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"If you guys were smart, you would have run away. I guess you live and learn. Of course, I guess living is pretty difficult when you lack a head to do it with"

-Kaylen Tabris after facing down two of Vaughan's goons

Kaylen Tabris is the daughter of Cyrion and Adaia Tabris, the Hero of Ferelden, the Warden-Commander and Arlessa of Amaranthine, and for a brief time, the Chancellor to the King and Queen of Ferelden.

Appearance and Personality[]

Kaylen has been said to greatly resemble her mother in her appearance. She has a tan skin tone, light brown eyes, and long brown hair that she keeps in a low and often messy bun. She is rather petite, standing at just five feet tall, and pretty slim as well. And while she looks a lot more like her mother than her father, she did inherit Cyrion's nose.

Kaylen is generally kind and friendly, although she holds a bit of a sarcastic streak and a tendency towards abrasiveness. Ever since the tragic death of her mother, and even more so after the disaster that was her wedding day, she has held a deep distrust of all but a few human nobles (men in particular) and has never believed that any human really has the best interests of her people in mind. She's since made an exception for Alistair, whom she briefly served as the chancellor for.

That being said, do not underestimate her. She will make sure that you suffer, as many whom have tried to do her or her friends and family harm have learned the hard way. Not that they were alive to learn their lessons after she was done with them, for Kaylen is fairly ruthless towards her enemies about ninety-nine percent of the time. Although a certain Antivan elf has attested that she is capable of trusting people and showing mercy.

Talents and Skills[]

Kaylen was taught in secret to fight by her mother and while her training was informal and cut short, she's proven time and time again that it hasn't stopped her from becoming an incredibly skilled fighter. She's a skilled archer and she's usually pretty competent with a pair of daggers even if she only uses them when she has to get into melee combat.

Outside of combat, Kaylen is quite skilled at picking locks - a skill she's had to put to use at least a few times. She's also stealthy and pretty good at talking her way out of a tight spot - even if she hasn't had to use it much.


Kaylen was born in 9:10 Dragon to Cyrion and Adaia Tabris and led a fairly normal life in the Denerim alienage. Things were rarely easy for her, but she always tried to make the best of it, helping her father by day and training in combat with her mother at night. She was always close with her cousins Soris and Shianni, particularly Shianni.



Her best friend and a pretty good king.


Despite a rough start and a pretty long road towards trusting him, Kaylen ultimately ended up falling for the Antivan elf, who in her own words "inexplicably charmed me into being in love with him". Currently, the two are married and living it up in Antiva - a pretty well-earned happy ending for both of them.


Her other best friend once Kaylen got to know her a bit better.


It's really complicated.