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Physical Appearance[]

Gethrael has bronze skin and noticeable freckles. His platinum blond hair is very long and has been for the majority of his life, though most don’t see it down. He keeps it braided and twisted up tightly to his head, mostly for the sake of practicality in combat. His eyes are a very dark brown that appears almost black, and his eyelashes are also very pale. He has Sylaise’s vallaslin over his left eye in white ink. 

He smiles easily and often, and his smile is one of his best features. Even when he isn’t smiling, his resting face looks very pleasant and cheerful. He has to put effort in to make himself look serious or intimidating, and the effect isn’t very impressive. 


While he lived among his clan, Gethrael was considered to be exceptionally outgoing, social and curious. Though that is true, those not of The People would be more likely to call him soft spoken and mild mannered. Despite being very friendly and an overwhelmingly well-meaning person, Gethrael is tone deaf and frequently misreads the room. This leads to a great deal of awkward situations, though those close to him come to see it as part of his charm. He tends to ask whatever questions come to mind, with minimal tact. 

He thinks he is very funny. He almost never is. 

Gethrael’s outlook is surprisingly optimistic, and he’s able and willing to go along with most things cheerfully. His ability to be in high pressure or dire situations with a smile on his face and still making bad jokes is one of the only reasons he does alright as Inquisitor. He has no idea that the majority of people find his demeanour in such situations somewhere between unsettling and terrifying. 

Despite being generally easygoing and having no temper to speak of, Gethrael is extremely stubborn when it comes to something important to him. This ranges anywhere from threats towards someone he cares about, to outright refusing to let himself die when so many people are depending on him. He will politely but very firmly speak up against any disparaging remarks about elves, or for that matter, any of the company he keeps. This resolve also shows when he is injured or upset - he will go to any lengths to keep these things private and show a strong front. Not only does the Inquisition depend on him, he is representing his people. It feels inevitable to him that any failing or weakness will reflect poorly on the Dalish. He feels great personal responsibility for this, as well as for any hardship resulting from the Inquisition, regardless of whether he could’ve affected it.  

Gethrael is entirely too trusting, to the point of gullibility. He is highly compassionate, and often assumes others feel the same. He is a comically terrible liar himself, and doesn’t have a good sense for when he’s being lied to. 

Among his companions - and honestly anyone who spends a decent amount of time around him - Gethrael is well known for being shameless. Seeing him nude is almost inevitable, and he can’t wrap his head around why everyone is so embarrassed about this. He’s also openly flirtatious (though his flirting, like his jokes, is pretty bad) with nearly everyone, and actually offended by the implication that he should hide having a lover or a partner. 

Upon meeting Gethrael, most nobles think he can’t possibly be so stupid, and it’s part of the Game somehow. It is not, he is absolutely that stupid. His intellect has never been a strength. 

Talents and Skills[]

Though he looks fragile, Gethrael is very resilient in a fight, which is good because he often runs somewhere a mage shouldn’t in order to help out or disrupt a rift. It is not uncommon to see him thrown ten feet by an Avaar warhammer blow and pop back up with a grin on his face. He’s always felt an affinity for storm magic, and he has chain lightning so tightly locked into his reflexes that it’s on a hair trigger. In battle he is not at all afraid to use his staff blade to defend himself. He is also a fairly adept spirit healer, which was his main duty within his clan. Besides magic, he does not really have talents so much as a distinct lack thereof. 



Within Clan Lavellan, Gethrael spent most of his time as Keeper’s Second. His skill as a mage led to periodic discussion about moving to First, but for several reasons he was not considered a suitable Keeper. Primarily, his views were never conservative enough, and he’s far too curious (and trusting of those outside the clan). 

He was shifted between clans twice as a child, so he does not know his parents or any possible blood relations. This is of minimal importance among The People, with the clan considered as family, so he is not at all bothered by it. 

Gethrael’s curiosity gave him an interest in travelling outside of the clan for some time, and the Keeper offered the opportunity to go to conclave to him first.  


Gethrael does not believe in the Maker, and never believed himself to be the Herald of Andraste. When it was drilled to him how important this perception of him is to the people of Thedas, he went along with it to some degree; thought he always refused to actually state he was chosen. He became much more likely to say ‘I don’t know’ than anything else. 

As a mage, he tended to make decisions to protect or help other mages - particularly since he lacked personal experience with the Circle and it seemed rather barbaric to him once the politics were adequately explained. He also had to be told what being made Tranquil entailed, and it is safe to say he never ruled that as a punishment no matter the crime. He is not sure why his advisors kept telling him to go get the Templars instead of going to talk to Alexius at Redcliffe, seeing as they had already spoken to the Templar leader in Val Royeaux and he was more than uninterested. Plus, Dorian has come to help them! It’s an obvious choice to Gethrael, even if he weren’t worried about the safety of the mages. 

At the Winter Palace, he chose to support Briala as directly as possible, and reconciled her with Celene. He wasn’t completely sure what was going on for most of the party, but instinctively trusted another elf. 

When Leliana could no longer postpone the Exalted Council, Gethrael knew before he arrived that he was going to dissolve the Inquisition. This was not a job he ever wanted, and he was very tired. The promise of becoming more involved in Orlais politics made it even less tempting. The events at the council - including the loss of his arm, of course - only reenforced how much he didn’t want to continue. 


Discovering the truth about the Evanuris was deeply upsetting to Gethrael; who spent his life following the ‘old ways’. This knowledge made him even more confident that he would be unable to return to his clan. He came to terms with this even before he was made Inquisitor - his experiences and ties to the outside world would make it difficult for him to fit in among the clan, and he would be treated differently. Now with what he knows, even the idea of trying depresses him. 

Though he would happily follow Dorian to Minrathous, he is flatly refused. Dorian chooses not to tell him why, knowing it will upset him. The truth is that the assassination of his father makes Dorian very afraid that someone would harm Gethrael to get to him, especially with how much he intends to stir the pot politically. Though that alone would be enough, adding in Gethrael’s race and how homosexual relationships aren’t very acceptable in Tevinter, Dorian feels certain he’ll be killed. 

Instead, Gethrael spends most of his time travelling the countryside with Iron Bull and the Chargers. It does him a lot of good to ‘live rough’ again, as he was always more comfortable travelling around and sleeping outside than he was in his huge lavish bedroom at Skyhold. Also, being mixed in with a pretty eclectic group of mercenaries means that very few people recognize him as the former Inquisitor. Of course it helps that Bull is more than capable of emotionally supporting him during his recovery. They maintain their relationship with Dorian via the speaking stone, and they’re eventually just going to show up whether he likes it or not. 

After losing his arm, Gethrael ends up cutting his hair to shoulder length; as he is no longer able to braid and care for it without help. 


Dorian Pavus[]

Gethrael and Dorian fell into an easy flirtatious banter the moment they met, and in no time at all those within the inner circle were taking bets on how long it would be until they acted on their obvious mutual interest. Seeing as Gethrael is entirely too trusting and easily influenced, there was a fair amount of concern  before anyone knew Dorian particularly well. Most got past this quite quickly; though Josephine lost a lot of sleep over how to handle the rumours that would inevitably get out to various nobility. Their relationship was the worst kept secret in Skyhold. 

Dorian finds Gethrael’s terrible flirting and worse jokes charming, but what he likes most is Geth’s open and honest cheerfulness. It’s very refreshing after his life of dealing with Tevinter nobles. Gethrael validates Dorian almost constantly just with his enthusiasm and how freely he gives affection, and that validation makes Dorian feel very secure in their relationship - even when the idea of bringing Iron Bull into it is presented. Gethrael loves listening to Dorian talk, which happens a lot either way; and is happy to listen to Dorian rant when he’s upset. In this way their relationship functions perfectly. 

Unfortunately, there are problems. First and foremost is how much Dorian relies on Gethrael to be his emotional rock, and when that perception crumbles he has no idea what to do. He has a habit of just leaving when Geth is upset, which is the opposite of helpful. Gethrael will also do almost anything to avoid a confrontation between them, and since he’s already predisposed to hiding his negative emotions; he will bury anything that’s bothering him as long as possible. They have no ability at all to comfort each other if they are both upset.

The Iron Bull[]

Gethrael’s flirtatious nature led to a few trysts early on, though Iron Bull backed off once it became clear what was going on with Dorian. Though he was very attracted to Geth (and the feeling was mutual) he wanted to respect their relationship. He remained friendly with Gethrael, and as perceptive as he is; notices when their emotional problems start to weigh on both of them. 

It suffices to say that Iron Bull is very correct about Gethrael benefitting from submission. It comes naturally to him, and he finds incredible relief in not having power. 

Bull has a deep desire to be a protector, and Gethrael satisfies that need. He also earns respect as both a strong person and someone who’s very capable on the battlefield. Iron Bull knows well that this submissive elf is also a powerful enough mage to kill him if he wanted to, and that is a large piece of what leads to love on his part. 

The feeling of safety and contentment that Gethrael gets from Iron Bull even when they’re having casual sex is something he craves. He never has to watch what he says around Bull, who even sometimes finds him funny. Often it’s not for the intended reason, but even if Geth could tell he wouldn’t care. 

Dorian Pavus & The Iron Bull[]

Polyamory was something that Gethrael had never consciously thought of, but the concept of traditional monogamy never clicked in for him. Of course he knew Dorian expected him to not be romantically involved with anyone else, and he wasn’t unhappy following that rule. However, as the stress between them increased, he brought up what he’d been doing with Iron Bull. This eventually led to casual threesomes, where Bull attempted to introduce Dorian to the concept of power play. This is fairly slow going, likely because Dorian is aware of his sadistic streak on some level and is afraid of indulging it. 

Over time, it becomes very clear that the three of them have fallen into an approximately equal relationship. 

Iron Bull has the highest emotional intelligence by far, and is able to negotiate between the two easily when necessary. More often than not, this is in being firm with Dorian and telling him to shut up (which Geth will not do), or making him admit if he’s said or done something wrong. Gethrael usually wants to be reassured he’s allowed to express his negative feelings, and unfortunately Dorian’s responses only reinforce his paranoia about doing so. Bull really enjoys having the both of them, especially as they are two very different people with different needs he can fill. 

Gethrael has more than enough love and affection in him for two people - in fact it feels very natural to him. Dorian was by far the most skeptical, but he ended up finding it nice to have someone to dote on and someone he doesn’t feel guilty about being rude to (and honestly, he’s thankful there’s someone who won’t put up with his crap). His and Bull’s relationship with each other is much less tender and sweet than how either of them are with Gethrael.


If they didn’t look so... not alike at all, it would be said they act more like twin siblings than best friends.  They love each other dearly, but they’re certainly not afraid of hurting each other’s feelings. 

No one sticks closer to Gethrael than Sera does, and she’s always the one to pick him up when he’s hurt in combat; or make some loud excuse to get him out of things he won’t admit he’s not up to. He will try to push through anything regardless of his physical or mental state, and Sera no doubt knows his limits better than he does. She can also get him laughing and smiling no matter what, almost immediately. In the two years between Corypheus’ defeat and the Exalted Council, Sera never leaves Gethrael. Someone has to stick with him, after all, and everybody is so busy elsewhere. As soon as she first met him, despite her feelings about the Dalish, she thought ‘someone’s gotta keep an eye on this poor stupid elf, he’s no idea what he got himself into’. 

She still feels that way. 

Joesphine Montilyet[]

His best friend in the Inquisition after Sera, Geth and Josie will spend endless hours talking - well, she does most of the talking. Though they get along fabulously on a personal level, professionally Gethrael is taking years off of her life on a constant basis. Josephine is always struggling to wrangle him into not making jokes at inappropriate times, not asking stupid questions of people he shouldn’t, or just remembering what he’s supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, this is further complicated by Geth’s complete inability to grasp the concept of personal versus professional life. This leads to delightful situations such as Gethrael trying to ask Josie for advice about why Dorian doesn’t seem to want to be at the Winter Palace as his romantic partner during the ball while much more important things are going on. 

Cassandra Pentaghast[]

Knowing the both of them, one would think they were the epitome of two people who would never get along; that they are far too deeply and fundamentally different. Gethrael does try to get along with everyone, and Cassandra does come to genuinely respect him. However, the real reason that they can be friends is most likely that they’re both socially awkward in completely opposite ways. Gethrael isn’t offended by Cassandra’s rudeness, and in turn she only finds him as inappropriate and infuriating as she does everyone. 

Thom Rainier

Ultimately, though they get along (and Geth refused to let him be executed), Rainier is more Sera’s friend than Gethrael’s. They have great respect for one another, but no clue what to talk to each other about. Rainier is very awkward and uncomfortable with Geth’s friendly flirting. 


Gethrael is not at all bothered by Cole being a spirit, to the point where he seems almost unaware of it. He tends to think of Cole like a child, often saying he won’t take him somewhere because ‘it’s too dangerous’. This is despite giving him permission to kill people on multiple occasions. 

Varric Thethras

Though Gethrael doesn’t really think in terms of ‘parents’, or at least not on a personal level, Varric is that older clan member who always seems to be looking out for him. Despite not being all that much older than Geth, it’s obvious that Varric thinks of him as a young man in need of his help and advice. It took Varric a while to settle on a nickname for Gethrael, much longer than average - but by the time the Geth starts his relationship with Dorian, he’s chosen Rabbit. Gethrael needs to ask someone why. 


Generally speaking, Gethrael doesn’t believe it’s his place to say that people who are clearly so much more intelligent than he is are wrong, but a lot of the things Vivienne says don’t sit right with him. He is also not delighted with her attitude towards elves. However, he really does try very hard to get along with people, and is shockingly resilient to her condescending rudeness. Many assume this is because he doesn’t even realize she’s being nasty to him. 


As someone with a great interest in magic and the history of his people, Gethrael was very interested to talk with Solas. Despite Solas’ dislike of the Dalish and that they disagreed on many things, Solas came to respect him. It seems this is partially due to how he sticks to his opinions and despite not being particularly smart, his observations on magic are surprisingly insightful. Gethrael does consider him a friend, adding to his shock and betrayal at the revelation that not only was Solas using him; he was one of his ‘gods’ all along. Knowing not only that Solas inflicted him with the mark that has caused him so much pain, but also that he intends to destroy the elves as Geth knows them, he swears that if he does not die he will come after Solas and kill him. It is an added insult that the Agents of Fen’Harel have undone whatever Gethrael managed to do in terms of earning respect and acceptance for his people. 


  • Occasionally catches himself thinking of the companions and advisors - and to a lesser extent the Inquisition in general - as his Clan
  • Often caught sleeping on the floor next to the large bed in Skyhold, particularly if he's stressed
  • Genuinely enjoys travelling regardless of poor weather or inhospitable locales, to the point where many of the Inquisition soldiers find him a little irritating
  • Decent rider, less clumsy on horseback than on foot (companions often joke when he's on horseback at least they know he won't manage to hurt himself)
  • Never refers to anyone as Shem/shemlin, and honestly doesn’t think of them that way. If he specifically needs a term and human/dwarf/qunari won’t suffice, he will say ‘not of The People’.


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