others. His father, his love, let's just say he's not been lucky. He does start to settle down as he takes over Amaranthine, but that ability to see the ridiculous never truly leaves him.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Lothis can listen to the wood, and hear what it can be. It's a true gift, and reason why Zathrian's Clan offered him adoption and membership. The same night he found out his love was betrothed. (Awkward) Beyond that, he's discovered he's remarkably good at...not lying, but letting someone believe whatever is most useful for him.

Biography Edit

Lothis lives in the Broken Trio AU with AshLyn's Kaden Cousland and Felandris. Most of his biography is already above.

Relationships Edit

Lothis, until he swears to Felandris, is loyal to Lothis. He tries to take care of people, but really didn't like the idea of being tied down.

His father pulled a 'no son of mine' when he returned. And then died during the attempted evacuation of Amaranthine, before Kaden had to burn it to protect the Arling from the Mother's armies.

Other than that, he's got a business relationship with the Carta, and a friendship of sorts with Gwaren's Red Jenny.

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