From a life of nobility and privilege, to a life of isolation within the Ostwick circle to head of the Inquisition, Genevieve is a bold woman determined to leave her mark upon the world, hopefully for the betterment of everyone.

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Genevieve would consider herself a fairly attractive woman, somewhere around 5’6” with a strong but shapely figure. Unlike most of her siblings, who are tall and elegantly slender (or so she likes to think) Genny inherited more genetics from her mother’s side of the family, which comes with thicker thighs, hips and a fuller bust line - features she is more than accepting of. Her auburn-red hair is thick and a bit coarser than she would like and reaches to the middle of her back by the time she joins the Inquisition. Her skin has an olive-tint and her face is ovular with bright fade-green eyes, high cheekbones, a long nose with a slightly wider bridge and full downward pointing tip.

While she has no tattoos or other identifying marks on her body, she has three prominent scars on her face/head. Two are much older and from her days in the circle. Of these two, the first cuts through her left nostril in an uneven, misshapen way, the other is deeper and lays across her neck horizontally, just a few inches below her chin. The third scar is a recent acquisition, a deep red scratch across her left cheek that has yet to heal properly.

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Genevieve can sometimes be perceived as prickly and reserved upon first meeting. This isn’t an inaccurate assessment as Genny has a tendency to keep others at arm's’ length until she has warmed to them. Once she feels comfortable enough to open up, Genevieve is spirited and lively. She is outgoing, forward thinking and self-confident while still managing to be polite and well-spoken. Genny is prone to being fairly practical and often prefers facts over feelings but is not against consulting her instincts where necessary. Despite being a Trevelyan, a family known for being quite pious and staunchly devoted to the Chantry, Genevieve is not a devout woman. While a believer in both the Maker and Andraste, she dislikes when others are ready to attribute even the smallest personal victory to a divine miracle and strongly prefers to credit mundane efforts over holy intervention.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Archery - Genevieve is a mage, but because her magic did not present itself until the age of 14, she was taught in the ways of Archery from a very young age and still chooses to practice her skills to this day. While not a flawless marksman, she is quite talented in the art and shows excellent promise if she were to fully dedicate herself to it.

Magic - Despite being a “late bloomer” so to speak, Genevieve took to her craft quickly and naturally once it manifested. As a circle-trained mage, she was taught a lot about theory and control and given minimal opportunities to put such knowledge into practice but made good use of the chances she was given. Her personal affinity leans towards the primal class (with a particular knack for lightning) along with some skill with the element of fire and later, she was trained as a Knight Enchanter, granting her the use of a spirit blade and other abilities.

Dancing - Growing up nobility meant attending social functions, learning proper manners and customs fit for someone of her station. Dancing was among these various lessons and something Genny honestly enjoyed.

Well Learned - Another benefit of being from a powerful noble family with ties to the many other nobles throughout other regions of Thedas is knowledge and education. While in the circle as well, Genevieve had devoted herself thoroughly to her studies and familiarized herself with as much of Thedas’ history, politics and other subjects as she could.


History Edit

Born in 9:12 Dragon to Bann Elias Trevelyan and his wife, Lady Adelaide Trevelyan, Genevieve was the youngest of five other children and the last of the Bann's immediate line.

The Trevelyan line was not known to have magic in their blood, or at least very little. For this reason, the Trevelyans were quite pious and began a family tradition of dedicating themselves to serving the Chantry of Ostwick in various ways. As the youngest child, Genny had no real societal pressures placed on her and didn’t have to worry about being the “face” of the Trevelyan family, though she was often expected to attend social events as she got older and expected to be on her best behavior.

Genny’s relationship with her eldest brother and her parents suffered significantly throughout her childhood. They were often far too busy to maintain a significant presence in her life, between all of their deep involvement within the Chantry, politics and court intrigue in Orlais, all in addition to grooming their oldest son to be the next Trevelyan Patriarch. So it should be no surprise that she found much more companionship with her two twin brothers and older sister.

Her magic manifested late, by 9:26 (age 14) her parents and family had never once suspected she would ever come out as a mage and went through the first 13 years of her life assuming as much. Out of fear, shame or just uncertainty her parents did their best to keep this revelation a secret. This was achieved by effectively hiding her away, seeing that she was privately tutored, was kept out of the public eye (by not attending any social gatherings) and doubled down on her archery lessons to keep up appearances of her being a non-mage. After a year of frustration (by 9:27 age 15) and unsuccessful attempts to sway her family's views, Genny had grown far too resentful to forgive them and turned herself into the templars, voluntarily submitting herself to the circle.

Life within the circle was difficult to adjust to at first, primarily because Genevieve was a late arrival and thusly felt isolated from her peers from the start. Where others lamented being torn away from their families, the only thing Genny missed was her siblings but was grateful for the ability to write to them and stay in contact. She threw herself into her studies and mostly kept her head down for a while. Sometime within her first year there, her reserved nature made her a target? A Templar (son of some other Ostwick nobility? Someone who knew her and her family) expressed his interest in her, in spite of their respective positions within the hierarchy. He didn’t take being spurned by her well, as she failed to reciprocate - even threatening to go to his Knight Commander - so he retaliated by forcing himself on her in the empty Circle library one evening where she had been studying. Genny fought back, both furious and horrified when the situation escalates and became suddenly violent. It was fortunate that she was able to hold him at bay long enough for someone to come checking on the commotion.

While she had been grateful that her seniors did not dismiss the incident and accepted that this happened to one of their charges, it was not taken as seriously as she had hoped. It wasn’t enough that she had been assaulted and nearly taken advantage of, but rather than the offender losing his position entirely, he was simply reassigned to another post. Despite feeling embittered by this action, Genevieve threw herself into her studies that much harder in hopes of earning the attention and respect of the First Enchanter that she might earn a position of higher privilege and trust.

However, by 9:41 (at the height of the war) when the circles chose to dissolve, she was thrown into chaos. With no way nor desire to return to her family, Genevieve was lost for direction until she found herself pursued by Templars in a heavy-handed attempt to restore order. With nothing to lose, she fled to the Chantry Conclave where she hoped to join the proceedings on the side of her fellow mages, and well - we all know what happened then.

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Mother - Lady Adelaide Trevelyan has always been a woman of devout faith and was always expected to seek a like within the Chantry as a sister and eventually work her way up to Revered Mother. With her children, Lady Trevelyan did not completely lack warmth, though it often seemed very surface level, and many times it appeared she kept her children at arms length as though she still yearned for a different life. Indeed her marriage to the Bann was unplanned and rumors have come about that it was a hasty arrangement made to cover up a possible scandal. Genny and her had almost more of a professional relationship rather than one of mother and daughter. When she called the templars on herself and voluntarily submitted to the circle, her mother showed little to no remorse and tried to barr her siblings from saying goodbye.

Father - Bann Elias Trevelyan is a practical man, with quite the presence, charisma and charm. He too never came off as cold or uncaring towards his children, but did had a very hands-off approach and left most child-rearing duties to nursemaids and his elder children so he could focus on not only maintaining his Bannorn, but his personal business as a tradesman. He always bought gifts for Genevieve and her siblings for holidays and birthdays but was never much for spending in ordinate amounts of time with her or her siblings except for perhaps Elijah who was expected to become the next Trevelyan patriarch. When she turned herself into the circle, he seemed sad and remorseful and did actually ask her if she was certain. It was perhaps a sign that he regretted their overreaction.

Brother - Elijah: Eli, Genny always called him, was steadfast and brilliant. He had a natural head for business and started helping his father at a young age. The two of them were not nearly as close as she was with her sister, but when they were still young she did look up to him and he was happy to have his baby sister spend time with him. As he approached adolescence, he grew distant from her - more a result of his parents' heavy grooming than his own desire to grow apart.

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Magic - Despite her parents’ shame and embarrassment over their child being a mage and then Genny later relinquishing herself to the circle, she is very proud to be a mage and enjoys practicing the arts. Magic is such a fascinating, and wondrous tool with so many varied uses that for anyone to think it shameful or frightening is strange to her. She understands the dangers it could pose but only in the hands of someone completely untrained or only ever taught to fear their gifts.

Horses - Her family had a fairly sizeable stable growing up and Genny enjoyed riding in her spare time. Later when she became part of the Inquisition, she was thrilled to recruit the Horsemaster Dennet and became fond of spending time down by the stables.

History/Politics/Current Events - Genevieve isn’t so much a knowledge sponge as she is just very interested in what has happened and what is happening in the world around her. Beyond just her noble upbringing, Genny spent the majority of her youth and adolescence in the Ostwick Circle and while she wasn’t completely ignorant to outside events, the flow of information was very limited and strictly controlled. Once she is part of the Inquisition, she is eager to dive into such subjects and immerse herself in them.

Dislikes Edit

Arrogance - Having pride and confidence are excellent characteristics in Genny’s book, but when those traits become overblown and mutate into arrogance, then she has a problem. She has met too many people who think too highly of themselves for no reason. She looks unfavorably upon these people and considers them pitiable, as they only talk themselves up to hide much deeper insecurities rather than embrace their flaws and accept mediocrity.

Blind Devotion - Coming from a pious family, Genevieve was raised to be devout and dedicated to the Chantry. All too often, she was put off by such blind dedication that any of its faults and flaws were overlooked or hand waved away. Genny appreciates beautiful faith but also respects practicality and logical reasoning within one’s religious views. Such is why she always refuted as being a holy figure sent by Andraste herself.

Fears Edit

Isolation - Genevieve is naturally a very social person, even in spite of what her parents did while trying to hide her magic and he time spent in the Circle of Magi. She enjoys being surrounded by other people and partaking in conversation and activities. To be removed from that, and denied all social engagement either by being forced back into the circle under strict regime or some other situation would terrify her and break her spirit

Heights - Despite living in the Free Marches, a fairly mountainous region, Genevieve is not particularly fond of extreme heights. It helps that Ostwick was located along the sea, rather than the mountain ranges. It is more the fear of falling that scares her, rather than simply being up high. She is careful when walking along the ramparts and battlements of Skyhold and takes care when climbing up and down ladders or stairs.


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