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Hrívë Lavellan was First of Clan Lavellan. Her simple, nomadic life changed when she was selected to attend the Conclave and spy on its proceedings. After the destruction of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, she later became Inquisitor, seeking to close the breach and bring peace to Thedas.


Physical Appearance[]

Hrívë was of average elven height. Her gray hair was cut short in a neat bob and she had peach skin with freckles. She had pale blue eyes. Hrívë once had the vallaslin of June on her face but allowed Solas to remove it. There was a deep scar on the left side of her face from the Conclave disaster. Prior to the Inquisition, she was pudgy—body soft from days spent stitching, weaving, and working spells. She leaned out more during her time as Inquisitor but eventually filled out again when it was disbanded.


She was introverted, often shy, but kind, compassionate, and curious as well. Once under the mantle of Inquisitor, she was often prone to overthinking and underestimating herself. While every decision was made with a sense of panic and anxiety (even the right ones), Hrívë did her best to stick to her good conscience and moral compass. She tried to be fair in her judgments and did her best to get along with everyone in her inner circle as well as her advisors.

Talents and Skills[]

Hrívë was a talented researcher, herbalist, and weaver in her Clan. Having older sisters who were among the Clan's best Hunters gave her a strong foundation in combat skills, but it was only after joining the Inquisition that she became adept with enchanted weapons. She was a talented fire mage.



Hrívë was born 9:13 11 Haring to a small hunter-healer family within Clan Lavellan during a particularly cold winter as the Clan crossed the bogs of Wildervale on their wanderings of the Free Marches.

She came into the world as silent as the snowfall with tufts of downy gray hair and so was given the name Hrívion by her father, Dew, and nicknamed Hrívë by her mother, Tathren. With the Clan's belief that given names are treasures not to be shared lightly, she went by Hrívë in all things.

As the youngest of three daughters and the only mage in her family, Hrívë was often babied and doted upon by her older sisters and many in the Clan. Slug Bottom, they called her the for slow pace she followed after them with, always leaving a trail of halla milk behind her.

With Hrívë being born a mage and settling into a delicate and quiet nature as she grew older, her sisters were always worried, weary that someone could one day take advantage of her. They worked to instill their little sister with the same independence and fierceness (which would eventually lead her down the path of the Knight Enchanter) using what they had learned as Hunters.

Before she was made First of her Clan by Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel, Hrívë was a hand-worker. Weaving and stitching clothing for the Clan, as well as trinkets to be sold or traded when their aravels stopped on the outskirts of human towns. She was also passionate about the Elvhen histories and stories and would often stitch motifs into her works.

It seemed only fitting that Hrívë would choose the vallaslin of June when she came of age, to honor the God of Crafts who gifted her with nimble fingers. Her eventually being selected a few months later as First wasn't a surprise to any in the Clan. Keeper Deshanna had kept a watchful eye on her since her magic manifested at a young age. It was a great honor for Hrívë's little family that one of their children would eventually become the future Keeper of Clan Lavellan.

Hrívë worked hard under Keeper Deshanna. A lazy daydreamer by nature, studying wasn't her best trait but she didn't want to disappoint anyone and gave it her best. She became adept with elemental magic, mostly fire, as well as healing and close combat when necessary. By 9:39 Dragon, Hrívë was a respected mage in her Clan and could recite the Histories and Stories passed to her from Keeper Deshanna and the Clan's Hahren.

In Wintermarch of 9:41, Keeper Deshanna made the decision to send her First as a spy to the Divine Conclave.



The Wrath of Heaven: Denied being chosen by Andraste. Hrívë held strong to her elven upbring and beliefs and so did not see herself as being the Herald of Andraste.

In Hushed Whispers: Allied with the mages. Hrívë believed mages should be free as any other.

In Your Heart Shall Burn: Declared the Inquisition for the Inquisitor (An elf will stand for us all.) Hrívë wanted the world see elves, and mages, as people who deserved kind and respectful treatment.

Here Lies The Abyss: Grey Wardens exiled ; Stroud left in the fade. Hrívë saw the Grey Wardens as a risk due to their easy corruptibility.

Wicked Eyes Wicked Hearts: Celene rules, Peace with Briala and Gaspard ; Florianne alive. Hrívë helped cement Celene's rule believing her to be the best possible outcome for Orlais. In a show of her naive and romantic heart, she helped reconcile Briala and Celene.

What Pride Had Wrought: Respected temple traditions, allied with the guardians, destroyed Samson's armor, Inquisitor drank from the well. Hrívë took being in Mythal's Temple as something very sacred. She refused to allow Morrigan to drink from the vir'abelasan out of her mistrust of Morrigan and humans in general.

Doom Upon All The World: Leliana elected Divine Victoria. Hrívë helped an inspired Leliana onto the Sunburst Throne.


Hrívë tried to make fair judgments where she could, often recruiting those being judged to in order to do good. However, she was sometimes forced to make merciless judgments.

  • Alexius: forced to research magic arcana for the Inquisition
  • Florianne: recruited for inquisition
  • Erimond: executed
  • Ser Ruth: exiled to the deep roads
  • samson: served the Inquisition
  • Blackwall/Rainier: given to the Grey Wardens after Inquisition
  • Mayor Dedrick: imprisoned in Ferelden
  • Poulin: put to work
  • Servis: recruited as an informant
  • Movran: armed and exiled to Tevinter
  • Storvacker: recruited as an agent


  • Clan Lavellan survived Wycome
  • Reached inner sanctum of Solasan Temple
  • Helped refugees
  • Gained cultists' allegiance
  • Closed the lake's rift
  • Captured Caer Bronach
  • Claimed Griffon Wing Keep
  • Investigated Dwarven ruins
  • Rescued troops from Avvar
  • Fairbanks not revealed as noble ; defeated Freeman
  • Imshael killed ; Michel recruited
  • Captured Suledin Keep
  • Inquisition forces deployed regularly
  • Sutherland's company not formed
  • Jecine and Celeste married for love
  • Didn't contact members of Red Jenny


  • Discovered and met Ameridan
  • Told Ameridan the truth ; human betrayal and Telana's fate
  • The dragon was slain
  • Earned a legend mark from the Avvar
  • Hunted down the Nox Morta
  • Shared the truth about Ameridan


  • Saved the mines
  • Stopped the earthquakes


  • Disbanded Inquisition
  • Will attempt to redeem Solas


After the final battle with Corypheus and the sudden departure of her elvhen lover, those closest to the Inquisitor could often be over heard discussing their worries for her. Hrívë was withdrawing more and more from the people around her, her sadness visible to even outsiders and the exhaustion with the life she had been forced into was catching up to her.

Hrívë did not make the decision to disband the Inquisition lightly. It was something that sat in the darker parts of her mind, growing inch by inch with each report she received about traitors in the ranks, the anti-elf propaganda, and the still hostile environment for mages. The thought of disbanding was ever-present in the back of her mind over the many months she served at the helm of the Inquisition.

The weight of the betrayals within her own organization—especially that of Thom Rainier's, someone amongst her Inner Circle—as well as the treachery of the Grand Game slowly chipped away at her. It felt more and more like any good she or the Inquisition did was mired in negativity. She did not voice these thoughts to anyone, as she couldn't risk her words being twisted and used against the Inquisition. Hrívë silently carried them with her until the Exalted Council. After she uncovered the Qunari assassination plot and how deep Solas' betrayal went, Hrívë finally made the decision to put the Inquistion to rest for good.

In the months following the organization's formal disbandment Hrívë, with a little help from Divine Victoria, acquired the land rights to Skyhold. Nobles from Orlais and Ferelden were outraged and rejected the initial proposal, but ultimately it was turned over to her—as a gift of service from the Divine.

Hrívë did not immediately go back to the castle, nor did she return to her Clan that had settled in Wycome. Instead, she spent some months in Stone Bear Hold among the Avvar of the Frostback Basin. Hunting and living in the perpetual night that had fallen on the area since the defeat of the god-dragon.

This was the last place she was seen.


Hrívë's party consisted of Solas, Cole, and Iron Bull. After Solas' departure, her party consisted of Cole, Iron Bull, and Dorian.


  • Leliana: softened, elected divine.
  • Cullen: told not to continue using lyrium.
  • Josephine: her family's trading rights were restored via favors for the du paraquettes.

Inner Circle[]

  • Solas: Hrívë's one true love. Initially drawn to him as he was another elven mage drawn into the cogs of the Inquisition, she saw him as a respected mentor. They became fast friends and trusted confidants which blossomed into romance. She will attempt to redeem him.
  • Cole: Hrívë was instantly fascinated by the young spirit offering his help to the Inquisition. She thought of him as a close friend and helped him to become more of spirit so he may continue to help. Although he returned to the fade, he sometimes visits her in dreams.
  • Iron Bull: Hrívë's best friend in the Inquisition and the first Qunari she had ever met. She was wary of him at first, having heard the stories of the Qun, but found in him a deep connection. She remained by his side when he became tal vashoth and he remained loyal to her, helping to take down the Viddasala.
  • Dorian: Hrívë avoided Dorian for awhile when he first joined the Inquisition as she had reservations about Tevinter and him being a Tevinter mage. However, they did become good friends and she helped him reconcile with his father and supported his return to Tevinter.
  • Cassandra: They were friends and Hrívë helped her find the Book of Secrets with its shocking revelations. She encouraged Cassandra to rebuild the Seekers for a good cause.
  • Varric: With Varric's warm personality, Hrívë and he became friends and she helped him trace the lyrium source.
  • Blackwall: Hrívë thought Blackwall a trustworthy friends at first but after the truth came out, he was remanded to the Grey Wardens after his service to the Inquisition ended.
  • Vivienne: Initially off-put by Vivienne's glacial demeanor, they did become friends of a sort, after Hrívë gave her the snowy wyvern heart.
  • Sera: Hrívë was not friends Sera as the two could not set aside their differences about what it meant to be elven.


  • tarot : the chariot
  • mbti : intj
  • zodiac : sagittarius
  • name : her nickname (hrívë) is the sindarin word for winter while her full given name (hrívion) is a proper sindarin name that derives from hrívë.
  • world state: alistair king, (m)hawke/fenris romance, morrigan had old god baby kieran


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