Leander "Lee" Rendon Cousland (born 9:11 Dragon) was one of the three Grey Wardens who stopped the Fifth Blight, and was the dealer of the killing blow to the archdemon Urthemiel.

He now serves as the Warden-Commander of the Grey Wardens of Ferelden.

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Leander bears a heavy resemblance to his maternal grandfather, and has inherited many of his features; oval-shaped face, long and defined nose, hazel eyes, and large ears. His pale skin and reddish brown hair were inherited directly from his parents.

He has a tall and muscular build, due to his many years of combat training and occasional sparring matches throughout his life in Highever.

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Leander is an almost mirror-copy of his worrisome and strict mother in terms of his personality, in stark contrast with his older brother, Fergus. Before the end of the Fifth Blight, he always saw duty first, wants and personal emotions second. Though this never devoured his entire moral train of thought, as he would always offer help to those who needed it. Towards the end of the Blight, he softened up more.

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Leander is well trained in the Sword and Shield and Archery talent trees, and started training as a Champion after defending Redcliffe from the undead invasion while searching for Arl Eamon. He eventually took up Herbalism from Wynne and Poison Making from Leliana during their time in the Party Camp. During his time in Amaranthine, he trained in the Guardian specialization.

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Didn't Poison the Urn.

Because of Leander's own faith and his respect for Leliana's beliefs, he refused to poison the Urn of Sacred Ashes. This infuriated Korin, the leader of the Cult of Andraste, who Leander and his companions had to swiftly put down.

Connor Alive, Not Possessed.

Leander went into the Fade through a lyrium ritual performed by Grand Enchanter Irving, and intimidated the desire demon into leaving Connor's conscience. This resulted in Connor's freedom and a life for Lady Isolde.

Jowan was Executed.

For poisoning and attempting to kill Arl Eamon under the orders of Teyrn Loghain, Jowan was executed by Bann Teagan after reviving said Arl.

Mages Supported.

Despite the Templars' many warnings, Leander refused to give up on the circle mages in the tower. After defeating Uldred and what was left of his following, the loyal mages were returned to safety.

First Enchanter Urving Survived the Battle.

With the Litany of Andrala in hand, Leander was able to protect a weakened Irving from the deadly pulses of dark magic that emanated from Uldred during the battle.

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