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Garrett Hawke (born 9:06 Dragon) is a prominent figure in Thedas. He is commonly referred to as the "Champion of Kirkwall," a title earned by stopping the qunari invasion of Kirkwall in 9:34 Dragon. He is considered the one who provoked the Mage Rebellion in Kirkwall.

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Garrett Hawke has black hair, hazel eyes, and a short beard. He is very muscular and tall, standing at about 6'1.

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Garrett Hawke was born in 9:06 to Leandra Amell, a Kirkwall noblewoman, and Malcolm Hawke, an apostate mage.

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Fenris- Partner/Husband. Garrett was able to push past his prickly exterior and helped him see that not all mages were as bad as he believed.

Aveline- Best friend. By the end of act 3, she had become an older sister figure to Garrett and there was no one he trusted more.

Varric- Best friend.

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