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Contrary to a mage’s popular image of fragile body and physical softness, Gareth grew a powerfully built, muscular body. He was also taller than most other people, at full 6 feet height (183cm), four inches more than average height of a Fereldan adult man (5 feet 8 inch, or 172 cm). Gareth had aquiline, or ‘Tevinter’ nose, just as his cousin Astraea Amell. However, unlike most such noses, theirs were relatively small, with bridges only slightly curved, which made them less conspicuous. Other than nose, his facial features were typical Amell, including high cheek bone, grayish blue eyes and a head of jet black hair. In fact, after he had arrived at Kirkwall, many of House Amell’s old acquaintance thought he looked very much like a younger version of his uncle Gamlen. Obviously, many thugs and hooligans who liked to bully Gamlen for fun believed that, too. These esteemed gentlemen were welcome to their private opinions on this matter, but since Gareth looked like Gamelen, they foolishly believed he was an equally easy victim. A rather unhealthy notion, which brought some annoyance for Gareth during his earlier years in Kirkwall, but it was eventually corrected after several dozen arms and legs broken or severed, a few bodies permanently mangled, and two heads forcibly detached from the body.

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