Queen-Consort Eleanor Laerke Celestine Theirin (nee Cousland), Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Arlessa of Amaranthine, The Opal Blade, Lady of Highever and Hero of Ferelden Savior of the Fifth Blight.

Despite all her titles, Laerke (as she prefers) considers herself not all that important. She was born 9:12 Dragon to the now-former Teyrn of Highever in Ferelden, Bryce Cousland and his wife and Teyrna Eleanor Cousland. She is the younger sister to the eventual Teyrn Fergus Cousland.

"I aim to be lionhearted, but my hands still shake and my voice isn't quite loud enough."

Physical Appearance Edit

Taking after her father, Laerke has the Cousland stormy-blue eyes and strong features such as high cheekbones and a solid jaw. However, like her mother Eleanor, she has sandy blonde hair and stands at about average height. Her build is athletic and structured rather than shapely and this is a point of contention for Laerke growing up and even into adulthood as she hardly thinks of herself as similar to many other young noble ladies.

Initially, as a girl, she wore her hair long and loose until she learned her lesson one day running through the woods while chasing after her brother. She tripped and stumbled into some brambles only to then get caught on the branches of a tree in her attempt to free herself. The solution was to cut it short if only to avoid a similar situation from happening again. When initially recruited by Duncan, she wore it in two messy pigtails behind her head but eventually let it grow out enough to wear a relaxed ponytail until after the Blight and she is married to Alistair as his Queen. In court, she always wears neat and intricate braids in a crown around her head.

Personality Edit

Laerke is a Cousland through and through. She was raised to be honourable, kind and have a mind for battle. Unlike many noble girls, she was wholeheartedly encouraged to take up the sword alongside her older brother Fergus and defend the family name as she saw fit.

For the most part, Laerke is reserved and quiet. She is more the type to observe and soak everything in before opening her mouth to say anything. This doesn't always mean she has all the answers and it sometimes paints her as a bit sad or withdrawn.

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