Luciel Tabris' Timeline: Logain Cousland was the secret apostate twin brother of Zosia Cousland, and was the youngest son of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland. Following the betrayal of Rendon Howe, he was killed alongside most of his household. He was unknowingly avenged by the Hero of Fereldan, Luciel Tabris.

Logain Cousland's Timeline: Logain Cousland was the Grey Warden known as the Hero of Fereldan for ending the Fifth Blight, and secretly a mage. He married Queen Anora, and while his official title was Prince-Consort, he was widely regarded as the King of Fereldan. He was also Warden-Commander of Fereldan, Arl of Amaranthine, and lord general of a werewolf army.

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