"I live and die a son of Ferelden."
Jameson Lulach Aedan Finnleigh Loghain "Jaime" Cousland (born 9:10 Dragon, died 9:31 Dragon) was a Fereldan nobleman and warrior of the Grey Wardens. The second son of Bryce Cousland, Teyrn of Highever, and his wife, Teyrna Eleanor Cousland (nee Mac Eanraig), Jaime would likely have had a military life awaiting him had the Blight not struck Ferelden.

(His worldstate) Recruited into the Grey Wardens after Arl Rendon Howe's betrayal of his family, Jaime ultimately sacrificed himself to kill the Archdemon, trading his life to end the Fifth Blight. He was posthumously named the Hero of Ferelden.

(Otherwise) Jaime, along with much of his family, perished when Rendon Howe betrayed the Couslands and was later avenged by Aliena Surana / Embla Brosca / Robin Amell.

(Inquisitor Jaime AU) Thought dead after the slaying of the Archdemon, Jaime woke up 10 years after his supposed death in the Fade after the explosion of the Conclave with the mysterious Anchor on his hand. Hailed as the Herald of Andraste for his miraculous survival, he was later made leader of the reborn Inquisition.

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Jaime was a handsome young man standing at slightly taller than average height at 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm), though he oft wished he was taller than he was. Jaime inherited many of his features from his father - a strong jaw, a straight nose, and a noble quality to him mixed in with a fair dose of Ferelden-hewn ruggedness.

The most stunning part of him, in particular, are his eyes. The colour of sea glass, beautiful, wild, and unpredictable as a storm on the sea - the Mac Eanraig eyes that he inherited from his mother.

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  • Sword and Shield Combat
  • Horseback Riding
  • Leadership
  • Languages: Jaime has long had a knack for languages, stemming back to his childhood, despite his education having largely been military-focused. He finds it startlingly easy to wrap his head around new languages and vocabularies, and usually enjoys learning as much as possible. In addition to Common, he is fully fluent in Old Fereldan and Orlesian, is at least conversational in Antivan and Nevarran (if fairly clumsy), can read Tevene, and knows at least some Ander and some words of elvhen.


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Jameson Lulach Aedan Finnleigh Loghain Cousland was born in Highever in 9:10 Dragon, some 6 years following the birth of his elder brother, Fergus. Five years following his birth his younger sister, Nesta, was born, completing the trio of Cousland children.

As is traditional for children of Highever, Jaime, as the second child, was given a largely military-focused education.

In-game Edit

(the events of his actual save file, not the triple-warden AU)

  • Romanced Morrigan
  • Hardened Leliana
  • Hardened Alistair
  • Saved Redcliffe
  • Killed Connor
  • First Enchanter Irving died, Sided with Templars
  • Peace between Dalish and werewolves
  • Crowned Harrowmont
  • Anvil is destroyed, Branka commits suicide
  • Did not defile ashes
  • Killed Loghain in duel
  • Anora and Alistair rule together
  • Refused the Dark Ritual
  • Sacrificed himself to kill Archdemon

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  • Deader than dead
Cousland Family Tree (Muffins)

The Cousland family tree

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Oren and Oriana

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  • The meanings of Jaime's various names (in-universe):
    • Jameson is from his Mac Eanraig great-grandfather, the paternal grandfather of his mother, who was a famed warrior and raider and the first of the Mac Eanraig banns of the Storm Coats. Jaime was given his name as his father compared his infant cries to waves lashing against the rocks on the coast, but his mother quickly shortened his name to Jaime and the rest is history.
  • The meta reason for his name is Jaime Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin.


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