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Kamala Hawke was the eldest child of Malcolm Hawke and Leandra Amell, and an apostate mage. She earned the title 'Champion of Kirkwall' after ousting the Qunari from the city. She was known for a time as the Viscount of Kirkwall, until she disappeared in 9:37 Dragon. She was also the cousin of the Hero of Fereldan, Vasher Amell.


Physical Appearance

Kamala had red hair and deep green eyes. During her time in Lothering, she kept it short, but she grew it out over the years that followed.


Much like her father, Kamala was melancholy and short tempered. She had a dim view on society, and while she was a proponent of freedom for mages, her time in Kirkwall soured her views.

Skills and Talents

Along with her sister, Bethany, Kamala was trained in the arts of magic by their father, Malcolm. Unlike Bethany, Kamala's only joy came from magic, so she delved deep into her studies. She possessed a enough power to utilize raw magic to manipulate gravity to her will.



Kamala Hawke was born in the year 9:12 Dragon to a noble woman, Leandra Amell, and an apostate, Malcolm Hawke. Born in Amaranthine, she was raised in Lothering after her magic manifested. Along with her younger sister Bethany, she trained under her father to gain mastery of her power. Unlike her sister, however, Kamala enjoyed magic, which served as the only refuge from a drab and unfulfilling world.

Kamala outgrew her father's teachings long before Bethany, and took to studying on her own. During her explorations of the Fade, she encountered a Spirit of Valor and a Rage Demon. The two bickered incessantly over the choices before her. She tried to ignore both beings, but the two would follow her for many years to come, constantly trying to cajole her into taking diametrically opposed actions.


Escape to Kirkwall

In 9:30 Dragon, the Blight struck Fereldan, and Kamala was forced to lead her family through the Darkspawn horde after her brother returned from Ostagar.

Kamala, along with her sister and mother

Along the way, they were met by a Templar named Ser Wesley his wife, Aveline.