"He’s Ferelden dog, I know. Serah Hawke from Ferelden? I’m from Ferelden."

Killian Anders Hawke-Amell, born as Killian Hunter, at 9.23 Dragon, in Ferelden. His parents were farmers, had a nice house near to Lothering. When the Fifth Bight destroyed Lothering, he lost his parents, but with the other refugees' help, he survived and arrived in Kirkwall at 9.30. He was 7. For 4 years he lived as a beggar in Darktown than other orphans from Ferelden. In 9.34 his magic manifested in harsh circumstances – fortunately, Ralph Hawke was right there when it happened. Since he saw no alternative to protect the kid, he took him home.

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From a pale, thin, little boy he grew a strong young man. He has warm brown eyes, red hair, a freckled face.

There is a scar over his eye and mouth - the one, over his mouth, arose from the discipline of one of his "patrons" in the Darktown, the other, what crossed his eyebrow, from the war.

Killian doesn't really like his freckles, but he doesn't really hate those. He hates the scar on his mouth much better. Bad memory. But he loves the one above his eyes, he got it in battle, in his 16. He's proud of it.

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Killian's inquiring, smart. Hot-headed, friendly and kind. He speaks a lot and convincingly. Brave – often even too brave, reckless.

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Talented mage, with a strong connection of the Fade, and a heavy ambition to be the best healer of Thedas... with the greatest destructive power.

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Ralph Hawke (adoptive father)

Anders (adoptive father)





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