"I was prepared to spend a quiet, uneventful life in the Circle. I had accepted it. But this task? It came to me and even though I don’t want it, I will see it through.”

Loryen Trevelyan, Haven, 9:41

CHARACTER OVERVIEW[edit | edit source]

Fourth and youngest child of Bann and Lady Trevelyan, Sian Loryen Trevelyan, referred to as Loryen, was sent to the Circle of Ostwick aged eight and was content in the life she led there.

Not a life of freedom, perhaps, but one of duty, discipline and purpose.Until it all got taken away from her.

The Circle of Ostwick fell violently amidst the tensions of the Mage-Templar war. One of a handful of survivors, Loryen found herself thrown into a world she had never been part of, and in which she did not belong.

While she attended the Divine Conclave in Haven, where she had travelled to in a bid to make sense of her role in the grand scheme of things, a sequence of events changed the course of her life.

Loryen found her place in the most unlikely of ways: by becoming the leader of the Inquisition.

For better or worse.

PERSONALITY[edit | edit source]

Loryen's most lauded quality is her kindness. Growing up at the hand of a mother who shouted, mocked and belittled her children at any opportunity made a lasting impression on her, one she swore to never replicate.

Soft spoken, warmhearted and patient, she had a great supporter in her nanny, a lovely Orlesian woman named Sabine, who taught her that blood relations are not everything, a lesson she continued to learn throughout her life, as her friends became the family she never had. Extremely loyal, she is fiercely protective of loved ones, often prepared to defend them before she would stand up for herself.

Seeking diplomacy over conflict, she avoids confrontations, her nervous and fidgety disposition making her easily flustered. As a mage, she spent a great deal of time learning to control her magic but controlling her emotions proves more difficult. More often than not and to her great annoyance, she gets betrayed by her tears, which she sheds easily in sadness, anger or frustration

Her liveliness, warmth and sense of humour override her natural reserve when she is comfortable in her surroundings, a charming surprise to those she chooses to get close to. However, she tends to seek solitude at times of turmoil or doubt.

APPEARANCE[edit | edit source]

What others see:

  • A person of short stature (she is 5'3'') who is slender and not particularly athletic - although regular exercise with Cassandra made her tone up nicely during the Inquisition
  • A redhead, whose long, wavy hair is more orange than red and often tied up in a high ponytail or a loose side-braid
  • Someone whose face and body are covered in freckles, made all the more prominent by her very fair skin
  • Someone with deep sapphire-blue eyes, often cited as her most striking feature

Overall, a very attractive woman whose beauty borders on the ethereal.

What Loryen sees:

Loryen's opinion of her looks has not changed much since the days of her childhood, where her short stature and her features were ridiculed by her mother on a regular basis. That naturally critical voice at the back of her mind means that Loryen doesn't often mention the fact that she knows herself to be pretty. Having said that, she has come to be grateful about her good looks.

As the Inquisitor, she is aware that her appearance is the first thing people use to make an opinion of her and her attractiveness means that she generally creates a good impression. But sometimes, Loryen would prefer if people referred to as kind or thoughtful rather than just "pretty". Her qualities as a person are much more valuable to her than her looks, because she works hard to try and be a good person.

TALENTS & SKILLS[edit | edit source]

  • MUSIC: Loryen was given a violin for her 6th birthday by her aunt Gabrielle and from that day on, music defined her life. Learning to read music and studying well-known musical pieces brought her great joy and in time, she also enjoyed creating and writing her own music, which she kept in a leatherbound pouch. Once in the Circle, she bonded with her dormitory mate over music. Myra, an accomplished artist from Starkhaven, helped Loryen discover new influences and together, they spent many an hour playing. Thanks to Myra's teaching, Loryen has a passable grasp of the harp. Out of the Circle, Loryen was able to play again once the instrument she had lost during the fall of the Circle was replaced, a gift to her from Cullen. The loss of her arm, and with it her ability to play music, brought on a serious breakdown. She recovered with the help of Cullen's young niece, Lottie, who encouraged her to sing instead.

  • MAGICAL ABILITIES: Loryen's magic manifested in toddler-hood and was promptly hidden from her family by her nanny, who was an apostate. The next few years were spent teaching the child to control her powers. By the time it was discovered she was a mage, Loryen had become a deadly accurate spell caster, with a natural ability for Winter spells. Once in the Circle, she was able to hone her skills in a formal learning environment, flourishing under the instructions of her Enchanters. Her control over her magic and her ease in the Fade, which she had navigated confidently since childhood, made her the youngest person to have undertaken her Harrowing successfully. At age fourteen, she was entered in the records of her Circle for this accomplishment. A couple of years later, she became the youngest mage in Ostwick to be given the title of Junior Enchanter. Out of the Circle, she had to quickly learn to use her magic for offensive/defensive situations. Often underestimated by foes due to her petite stature, she is nonetheless a powerful presence in battle, something that came as a surprise to her as she had never been tested during her time in the Circle. She chose to specialize as a Rift Mage in an effort to study the power coming from the rifts and understand them better.

  • DIPLOMACY: A naturally diplomatic person, Loryen never fared well in arguments and she therefore always favored a peaceful approach to conflict resolution. Whilst not superbly eloquent, Loryen really found her stride at Josephine's contact, learning from the Ambassador and emulating her tactful yet assertive  manner. Loryen became very skilled at finding the right words to get her way or talk her way out of most situations and making few enemies in the process. Her kind and empathetic nature, while detrimental at times, became her biggest asset in negotiation and was instrumental in building her reputation as a courteous, fair and generally respected Inquisitor.

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