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"I live and die a son of Ferelden."

Jameson Lulach Aedan Finnleigh Loghain "Jaime" Cousland (born 9:10 Dragon, believed died 9:31 Dragon) was a Fereldan nobleman and warrior of the Grey Wardens. The second son of Bryce Cousland, Teyrn of Highever, and his wife, Teyrna Eleanor Cousland (nee Mac Eanraig), Jaime would likely have had a military life awaiting him had the Blight not struck Ferelden.

Recruited into the Grey Wardens after Arl Rendon Howe's betrayal of his family, Jaime ultimately sacrificed himself to kill the Archdemon, trading his life to end the Fifth Blight. He was posthumously named the Hero of Ferelden.

But Jaime woke up 10 years after his supposed death in the Fade after the explosion of the Conclave with the mysterious Anchor on his hand with no explanation. Hailed as the Herald of Andraste for his miraculous survival, he was later made leader of the reborn Inquisition.

(Otherwise) Jaime, along with much of his family, perished when Rendon Howe betrayed the Couslands and was later avenged by Aliena Surana / Embla Brosca / Robin Amell.


Physical Appearance[]

Jaime was a handsome young man standing at slightly taller than average height at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), though he oft wished he was taller than he was as to match Fergus's height of six feet exactly. Jaime inherited many of his features from his father - a strong jaw, a straight nose, and a noble quality to him mixed in with a fair dose of Ferelden-hewn ruggedness. He usually cut his chestnut brown hair just above the jaw, and kept himself clean-shaven, although during the Blight he often went days at a time without taking a razor to his jaw.

The most stunning part of him, in particular, are his eyes. The colour of sea glass, beautiful, wild, and unpredictable as a storm on the sea - the Mac Eanraig eyes that he inherited from his mother. There is a persistent rumour a Mac Eanraig ancestor somewhere had relations with monsters of the sea, and while the current Banns of the Storm Coast refuse to give credence to this myth, the way they shine fiercely in the light or in the midst of a fight could suggest beastly origins.


Pride goeth before the fall. As the second son of House Cousland, the most powerful noble family in Ferelden, Jaime was made well-aware of his family's eminence from a young age, as well as all the expectations that were required of him. Though strangers would call him arrogant, maybe, or self-important, he would simply say he was well aware of what was required of him, and was committed to carrying it out. He was ever the dutiful son, and it was his father's dying words that drove him on during the Blight. He was a Cousland, and he knew what was needed of him - even if it was his life. Handsome, strong, and intelligent. In short, he was the perfect Cousland son, and he knew it.

But it was this misconception of what a noble was and what he had to be that likely led to his downfall. Jaime believed he couldn't show a single sign of weakness, nor budge a single step in his duty. He took all of his failures deeply to heart, allowing himself to be consumed by them and the thought of what he could have done otherwise. Through his mistakes, he believed he was harming all of Ferelden - his parents meant well, but they didn't know what their teaching of honour and noble duty would do to their son. He dwelled on his mistakes and let the effects linger long after he made them, and may have been more consumed with the past than he was the present. Since Jaime believed he couldn't let people see how badly his traumas were affecting him, either, he simply let them weigh on him until he couldn't handle them anymore. Despite this, though, Jaime projected an outward display of nothing being wrong. Naturally charming and diplomatic, Jaime wore the face of a strong, unfaltering leader even when his emotions threatened to overwhelm him. Though not trained for diplomacy, Jaime was easily persuasive and skilled with words, though he had a tendency for five when one would do. 

Talents and Skills[]

  • Weapon Skills
    • Sword and Shield Combat:
    • Polearms:
    • Archery: Taught by his mother.
  • Horseback Riding: Jaime learned how to ride before he could walk. As the bulk of Highever's forces consists of cavalry, and Jaime was expected to lead them one day, he was quickly trained to be proficient in riding. Before the Blight, Jaime had a horse of his own, a mare named Haelia he had raised from a foal. Haelia was killed along with the rest of the Cousland stable during the Howe massacre.
  • Leadership
  • Languages: Jaime has long had a knack for languages, stemming back to his childhood, to the point where he could be called a polyglot. He finds it startlingly easy to wrap his head around new languages and vocabularies, and usually enjoys learning as much as possible. In addition to Common, he is fully fluent in Old Fereldan and Orlesian, is at least conversational in Antivan and Nevarran (if fairly clumsy), can read Tevene, and knows at least some Ander and some words of elvhen.



Jameson Lulach Aedan Finnleigh Loghain Cousland was born in Highever in 9:10 Dragon, some 6 years following the birth of his elder brother, Fergus. Shortly after his birth however, his mother picked him up from the cradle, started calling him Jaime, and most people have known him as such ever since - only Old Nan ever called him Jameson. As the second son, Jaime would be likely destined for a military career, although without the obligations of inheriting Highever Jaime was more or less free to choose his own path.

Being the "spare" son, Jaime was given a near-identical education to Fergus, if slightly more geared towards combat and military tactics. Nonetheless, Jaime also picked up a breadth of knowledge on politics, diplomacy, and leadership; arguably even faster than Fergus did. He excelled at sword and shield combat, picking up archery just as easily; he grew up to be a formidable force, especially on horseback, although he never had more experience outside hitting dummies and bloodless sparring sessions before he turned twenty.



Quest Choices Made
Origin and Prologue Slept with Iona. Agreed to Bryce's last wishes; went with Duncan willingly. Paid guard for food to give to Ostagar prisoner. Cured mabari hound.
Nature of the Beast Brokered peace between Dalish and werewolves. Bargained for acorn from Hermit; Grand Oak survived. Saved Elora's halla. Told Athras about Danyla's fate. Did not bring Cammen and Ghenya together. Brought Varathorn ironbark. Returned Deygan to the Dalish camp.
The Arl of Redcliffe Helped Redcliffe prepare & fight. Helped Bella leave Redcliffe. Helped Valena escape. Freed Bevin; did not take sword. Isolde is alive. Connor killed by Isolde.
Broken Circle Did not agree to Cullen's request. Irving died in the battle. Templars supported, Circle annulled.
The Urn of Sacred Ashes Killed high dragon. Refused to defile ashes. Allowed Genitivi to spread word of ashes.
A Paragon of Her Kind Didn't help Burkel create Chantry. Zerlinda reconciled with her father. Did not complete Rogek's lyrium deal. Helped Orta join the Assembly. Proved Legion of the Dead's connection to noble house. Returned the tome to Shaperate. Dagna told of Circle's destruction. Convinced Branka to commit suicide; destroyed Anvil. Crowned Harrowmont as King of Orzammar.
The Landsmeet Returned amulet to beggar. Gave Alfstanna Irminric's ring. Told Bann Sighard about Oswyn. Escaped Fort Drakon. Brokered marriage deal between Alistair and Anora. Ser Cauthrien convinced to stand down. Won the debate with help from Anora. Jaime dueled Loghain; spared him and recruited him into Wardens. Alistair left the party. Alistair and Anora married; rule Ferelden together.
The Battle of Denerim Dark Ritual was not performed; Morrigan left the party. Jaime killed Archdemon in ultimate sacrifice.
Companions Romanced Morrigan. Helped Alistair find Goldanna; was hardened. Sten not recruited; left in cage. Leliana did not kill Marjolaine; remained softened. Acquired Flemeth's grimoire for Morrigan by slaying Flemeth. Recruited Zevran; Zevran remained loyal. Recruited Oghren; reunited Oghren with Felsi. Helped Wynne reconcile with Aneirin.
Stone Prisoner Shale recruited. Matthias alive; Amalia possessed and killed.
Warden's Keep Destroyed Avernus's concoction. Killed Sophia and Avernus.



Quest Choices Made
The Wrath of Heaven
Champions of the Just
In Your Heart Shall Burn
Here Lies the Abyss
Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts
What Pride Had Wrought
Doom Upon All the World
Exploring Thedas
War Table
Jaws of Hakkon DLC
The Descent DLC
Trespasser DLC


  • Retires to be Kieran's stay at home dad
  • Has another baby with Morrigan, Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-vah)





Oren and Oriana



It was the BEST BROMANCE EVER until Jaime accidentally ruined things. Sorry bro.


What more is there to say? The love of his life.


Jaime Cousland's best friend is, absolutely no question, Leliana. She's easily one of the two most important people in his life, certainly the one who's stuck with him the longest, and the one he absolutely trusts the most. Both of them were idealists who genuinely believed in the Maker's grace and light, and while Leliana was one of the people who kept Jaime out of the darkness for as long as she could, Jaime was the first person Leliana remembered looking at her and seeing - and trusting in - her goodness without question. Their friendship went through a huge rocky patch when Jaime came back, but they managed to overcome it with a stronger friendship than ever.



Let's just say it was real awkward and put it at that.


Bros, of a sort.


Sympathized way more than expected.


Best battering ram.

Dane (Dog)[]

Best doggo 10/10.

Also need to put Inquisition relationships. For that matter, need to actually play Inquisitor Jaime


  • The meanings of Jaime's various names (in-universe):
    • Jameson is from his Mac Eanraig great-grandfather, the paternal grandfather of his mother, who was a famed warrior and raider and the first of the Mac Eanraig banns of the Storm Coats. Jaime was given his name as his father compared his infant cries to waves lashing against the rocks on the coast, but his mother quickly shortened his name to Jaime and the rest is history.
  • The meta reason for his name is Jaime Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin.


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