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Jenna Cadash is the Inquisitor of the Second Inquisition and the Herald of Andraste. Formerly of the Carta, she has renounced her old life and dedicated herself to her new calling, sincerely believing her religious title.

Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Jenna has short golden hair, Fade green eyes, and numerous blue tattoos across her face: her forehead, her cheekbones, and her chin. She also wears a bit of makeup around her eyes. She wears various heavy armour into battle, as befits her Champion Warrior fighting style, and often wears blue while at her castle in Skyhold.

Personality Edit

Jenna sincerely believes that she was chosen by Andraste, as it is the only way she can reconcile the oddities she's experienced and the calamities she has endured. She believes she was given a second chance by the Maker and shares this blessing with others, forgiving many of their transgressions.

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Relationships Edit

Sera and Jenna get along very well. Although Jenna is generally happy with having left the Carta, she does miss some elements and Sera reminds her of some of her former coworkers that she liked.

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Miscellaneous Edit

  • Jenna really doesn't like the Fallow Mire because of how deep the boggy water gets, even reaching the point of abusing her Herald authority and condemning the location in Andraste's name.


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  • Jenna Cadash shortly after the Breach.
  • Jenna Cadash at Haven.
  • Jenna after the destruction of Haven.
  • Jenna while off-duty at Skyhold.
  • Jenna and company enter the Fade.
  • Jenna Cadash alongside Arthur Hawke.
  • Jenna attending the ball at Halamshiral.
  • Jenna Cadash pardons Thom Rainier.
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