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Logan Hawke is an apostate mage who, through a series of events, would eventually become the Champion of Kirkwall. He exists in the worldstate of Kaylen Tabris.

Appearance and Personality[]

Logan is rather tall and muscular, with messy brown hair and dark blue eyes. While he has a bit of stubble, he doesn't quite have a full beard. He's been described as handsome by many people.

Kind and charitable, Logan is always trying to help people, often at the cost of his own well-being. He tends to blame himself when things go wrong, despite the fact that none of it is his fault. He probably would have died in the Fade if Stroud hadn't thrown himself in front of the Nightmare before Logan could.

Despite his kindness, Logan shows no tolerance for people who mistreat others. He also believes that inaction in the face of oppression is just as bad as performing said actions, hence his disdain for the Grand Cleric. Logan understands why the Circle is a thing and believes that magic needs some oversight, but he also believes that mages deserve more freedoms than they have and he has no tolerance for the Templar abuse of mages. He spends years trying to make peace between the mages and Templars to increasingly diminishing returns.


Logan is the eldest child of Malcolm and Leandra Hawke, and was born to them in Crestwood. They lived there for four years, on a farm not far outside the town itself.

Logan's magic manifested a few days before his fifth birthday, when he froze half the family's cabbages. The Hawkes immediately knew why this had happened, and quickly moved out of Crestwood to avoid the attention of the Templars. During the journey, Malcolm explained to his son that he was a mage, and that he must always be careful to control his powers and to never use them in front of others, as there were people called Templars who would take him away if he did. Logan took his advice to heart and kept his abilities a secret to everyone outside of his family.

They moved to the village of Killarney, and Logan's younger siblings, Carver and Bethany, were born soon after they settled in. They lived there for a few years until Bethany's magic manifested, after which they moved again, this time to Redcliffe. While they were living there, they had a very close call with the Templars after a villager spotted Logan practicing spells in their yard. The villager alerted the Templars to the presence of a mage in the village, and soon, they were knocking on their door. Logan tried to hide, but the Templars found him. They were preparing to drag him off to the Circle, but Malcolm fought them to protect his son, killing them both. Realizing they would be in danger if they stayed a moment longer, the Hawkes fled the village with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a few days provisions.

When they settled again, this time in Lothering, they made sure to find a home well outside the village, in an effort to avoid another close call. It worked, and the Hawkes finally settled into a permanent home.

Malcolm died in 9:27 Dragon of an infection caused by a nasty leg wound, leaving Logan to look after his mother and younger siblings. He did a good enough job at it, but it raised tension in the house, causing frequent arguments with Leandra and breeding resentment within Carver, who had always felt overshadowed by his older brother.

When King Cailan called for soldiers to fight the darkspawn, Carver quickly enlisted in the army at Ostagar. Logan was left at home to look after his mother and sister, but constantly worried about his brother and probably would have gone himself if not for the fact that there were Templars there.

A few weeks later, an injured and exhausted Carver came home and informed them of the disastrous battle and the horde advancing on the village. After a couple weeks spent helping Carver recover, the family quickly fled their home in the wake of the advancing Blight, barely escaping in time.


Work in progress




The pair share a sibling rivalry but repair their relationship after Carver joins the Grey Wardens.


The pair of them are good friends, with Varric being one of the few people that Logan can trust completely.


They became very close thanks to Logan's kindness, his unwillingness to kill, and his status as a fellow refugee.


Despite the fact that the pirate saw him as "too nice" the pair still formed a close relationship, and Logan seemed to convince Isabela to become a less selfish person by the end of things.


Logan liked and admired Anders and everything that he did for Kirkwall and for the mages. He even felt something for him for a time, but he couldn't go through with any sort of solid relationship with him since he was still hung up on Fenris. And while Logan really wasn't okay with what Anders said about his lover out of jealousy, he always felt bad about leading Anders on.


Logan was intrigued, frustrated, and ultimately, attracted to the elf. Despite this, the pair of them seemed to understand each other, and Logan encouraged Fenris to let go of his revenge and try to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. The pair seem to balance out each other's worst impulses and ultimately ended up happy together.