Evelyn Trevelyan is the eldest child of House Trevelyan and the Second Inquisitor. She is best known as Herald of Andraste and Inquisitor.

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Physical Appearance Edit

After stepping out of the Fade in 9:41, Evelyn's hair is stark white and her eyes Breach green.

She has a burn scar along her right jawline and neck and a thin scar over her right eye.

Personality Edit

Before becoming the Herald of Andraste

After becoming Inquisitor

Talents and SkillsEdit

Magic: Evelyn had an affinity for Fade magic in the Circle and was taught basics by one of the enchanters. Solas noticed her aptitude and gave her additional training.


History Edit

Evelyn Lilith Adrestia Trevelyan was born in 9:13 to Bann and Lady Trevelyan of Southwatch. She was prepared from a young age to become bann herself, until her magic manifested and she was put into a Circle in Guardian 9:26, at the age of thirteen.

In-game Edit

Evelyn was at the Conclave on behalf of her First Enchanter.

Post-game Edit

Here's what happened after the events of said game.

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 Pre-Inquisition Edit

  • Felivetanis:

 Inquisition Edit

  • Ariana Trevelyan:
  • Cole:
  • Cullen:
  • Dorian:
  • Josephine:
  • Leliana:
  • Solas:
  • Warden Alistair

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What else happened

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