"He’s Ferelden dog, I know. Serah Hawke from Ferelden? I’m from Ferelden."

Killian Anders Hawke-Amell, born as Killian Hunter, at 9.23 Dragon, in Ferelden. His parents were farmers, had a nice house near to Lothering. When the Fifth Bight destroyed Lothering, he lost his parents, but with the other refugees' help, he survived and arrived in Kirkwall at 9.30. He was 7. For 4 years he lived as a beggar in Darktown than other orphans from Ferelden. In 9.34 his magic manifested in harsh circumstances – fortunately, Ralph Hawke was right there when it happened. Since he saw no alternative to protect the kid, he took him home.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

From a pale, thin, little boy he grew a strong young man. He has warm brown eyes, red hair, a freckled face.

There is a scar over his eye and mouth - the one, over his mouth, arose from the discipline of one of his "patrons" in the Darktown, the other, what crossed his eyebrow, from the war.

Killian doesn't really like his freckles, but he doesn't really hate those. He hates the scar on his mouth much better. Bad memory. But he loves the one above his eyes, he got it in battle, in his 16. He's proud of it.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Killian's inquiring, smart. Hot-headed, friendly and kind. He speaks a lot and convincingly. Brave – often even too brave, reckless.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Talented mage, with a strong connection of the Fade, and a heavy ambition to be the best healer of Thedas... with the greatest destructive power.

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Relationships[edit | edit source]

Ralph Hawke (adoptive father)

Anders (adoptive father)





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Quotes[edit | edit source]

"You're the healer, in the Darktown. You live here with serah Hawke? If I would live here, I would never go back to this stinky den."

"Being a mage is... scary…" 

"I heard you’re a mage too, just like serah Hawke. All healers are mages? If I’m a mage, can I be a healer?"

"You were drunk, no problem. I’ve seen many drunken men, but no one apologized because of it, except my father. But you’re not my father. When should I go back… or can I leave?"

"Since a time, I have different dreams than before. Frightening, yet inviting whispers… they call me, they drag me, but I don’t care. When the whispers strengthen, somehow... I feel, I’m safe. I know , I’m safe."

"Do you see? It succeeded, I can control my magic!"

"I practised, in my room, a lot, come on, I'll show you! I know more tricks! You’ll be proud of me!"

"Do I have… to call you: father?"

"I didn't listen to you, but you… you didn’t hurt me...  Can I call you father… sometime?"

"Can't we go to Gallows first? I think, I've never seen a Tranquil yet."

"The Tranquil… was weird… her eyes… empty. She smiled, but it was… scary, not real. Like if she weren't here, but she was... "

"Why they punish them? What they did?... And when they'll get back their life? When their punishment is over? Because they will get their life back, if the punishment is over, yes?"

"What do you think? This is a war, I came to fight. My place is at your side!"

"I’m not a child! I’m a mage!”

"Can I sit here? Just to watch the fire. It’s strangely peaceful."

"It’s nothing than I expected. It’s… not like in the tales… yes-yes, don’t get me wrong… I knew… I’m not that stupid... but... it just blood, scream and more blood. Tell me… the nightmares… will they end? Once?”

“Some people talk… bad things… about Anders… Some of them look at him frightening, and pray… Whispering, he’s a raging Abomination… saying maybe it would have been better if he didn't do anything, maybe the Knight-Commander would have been merciful... And he just heals everyone, tirelessly. But I see he’s sad.”

“Why don’t they see that? They lived in the Circle…”

"There are kids here who are younger than I am. I’m not a little kid. I'll no longer doubt."

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