An elf mage from the Kinloch Circle of Magi, Hero of Ferelden, maker of bad decisions.

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Physical Appearance Edit

lyana is 5'3, waist length wavy black hair, blue gray eyes, strong fit build for a mage

Personality Edit

Ilyana Surana means well, is stable, studious, fun and playful. She has indominable determination when she needs it and empathetic. She enjoys being fun and having a sense of humor but as her struggles mounted in the post-blight era she became more and more serious steeling herself to her circumstances.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Ilyana is a powerful mage with great negotiating skills, she's handy and can fix and make things, has a knack for sketching in charcoal, however, she's not much of a cook.


History Edit

Ilyana Surana was sent to the circle at the younge age of four. The circle was all she knew, until she met Duncan the Grey Warden. Unlike her peers, she never feared her templar overseers and often befriended them, much to Greagoir's dismay. She was an excellent student, and was rarely phased by her life being defined by living on a tiny island in the middle of a lake. As she grew older, she became more and more inquisitive of the world beyond the circle and would make books of drawings based on the stories she got from templars.

In-game Edit

Ilyana brokered peace with the warewolves and elves, crowned Balen king, helped the Cirle of Magi and crowned Alistair Theirin king of Ferelden.

Post-game Edit

She remained Commander to Ferelden's Army until she leaves for Weisshaupt. You can read about her adventures at A Hero's Path

Relationships Edit

Best friends with Morrigan, close with Leliana, Zevran and Wynne. Mutual respect for Sten and Ogren. Best friends and lovers with Alistair, until he becomes king.

Miscellaneous Edit

She and Alistair have a daughter named Chaska, she was born about 7 months after the end of the Fifth Blight. Alistair didn't know about their child until six years later.

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