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The worst mage in Kinloch, the greatest hero in Thedas.


Physical Appearance[]

Ted is the most generic man you'll ever meet. His appearance is forgotten moments after meeting him.


What is never forgotten is his magical skills, or lack thereof. Something always seems to go wrong when he casts a spell, but Ted keeps trying regardless, determined that one day he will succeed if he works and studies hard enough.

Ted is fundamentally Good. He will always try to help others, no matter the cost to himself. He is good natured, bookish, and patient.

Talents and Skills[]

While he has special difficulty with elemental magic, he is quite skilled at herbalism.


Born to a scatterbrained but hardworking cobbler and his clumsy but delightful wife in a small Ferelden village, Ted was a sweet and loving child. When his magic manifested as he attempted to warm the bath his mother was preparing (instead covering it in a layer of ice), the Templars were called and the next chapter of his life began.

Kinloch Circle[]

Ted was taken to the Circle when he was 7 and thrived on the rules there. During Uldred's coup, he accidentally got locked in a closet and was freed by the Warden.


Ted was present at the siege of Amaranthine and did his best to help. Using force magic, he attempted to push an awakened darkspawn away, instead pulling it closer to him. He screamed. The darkspawn screamed. It was a disaster all around.


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