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"It is all the power we will ever have to choose our own fate and find our own happiness. Even in the darkest times, still, we can find joy."

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Basic Information

Full Name: Heide Brosca

Nickname(s): Salroka (Leske), ma lumière blanche 'my white light' (Leliana)

Alias(es): None

Occupation: Paragon, Lady of House Brosca, Warden-Commander of Ferelden, Arlessa of Amaranthine, Hero of Ferelden

Age: 24 as of Bloomingtide, 9:30 Dragon

Date of Birth: Cloudreach 29, 9:06 Dragon

Nationality: Orzammarian

Caste: Casteless at the start of the game, Noble after the end of the game

Orientation: Homosexual

Libido: Average

Religion: The Stone

Threat Level: 5/10. Heide is a decent fighter at the start of the game, with her main strengths being her great cunning, creativity, quick wits, and ability to use every trick under her belt to gain an advantage. She has some training and experience, but she is not naturally adept, her training is full of holes, and she is often hamstrung by the poor-quality weapons she has to use. She also doesn't have the strength to go toe-to-toe with most fighters, thus forcing her to rely on tricks, and she is easily distracted. Over the course of the game, Heide rapidly improves, with the Joining making her physically stronger, and experience and additional training allowing her to correct her weaknesses and go toe-to-toe with enemies more often. Heide remains reliant on tricks and cunning, but she's no longer as weak or easily distracted, and she can afford to take risks she couldn't before she became a Warden. She'll never be a world-class fighter, but she is notably better.

World State: Playthrough 4 ('Casteless')

Physical Information

Face Claim: Lashana Lynch

Voice: Smart

Height: 4'1.5" / 1.26 m

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Hair Colour + Style: Black, Afro-textured, shoulder-length, braided

Dominant Hand: Right

Body Type: Very thin, almost emaciated

Distinguishing Features: Cheek and forehead tattoos, short even for a dwarf, obviously underweight, slight limp

Accent + Intensity: Dust Town, heavy

Tattoo(s): Casteless brand, tattoo on forehead, both dark blue

Scar(s): Multiple scars across her arms, legs, back, and chest, including one on her collarbone from the fight with Leske and Jarvia

Piercing(s): None

Glasses? No

Background Information

Hometown: Dust Town, Orzammar

Current Residence: Orzammar and Amaranthine

Language(s): Common, dwarven, eventually some Orlesian

Social Class: Underclass to begin with, nobility after the events of the game

Education: Almost entirely self-taught and based on secret visits to the Shaperate. Taught herself how to read and write using Shaperate materials for noble children; learnt mathematics, history, a bit of law, runecrafting, enchantment, and other pertinent subjects from various books, also in the Shaperate. Instructed in combat, thievery, stealth, and other survival skills by various people in Dust Town. Trained in dual daggers, runecrafting, and enchantment by the Carta.

Family: See below

Romanced: Leliana

Pet(s): Gherlen, mabari war hound, adopted after Ostagar

Adopted? No.

Rap Sheet: Yes, including thievery, trespassing, assault, smuggling, intimidation, bribery, and other illicit activities associated with the Carta.

Prison Time: None

Personality Information

MBTI/Jung Type: ESFP "Entertainer"

Archetype: The Innocent and the Hero

Enneagram: Peacemaker and Helper

Moral Alignment: Neutral Good

Temperament: Sanguine

Angered By: Parental abuse, disrespect of Orzammar, ignorance or dismissal of the dwarven struggle against the darkspawn, threats towards those she cares about, having her achievements downplayed or dismissed (after the Blight)

Intelligence Type: Intrapersonal

Neurodivergence(s): N/A

At Risk: Her low self-esteem and internalised sense of worthlesness lead to her taking abuse and degradation that she would otherwise not stand for, as she doesn't believe she deserves any better; this creates a vicious cycle that lowers her sef-esteem still further. Her sense of being constrained and all but powerless leads her to do things that she finds abhorrent in order to survive, again worsening her self-esteem. Her efforts to do good and only good when the situation is more complicated than she realise end up causing her more problems, often completely blowing up in her face. This leaves her exhausted and wondering whether it's worth trying to be good when it only ever seems to end in misery. She risks losing more of herself than she already has to the harshness of the world.

Vices and Habits

Smokes? No

Drinks? Very little (one drink at dinner at most, never anything stronger than wine)

Drugs? No

Violent? Only when she needs to be, and is very slow to resort to it due to her idealism and preference for diplomacy.

Addictions? None

Self-Destructive? Not typically, though her low self-esteem and emotional exhaustion near the end of the game gradually drive her towards developing self-destructive tendencies. Luckily, she snaps out of it before she can reach that point.

Habit(s): Hypervigilance, 'listening' to the ground, keeping her gaze downcast, sticking to the shadows and avoiding sunny areas as much as possible (when on the surface), gluttony and overindulgence

Hobbies: Sneaking up to the Shaperate to read the books there, runecrafting, making clothes

Likes: Reading about dwarven history, studying current fashions, most forms of art, the view of the lava fields from the Diamond Quarter, dancing when alone, activities that help her build community in Dust Town, most nug products and Antivan cuisine, nighttime on the surface, doing good things that don't blow up in her face, exploring places with Leliana

Dislikes: Storms, when doing something good blows up in her face, abusive nobles, the darkspawn, being reminded of how much the dwarves have lost, people who give up all power and choice in their life because they seem powerless, noble hunting, the Carta, excessive cynicism, the surfacers forgetting the dwarves' plight

Tic(s): None

Obsession(s): None

Compulsion(s): None

Miscellaneous Information

House: Hufflepuff / Pukwudgie

Zodiac: Visus

Vice: Gluttony

Virtue: Kindness

Element: Earth

Mythological Creature: Pegasus

Animal: Golden retriever

Mutation: Tainted



Born in Orzammar during the reign of King Endrin, Heide was the second child of Kalah Brosca and the only child of her then-partner, Ansgar Tolkun, both casteless dwarves. Although he sincerely loved Kalah, Ansgar had not been looking to have a child, as he did not want to doom any of his blood to the life of the casteless. Thus, from early on, he was not a very involved father. He did what he had to for Heide and her half-sister Rica, but he always dreamt of better things, and he maintained an emotional distance so he didn't have to worry about the life Heide was doomed to have. Eventually, however, Ansgar's tolerance ran out. When Heide was two, he tried to persuade Kalah to take the girls and come with him to find a better life on the surface, but Kalah refused; the next day, Ansgar left, and he never came back for Kalah or their daughters. Kalah subsequently turned to drink to cope, and when she was crippled in a work accident, she fell deeper into alcoholism and began to take out her rage at her situation on Rica and Heide.

Such a grim beginning to life was almost universal in Dust Town, and from an early age, the only happiness and comfort Heide knew was in the presence of her elder sister, who did her best to shield Heide from Kalah's drunken rages and offered her the kindness no one else would. Much of her inherent kindness would end up rubbing off on Heide, who, despite the difficulties of her home situation and her life in general, grew up to be a pleasant, optimistic, cheerful person. At an early age, she vowed not to become like Kalah, to always remember that she still had a choice in whatever she did, no matter how powerless she may have been. This gave her comfort enough to last through her childhood and adolescence, but it was not all she found joy in. When she was still young, Heide began to sneak up to the Shaperate in the Diamond Quarter, wanting to learn more about the culture she was denied access to. Although she was often discovered and violently removed, this never deterred her, and over many long months and years, Heide taught herself many things simply through her nighttime trips to the Shaperate. These visits became one of her greatest joys, and they eventually gave her an idea for more.

Exposing her face to the arena

As far as Heide saw it, one of the biggest problems facing Dust Town was its lack of community. In Dust Town, there was no opportunity, and everyone was out for themselves, unafraid to step on their fellow casteless to get their way. Heide, seventeen at the time, believed they needed more than this; no one else would help them, so they had to help themselves. Wanting to bring some sort of light and hope to Dust Town, Heide began to steal materials from the Shaperate and other places in Orzammar, with the items she took including educational tomes and practice materials for making clothes, shoes, runes, and more. Once she'd gathered her things, Heide set about finding people to educate in Dust Town; this was not an easy task due to most people's fear of the guards, but over time, she did find a few volunteers. She set about teaching them, showing them how to read and write and how to practise the basics of certain crafts; in this way, she hoped, they might find jobs and ways to occupy themselves. For a time, her plan seemed to gather momentum, but unfortunately, the theft of the materials from the Shaperate was eventually traced to Dust Town. In the end, the guards stormed Dust Town in order to recover what Heide had stolen, and they committed much violence to get it all back. Afterwards, a badly shaken and demoralised Heide was forced to give up on her idea.

Just over a year later, Rica and Heide came to the attention of the crime lord Beraht, who knew a little of what Heide had tried to do before and saw in them both great potential as investments. He subsequently approached them and made an offer: Rica would become a noble hunter in his service, with Beraht paying for her lessons and sponsoring her to the nobles, while Heide would pay off her debts as one of Beraht's enforcers and runecrafters. Neither sister particularly liked the idea, as they all knew Beraht would hold all the power, but they both wanted more out of their lives than decades in Dust Town, and they knew Beraht was their best way out. They reluctantly agreed, and Heide brought her close friend Leske into the Carta with her, though she was not keen on doing so. Rica soon became a noble hunter, and Heide received proper training as a fighter and enchanter in exchange for doing whatever Beraht told her. Practically speaking, it was comfortable, but the work was emotionally crushing, and Heide was forced to restrain much of who she was in order to survive and avoid Beraht's wrath. The horrible things she was made to do only worsened her low self-esteem, and her optimism was increasingly dimmed as a result of it all. Rica was no less unhappy, but there was little they could do except cling onto hope. It was all they had left—and perhaps all they'd ever had.


Dragon Age: Origins

Quest Decisions
Origin Spared Oskias' life for two lyrium nuggets. Sold one nugget to Olinda. Successfully lied to Beraht about Oskias' fate. Did not drug Mainar's drink.
Broken Circle Saved the Circle. Released Trickster Whim; dealt with Shah Wyrd.
The Arl of Redcliffe Saved Redcliffe, minor casualties (headcanon: major casualties after delay for Broken Circle); brought in the Circle; Connor freed. Bella left to start a brewery; paid for the Green Blade; Valena escaped the castle.
Nature of the Beast
The Urn of Sacred Ashes
A Paragon of Her Kind
The Landsmeet
The Battle of Denerim
Side Quests Stole lunch for Ostagar prisoner. Cured the mabari hound.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening + DLC

Quest Decisions
Main Plot
DLC Saved Amalia and Matthias. Killed Sophia Dryden; ordered Avernus to practice ethical research; did not gain the Power of Blood.


Here's what happened after the events of said game, brosef.



Gherlen (Dog)










Family Notes
Character Relationship Title/Job/Caste Fate/Notes
Ansgar Tolkun Father Casteless Left the family for the surface in 9:08 Dragon. Present location unknown.
Kalah Brosca Mother Noble (formerly casteless) Died from complications of long-term alcoholism in 9:32 Dragon.
Kori Forintos Husband Lord of House Brosca Married in 9:36 Dragon.
Adisa Brosca Adopted daughter Noble (formerly casteless) Born in 9:26 Dragon.
Starkad Brosca Adopted son Noble (formerly casteless) Born in 9:29 Dragon.
Fastvi Brosca Adopted daughter Noble (formerly casteless) Born in 9:31 Dragon.
Isarr Brosca Adopted son Noble (formerly casteless) Born in 9:32 Dragon.
Rica Brosca Half-sister Queen of Orzammar
Bhelen Aeducan Brother-in-law King of Orzammar
Endrin Aeducan Nephew Prince of Orzammar Born in 9:30 Dragon.


  • (to Flemeth and Alistair after Ostagar) "To think, a casteless duster having to save all Ferelden. But… why not? Isn’t that what Grey Wardens do?"
  • (to Leliana about fighting the Blight) "I don’t know this world, but there’s a lot of good things in it. Good people—nice people, who don’t treat me like dirt because of how I was born. And the scenery frightens me sometimes, but it’s gorgeous, too. The stars are amazing to look at. I couldn’t sit by, either, and let the Blight take from you what it’s taken from the dwarva."
  • (to Morrigan about beauty and love) "I had a hard life, too, Morrigan. I grew up casteless in Orzammar—seen as less than mud by my ‘betters’. My own mother was a nasty woman, as well. But survival gave me nothing beyond what I had. Beauty and love gave my life the meaning it needed and all the reason to keep going that I could ever need."


(inside their house)

  • Rica: Imagine what it would be like not to have people look at us like we’re sewer sludge, to think our lives are worth something…
  • Heide: All the time, Rica. Haven’t quit dreaming since he came along, despite his best efforts.
  • Kalah: It was for your own good. The world’s a cruel place. You… you had to learn that.
  • Heide: What sort of excuse is that? We needed a shelter from the storm, someone to love us. Not someone to make it even worse.
  • Kalah: You think you’d be where you are now if I’d let you hide from a few slaps? Everything you are, I made you!
  • Heide: You’re wrong. I made myself—I still remember that I have a choice. Something you forgot long ago. And even if you made me, do you think that’s something to be proud of?


(in the Orzammar Commons)

  • Ademaro: You like being denied the chance to do a job when you know you have strength and skill? You like having to beg? Or maybe you think being casteless gives you a license to steal from those who do make an honest living? If you were on the surface, you could open a shop, claim land and start a farm, and get legally married by the human Chantry. Orzammar is the only place in the world that will treat you like this, yet you all stay. I’ll never understand it.
  • Heide: This is home. It’s all I know, and all my loved ones are here. Besides, they say surface dwarves are lost to the Stone.
  • Ademaro: And what has the Stone done for you? At least on the surface, you won’t be rejected by your fellow dwarves. It always seemed sad to me that our homeland is the one place in this world where you’re likely to be killed by a fellow dwarf.
  • Heide: She may not have done much for me, it’s true. And all that may be true as well, but—this my home, and these are my people. I care for them, even if they don’t care for me. They give me something to believe in, something to be a part of. This may be a hard life, but I can’t just give that up.


(at camp after the events at Redcliffe)

  • Alistair: I just wanted to thank you. You went out of your way to save the arl’s family and you did it, even though it would have been easier not to. There’s been so much death and destruction, it… well, it makes me feel good that at least we were able to save something, no matter how small. I owed the arl that much.
  • Heide: But people died anyway. If we hadn’t gone to the Circle… those people we saved before might still be alive.
  • Alistair: Hey, you had no way of knowing what would happen. You did the best you could. It’s not your fault things had gone bad at the Circle. And this way, no one else at Redcliffe will die.