Duster to Warden, Hero, Warden-Commander and now Paragon? And they want more. Sod off. Surfacers, Orzammar - they can find someone else. I have more important things to be, now.

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Physical Appearance Edit

Even now, I'll never get all the grime of Dust Town off of me. Or the Brand. At least now it doesn't matter, because no one is trying to throw it in my face.

Personality Edit

Pragmatic, gruff, cynical - but Farin always wanted to be something more. To do more.

Talents and SkillsEdit

He's - mostly good at killing things, but also talking to avoid killing what he doesn't want to. After all, not everyone he dealt with for the Carta deserved what Beraht had in mind.


History Edit

You can find all of this in the tales. Well, not all of it. the King doesn't like to talk about what he did, or how he reminded me the Surface wasn't supposed to be as rough as Orzammar. And neither of us talk about Branka, just...that we found Cairdin, but he was doomed, and Branka was gone. It's easier that way. Oh, and...well, Connor seems to be alright, even without his mother. Nugshit. Why is the only decent mother we found, the one who kept screaming at me and then - nah. Not going to talk about it, even here. But at least one mother cared enough about her kid to sacrifice for him.

In-game Edit

Farin crowned Behlen, brokered peace in the Forest, saved the Circle (somehow) and ran an amazing crime spree through Denerim.

Post-game Edit

What else do we need, but each other and Kieran? Oh, and something over my head. There's still too much sky out here. Not going to tell you anything else. You can leave a message with House Brosca, and maybe I'll get back with you. Probably not, but you never know.

Relationships Edit

Alistair's making a good King, especially since he stopped listening to Eamon. I guess even Surfacer nobles are shits, even if they're not as good at it. Thank whatever you worship that Wynne went her own way and Leliana went back to the Chantry. Oh, and Sten left, and Oghren. Zevran...nah. It's not that I don't know what he's up to, it's that I don't think you need to. As for Morrigan? Well, if she wants you to know, you will. She's good at that.

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Maybe...maybe some other time. I'm tired of talking.

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