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Kallian Tabris is a half-Dalish City Elf from Denerim's Alienage. She ended the Fifth Blight and was named the Hero of Ferelden in 9:31 Dragon. She was Warden-Commander of Ferelden from 9:31-9:41 Dragon, though it should be noted that she left Warden-Constable Nathaniel Howe in command for most of her tenure. She is also known for rallying against the Chantry, advocating for the return of Dalish lands, and finding in the Cure for the Grey Warden's Calling in 9:41 Dragon.


Physical Appearance

Kallian is a short girl, but years spent with a sword in each hand have given her great upper body strength. She keeps her hair mostly down besides her signature four braids. Her eyes are a warm brown and used to be surrounded by heavy bags, but they've lessened significantly since her unofficial retirement in 9:34 Dragon. She has several facial tattoos of varying quality: over the right side of her face, a curving design said to have been designed off of childhood memories of her mother Adaia's vallaslin; a small, pointed shape on her left cheek, for the same reason as the previous; and a simple branch of vallaslin attributed to Mythal across her left cheekbone, received at some point during her public absence between 9:34-9:36 Dragon.


Though she was a prickly youth known for picking fights and carrying out her own justice, the years have worn Kallian down into a much calmer person. She is firm in her beliefs and soft in her actions. Refugees present in Highever after the Kirkwall Rebellion claim to have seen her go from shouting down a Templar to soothing a mage child and back again without stopping for breath.

Talents and Skills

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