"I was prepared to spend a quiet, uneventful life in the Circle. I had accepted it. But this task? It came to me and even though I don’t want it, I will see it through.”

Loryen Trevelyan, Haven, 9:41


Sian Loryen Trevelyan, referred to as Loryen, was born on the feast day of Summerday, 5th of Bloomingtide 9:19.  The Trevelyan Family hails from Ostwick in the Free Marches. Her parents are Bann Bryan Trevelyan and his wife Lady ElkeTrevelyan. She is the youngest child and has three siblings: brother Alrik (born 9:10), sister Alis (born 9:12) and brother Osian (born 9:15). Though she doesn't see her often, Loryen keeps a close correspondence with her maternal aunt, Gabrielle Aubert, who married an Orlesian nobleman and who lives in Val Chevin in Orlais.


People who don't know her would describe Loryen as a quiet, pensive and kind person. She does not like being the centre of attention and prefers to stay in the background if she can. Easily flustered, with a nervous disposition, she works hard at controlling her emotions in situation of anger, sadness or frustration but is often betrayed by her tears, which she sheds easily. As obstinate as she is dutiful, she takes her responsibilities seriously but her lack of confidence can lead to indecisiveness and doubts at times. Loyal, she chooses her friends carefully and is fiercely protective of them. To those who take the time to get to know her, her liveliness and warmth comes as a pleasant surprise. With loved ones, she is chatty and engaging, displaying a good sense of humour with a tendency to self-deprecation. She is not afraid to spend time in her own company, something she needs at times to recharge her energy.


Loryen Aesthetics


Loryen is 5’3 and is of slim build. Quite petite, she appears delicate but is physically stronger than she looks. She has long wavy hair, red in colour, which she wears in a high ponytail when it isn't left down. Her eyes are blue and often considered one of her most striking features. She has very fair skin which makes her freckles more prominent over her face as well as her body.

Loryen Aesthetics


  • MUSIC: From the day she was given a violin, music has defined Loryen's life. Trained to play violin from a young age, she is also a proficient harp player . She has a tendency to hum when idle, something her companions comment on a lot. This habit was developed in childhood when she had taken to whistling the tunes she was learning on the violin, only to be told it was not lady-like and she started humming instead. She suffered a serious breakdown post Trespasser after the loss of her arm prevented her from playing her instrument. She recovered with the help of Cullen's young niece, Lottie, who encouraged her to sing instead. Hopefully one of Loryen's children will develop an interest in playing music so that her beloved violin can finally be dusted off.
  • MAGICAL ABILITIES: Loryen is a deadly accurate spell caster. Often underestimated by foes due to her petite stature, she is nonetheless a powerful presence in battle, favoring Winter abilities over all else. She chose to specialize as a Rift Mage in an effort to study the power coming from the rifts and understand the phenomenons better
  • DIPLOMACY: A naturally diplomatic person, Loryen never fared well in arguments and she therefore always favored a peaceful approach to conflict resolution. Whilst not superbly eloquent, Loryen really found her stride at Josephine's contact, learning from the Ambassador and emulating her tactful yet assertive  manner. Loryen became very skilled at finding the right words to get her way or talk her way out of most situations and making few enemies in the process. Her kind and empathetic nature, while detrimental at times, became her biggest asset in negotiation and was instrumental in building her reputation as a courteous, fair and generally respected Inquisitor.

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The Circle Years

Inquisition days

Post Game

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Cullen Rutherford

Loryen-Cullen wiki

Loryen and Cullen, after the defeat of Corypheus

Loryen was initially attracted by Cullen’s kindness towards

her, even though she found him intimidating. In a world turned upside down, where everyone treated her like a criminal, he was the only one who seemed to care about her welfare. She also found her attraction to be physical, getting flustered at his contact on a regular basis.

Cullen, for his part, was smitten with Loryen from the very first day he met her. To his great surprise, he found he could not stop thinking about her, picturing her face, her eyes, her freckles in idle moments. He was intrigued by her as a person also, her quietness and reserve contributing to his interest in her. He was eager to get to know her as a person, to see if the idea he had of her matched who she really was. He got a chance to spend some time with her when when he was tasked to teach her horse-riding, something she had never learnt in the Circle. He had been involved in a casual fling with a Haven inhabitant and decided to break things off with her, his mind constantly returning to the Herald.

Loryen, over the passing weks, was quite surprised to see how easy she found it to talk with Cullen, something she does not achieve with many people generally. They had a bit of a setback when she learnt he had been a Templar, panic making her retreat from their easy friendship due to her recent trauma from Ostwick. In an attempt to soothe her, he revealed a bit of his past to her (but never divulged the events he had suffered through at Kinloch Hold), as well as his decision to quit lyrium. She decided to place her trust in him, given he had always treated her, a mage, with the upmost respect. Her kindness, compassion and quiet support of his lyrium decision all contributed to Cullen realising that his feelings for her were more than mere infatuation but he kept them to himself for fear of a lack of propriety.

Loryen began to notice Cullen may have feelings for her and was unsure how to address them. She knew she was attracted to him but was in too poor a frame of mind for a relationship at that point, still reeling from her losses in Ostwick and the shock of her new circumstances. So she pushed whatever feelings she had for him aside, choosing to ignore them even though they cropped up regularly (many a boring evening stuck in the Hinterlands were spent wondering what the Commander was doing in Haven and if maybe he thought about her too).

They had a fallout over her siding with the mages, which was quite hurtful to Loryen as she felt he was questioning her abilities and her motives but once they discussed it more calmly, they resumed their friendship. Overall they were able to put aside the Templar/Mage issue relatively easily. They just saw one another as persons.

Cullen managed to keep his feelings quiet for her until the day she closed the Breach in Haven. That night, after kissing her unexpectedly, he told her he cared for her. Taken aback, Loryen's reaction was to push him away, telling him she was not ready for a relationship. Before she left to face Corypheus during the battle, Cullen kissed her again, certain he would not see her again. After the battle, and going against Cassandra and Leliana's advice, he decided to go back to find her and he eventually rescued her in the rubble of the destroyed village. Finding her hovering between life and death, he managed to keep her alive overnight and brought her back to the Inquisition's camp the next day.

As she recovered from her ordeal, Loryen became consumed by grief and self-doubt following the loss of so many in Haven and the realisation of the enormity of her responsibilities. Broken and despondent, she asked Cullen to forget about them, telling him they should focus on their jobs instead. Upon arriving in Skyhold, she disappeared for a few days, seeking solitude and when she came back, she was named Inquisitor, which further pushed their relationship into a more formal one.

In Skyhold, once the Inquisition settled, Loryen and her companions developed a routine of sharing meals together at least once a day and she got to spend more and more time in Cullen’s company outside of their duties. She noticed how well they got on and how much he still cared for her, which made her question why she was pushing away her own feelings. Upon returning to Skyhold from a mission, she was hit by the realisation she was in love with him and after a few days, she decided to talk to him, to see if she still had a chance hoping he had not moved on. He welcomed her confession with delight and they finally became a couple.

Loryen found a lot of strength in her love for him, her confidence boosted by his unwavering support and tender care. They grew very close very quickly and spent as much time as possible together, while hiding their relationship to the rest of the world as best they could.

The events of Adamant triggered a breakdown for Loryen, who found she could not longer carry the responsibilities laying on her shoulders. Upon her return to Skyhold, she decided toe leave everything behind, including Cullen. Weeks went by and Dorian and Cole were sent to locate the missing Inquisitor, while Cullen was torn between anger at her actions and despair at his loss. Once she decided to come back, she found Cullen hurt and resentful, his anger lasting a while until he was able to put the whole thing behind and they resumed their relationship. At that point, they stopped hiding and it became public knowledge they were seeing one another. Loryen committed herself one hundred percent to both Cullen and the Inquisition.

By the time Corypheus was defeated, it was common knowledge the Inquisitor and her Commander were a couple so it came as no surprise when they officially married a few weeks later.

By Trespasser, they both agreed to disband the Inquisition, choosing to retire into private life instead, to give themselves a chance at a normal life. This became all the more important when they had a family.

Cassandra Pentaghast Cassandra builds a friendship with Loryen which spans over the years the Inquisition is active and beyond. Cassandra is initially closer to Cullen, with whom she develops a strong friendship as soon as she recruits him but she soon becomes Loryen's closest friend in the Inquisition. Their sisterly bond grows over months of time spent together on missions and after the Inquisition is disbanded, they remain close and she is a frequent visitor to the Rutheford household, being a de facto aunt to Loryen and Cullen's children.


Loryen and Cullen got engaged shortly after the demise of Corypheus and took a long break to recover from the previous months' toil. During a visit to Loryen's aunt Gabrielle in Orlais and at her urging, they decided to get married. Cassandra, Josephine and Varric were able to attend at short notice, as well as Cullen’s family. Loryen’s parents declined the invitation as did her two eldest siblings. Her brother Osian did attend and their reunion went well, albeit a bit formal. Cullen’s family were heartbroken for Loryen about her family situation and expressed their joy at her shedding the Trevelyan name at last to take their own.

After the events of the Exalted Council, Loryen and Cullen moved to Ferelden. They remained for a few years and had their two daughters there, born in 9:45 and 9:47 respectively. With their third child on the way, Cullen decided to move his family to an undisclosed location, in order to retain as much anonymity as possible. Their son was born on the first month of 9:50.

The Rutherford children:

  •  Caitlin Mia has strawberry-blonde hair, her father’s golden brown eyes and her mother’s freckles. A kind, quiet, gentle soul,  she gets engrossed in books as her parents do. She likes to make up stories, which she gets to act out with her little sister and brother when they are big enough. She loves nothing more being at home with her mother, looking after the household and estate.
  •  Eavan Myra is a blue-eyed, blonde-haired little girl who is energetic and playful, constantly running or talking, with an affinity for outdoors pursuits. She loves horses and enjoys horse-riding.  Quite skilled at handling a sword, she  spends a lot of time with her father and idolises him. When she grows up, she wants to be a dragon-hunter like her “Aunt Cassandra”, whom she loves dearly. Stubborn and feisty, she is also kind and loving and fiercely protective of her family.
  •  Aodhan Anthony is the baby of the family. Constantly kissed and cuddled by his sisters and his parents, he is a happy-go-lucky, affectionate little boy who follows his mum around, hanging on to her clothes. He has his dad's eyes but he is also the only one who inherited his mother’s red hair, as well as her magic, which he will hopefully get to practice under the watchful mentoring of his parents. 
Rutherford-Trevelyan Family Tree


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