The AU counterpart of Kimarous Surana from the universe of Sheema Tabris, wherein Kimarous and Sketch are the same person instead of being relatives.

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He's basically Sketch from Leliana's Song. Unlike his "canon" counterpart, he has greenish-brown eyes instead of purple, in keeping with Sketch's appearance in the games.

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Biography Edit

As opposed to his "protagonist" timeline, Kimarous Surana did not catch Irving's attention as a young boy and succumbed to the toxic influence of Jowan. At a younger age, at least a year before the events of Dragon Age: Origins, Kimarous and Jowan collaborated and successfully escaped the Circle at Kinloch Hold. Differences in opinion lead to the two going their separate ways, Kimarous fleeing the country into Orlais and adopting the moniker "Sketch" while Jowan remained in Ferelden and eventually fell into the employ of Teyrn Loghain.

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