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Gabriel Lavellan (born 9:06 Dragon), also known as the Herald of Andraste and the Inquisitor, was a Dalish First of Clan Lavellan. Born a city elf in Kirkwall's alienage, Gabriel fled with his parents to join the Dalish after his magic manifested, in order to keep him out of the Circle. The sole survivor of the explosion of the Temple of Sacred Ashes, Gabriel was left with the Anchor and pressed into service, largely against his will. After the destruction of Haven, Gabriel was named the Inquisitor of the reborn Inquisition, a title he willingly gave up in 9:44 when it emerged the organization had been infiltrated by several groups of spies. His younger sister is Eirene Lavellan, and he is father to two young daughters, Sildelona and Emer.

Otherwise... Gabriel Lavellan was a Dalish elf belonging to Clan Lavellan who attended the Conclave with his younger sister Eirene Lavellan. Both siblings were killed in the explosion that destroyed the Temple of Sacred Ashes.


Physical Appearance[]

Gabriel has a way of putting people at ease with just a smile. There's a steadying warmth about him,

Gabriel takes greatly after his late father, who also had albinism, sharing his incredibly pale skin, white hair, near-colourless eyes, and poor sight (though his has been mitigated by magic.) Gabriel is also unusually tall for an elf at slightly over six feet (1.84 m), and though he is generally lithe and slender like most of his kind, he is slightly rounder than most elves, having generally been well-fed through decent access to food. He possesses a few scars on his face - one on his cheek from a hunting accident, across his brow from an encounter with a bear, and one on his jaw from lightning spell practice gone wrong. He wears the vallaslin of Dirthamen in purple ink, though his markings have faded slightly in the seventeen years since he received them.


Though hot-headed, careless, and endlessly stubborn in his youth, raising his daughters and hitting his thirties has mellowed Gabriel out considerably compared to his younger self. Gabriel is generally kind, patient, and willing to hear people out, a trait he attributes to having had to deal with Eirene's turbulent teenage years. He values reason over emotion in decision-making and is always trying to seek more elven history and knowledge to send back to his Clan. He is compassionate towards the suffering of others and constantly tries to improve the lives of others, especially former alienage elves like himself. He prefers peaceful solutions to most conflicts, and will only resort to violent or devious means if there are no other options available. He is exceedingly easy to get along with, possessing a natural charm that easily endears him to others... though at first, they may have to stomach his tendency to make incredibly awful jokes and puns, no matter the occasion.

A lot of Gabriel's easy-going personality masks his deep-rooted insecurities, however. At his core, Gabriel is constantly concerned about wanting to fit in and be liked. He has never felt truly part of the Dalish due to his past as a city elf, though this has been slightly alleviated since receiving his vallaslin. He constantly feels like he is not a proper Dalish elf and can never be, no matter how hard he tries; a sentiment only made worse by his persisting, partial belief in the Maker and his title as the "Herald of Andraste", which makes him feel as though he betrayed the people who took him in and cared for him like one of their own. Gabriel is also intensely protective of his friends and family, a trait later extended to many of the people in the Inquisition, whom he feels he has a duty to protect. This, however, has only added to his troubles and worries ...and has blinded him to the fact that some people - say, one Dread Wolf - might not be able to be saved.

For all his kindness, when he genuinely does become angry enough to boil over, his rage is something to behold. He hates when his insecurities are revealed, when his family is threatened, and more than anything he hates leaders who fail their people, and his fury at what transpired in Therinfal Redoubt was enough to shake the fortress's foundations. It was the first time anyone had ever seen him boil over, and no one in the party really believed that this could be the same kind man they knew until he calmed down. When he does, he tends to regret his anger and his words, but in the heat of the moment all is forgotten. However, he can count the people he's genuinely blown up at on one hand - Morrigan, Denam, and Erimond.

Talents and Skills[]

  • Magic
    • Knight-Enchanter
  • Hunting



Gabriel Emilien Yanick Daviau was born in 9:06 Dragon to two city elves living in the Kirkwall alienage. His mother Aline was a seamstress and washerwoman who scrubbed her hands raw daily for the nobles and mages of the city; his father Emery was a cobbler and leatherworker who had originally come from Halamshiral to wed Aline. Though their marriage had been arranged, theirs was a happy one, both being kind-hearted and deeply devoted to Andraste. They however, had not had much luck with children; Gabriel's birth had been preceded by a number of miscarriages and stillbirths, the only surviving child of which was his older sister Morwenna, three years his senior.

Gabriel and Morwenna lived a typical alienage life - their parents tried to provide for them the best they could, often going hungry for days at a time to feed their children. When Gabriel was seven, they were joined by their younger brother Ammiel, again after a long string of failed pregnancies.

Things would take a dark turn in 9:14, however. When Gabriel was eight, a serious epidemic swept through Kirkwall's Lowtown, especially affecting the crowded and unsanitary alienage. Gabriel got over his bout of disease surprisingly quickly and was out of bed in no time, but Morwenna and Ammiel grew increasingly sickly. Morwenna died holding her younger brother's hand asking him to be good for their parents, a memory that would always linger in Gabriel's mind. Desperate to prevent the same fate happening to his baby brother, Gabriel unleashed a sudden burst of light - the first manifestation of his magical ability. This would be for naught, however, and Gabriel could do nothing but listen to Ammiel's final wails as the disease took him too.

With two of their three children dead and the last remaining revealed to be a mage, Aline and Emery panicked. Aline washed the robes and clothes of the mages and templars at the Gallows, and saw first hand babies being taken from their parents and couldn't bear the thought of losing her last remaining baby boy. Fearing what would happen to their beloved son and desperate to keep their last remaining child, they stumbled across a solution when they got word of a Dalish clan camping nearby in the Planasene Forest. Aline was five months pregnant with her fourth child at the time, and the path was dark and filled with danger, but they would risk anything for the safety of their son.

Their journey to the Dalish started out smoothly enough, but things quickly turned for the worse when the family was beset by a pack of wolves. Utterly surrounded, Emery threw himself at them in order to buy time for his pregnant wife and son to flee. Gabriel never forgot his father's sacrifice, and later named his younger daughter after him; he also developed a subsequent fear of wolves which was only exacerbated by his later conversion to the elven pantheon. Despite their grief, Gabriel and Aline managed to find their way to Clan Lavellan, who (somewhat reluctantly) took the two starving city elves in.

Gabriel was placed under the tutelage of the Clan's new First, Deshanna Istimaethoriel, but at first hated life with the Dalish so much he refused to participate in any lessons at all. To make matters worse, Aline died four months later during childbirth, naming her baby "Eirene" with her dying breaths. Gabriel was left alone in the world with no-one except a newborn baby sister, in the midst of a strange clan with a strange culture he couldn't seem to understand.


Quest Choices Made
The Wrath of Heaven Charged with the soldiers. Denied being the Herald of Andraste.
Champions of the Just Ser Barris is alive. Templars disbanded and conscripted into the Inquisition. Denam sent to Sea of Ash.
In Your Heart Shall Burn Saved all villagers. Declared for the Inquisition ("I'll do it because it's right").
Here Lies the Abyss Stroud sacrificed, Gabriel escaped w/ Maura Hawke. Grey Wardens rebuilt.
Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts Exposed Grand Duchess Florianne and spared her. Empress Celene lived, reconciled with Briala.
What Pride Had Wrought Convinced Calpernia to stand down. Performed the rituals and allied with the Guardians. Gabriel drank from the Well of Sorrows.
Doom Upon All the World Leliana made Divine Victoria.
Companions Romanced Cassandra. Blackwall left prison as Rainier. Cassandra encouraged to rebuild Seekers. Cole made more spirit. Dorian reconciled w/ his father. Iron Bull is Tal-Vashoth. Harmond is alive, forced to work for Inquisition. Solas freed his friend. Varric tracked down the Red Lyrium source. Gave Vivienne a snowy wyvern heart.
Advisors Calpernia was Inquisitor's nemesis, investigated her past. Told Cullen not to use lyrium. Did favours for the Du Paraquettes. Leliana was inspired.
Exploring Thedas Helped refugees in the Hinterlands. Fairbanks revealed to be noble. Imshael killed.
War Table
Jaws of Hakkon DLC
The Descent DLC
Trespasser DLC


  • Went back to his family with Cass
  • Helped her rebuild the Seekers


(to be fleshed out in longer form later)

Family and Clan[]



Younger sister; practically raised her (with help from the clan) after their father died on the treacherous journey through the Planasene forest and their mother soon after in childbirth. Can be slightly overprotective of her, which she finds annoying, but the two siblings have a strong bond nonetheless.


His ex-wife and mother to his two daughters, Gabriel has largely fallen out of contact with Ghilana since she left their family and the Clan. The two met at a gathering of clans when they were 21, and within a year they had bonded and had their first daughter, Sildelona. Neither of them really knew what they were doing at the time, and on Gabriel's part especially, having children was more or less out of a sense of duty he felt he had towards the Dalish. It was pretty much inevitable that their marriage would start falling apart, and soon after Emer's birth, their relationship began deteriorating quickly. Ghilana, who had also never wanted children herself and resented losing her freedom so young, felt neglected as Gabriel invested more time into his duties as First of the Clan. If he had any free time at all, he was spending it with their daughters, not her, and slowly they drifted apart further and further. They attempted to put up a good front for their girls, and Emer still legitimately believes her parents were in love when Ghilana left, but Lona recognized her parents no longer cared for each other. Gabriel admits the end of their relationship was his fault, and even after the last sparks of their marriage had waned, he still regretted what he'd done when Ghilana left with a hunter from Clan Alerion.


Gabriel's daughters, Sildelona and Emer, are his pride and joy, respectively.

Two daughters - Sildelona (13) and Emer (9). Dotes on both of them, verges on overbearing at times. Lona is his pride, Emer his joy. Tends to spend more time with Emer because she is also a mage, but loves Lona no less.

Keeper Deshanna[]

Deeply respected mother figure. Taught him everything he knows.

Clan Lavellan[]

His family. His people.




"She scares you, but you like it." - Sildelona Lavellan

Was attracted to her from the start, but the two were slightly hostile towards each other at first. Developed a strong respect for each other which turned into love. Practically worships the ground she walks on, but adores teasing her nonetheless.


Strongly respects him, but is deeply annoyed by his disdain for his fellow elves. Despite this, however, he wants to redeem, not kill him.


Massive fan of his books. Wants a nickname from him.


Admittedly, sees her as an older version of Siobhan. Sera was hostile to him at first because he was both an "elfy" elf and a mage, but warmed up to him after he proved willing to stick up for the little guys (and play along with her pranks).


He respects her and wishes she would also respect his decision to disagree with everything she says, ever.


Iron Bull[]




  • Is one half of the greatest ghost-hunting duo Thedas has ever known


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