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- Transfigurations 12:6

Esmé is known as Esmé the Benevolent, Herald of Andraste, Princess of Starkhaven, Defender of the Faith, and Salvation of Thedas. She is considered a living prophet by the faithful.

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Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

She is of average height, standing at 5'7". She has topaz brown skin, hazel eyes, and curly dark brown hair. The sunburst brand on her forehead is a distinctive feature that marks her as one of the Tranquil.

Personality Edit

Esmé's deep empathetic capacity, generosity and open-heartedness earn her the name Esmé the Benevolent.

She is exceedingly devout and places paramount importance in her faith in the Maker.

Talents and SkillsEdit

  • During her tenure at the circles, she was known to be skilled in staff design and creation. Although many people believe Tranquil lack creativity, Esmé's staffs were both functional and beautiful.
  • After she leaves the Inquisition to rule Starkhaven at her husband's side, she becomes a talented sculptor of religious works. She has a particular talent creating works of Andraste in a distinctly Anders style.
  • Esmé has a natural affinity for inferno magic. Her use of magic during battle has been described as shockingly brutal and annihilative, but there is no verifiable accounts that substantiate those claims. Most believe it little more than rumors spread to undermine her effectiveness as a religious symbol.


History Edit

It is believed that Esmé was born in 9:09, although nothing more is known about her family or origin as Esmé herself refused to ever speak of it.

She was sent to Kinloch Hold when her magic manifested around the age of eleven. Esmé wanted to practice spirit magic and went so far as to apprentice under Senior Enchanter Wynne, but she discovered her strong affinity for inferno magic that she was unable to match in other disciplines. Esmé never attempted her Harrowing. Instead, she voluntarily underwent the Rite of Tranquility in 9:24 at the age fifteen after receiving special dispensation from both Knight-Commander Greagoir and First Enchanter Irving.

In 9:29, Irving transferred her to the Starkhaven Circle where she resided until 9:31 when it was destroyed. Esmé was at the Starkhaven Chantry at the time and, with no home to return to, was transferred to Ostwick.

At the request of Ostwick's First Enchanter, Esmé accompanied the emissaries from the Ostwick Circle to the Conclave in 9:41 as a secretary.

The Inquisition Edit

When she survived the explosion and fell out of the Fade, Esmé's Tranquility had been reversed. For a time, Templars had to periodically drain her magic until she learned to control it again with Solas's help.

Esmé truly believed she was chosen by Andraste herself and fully accepted the name Herald of Andraste. She refused to take on the role of Inquisitor and Desmond Hawke accepted it in her stead. The pair of them led the Inquisition to become one of the most powerful independent organizations in all of Thedas.

Desmond helped facilitate the engagement of Esmé to Sebastian Vael, Prince of Starkhaven. Although the arrangement was originally intended to consolidate power with the Inquisition and bolster Chantry support for Starkhaven in the face of external threats, those close to the couple know that they'd found kindred spirits in one another and considered their union a love match.

Princess of Starkhaven Edit

Following the defeat of Corypheus, Esmé married Sebastian in a large state wedding in 9:43.

As Princess of Starkhaven, Esmé prioritized the rebuilding of the Starkhaven Circle and public programs for the impoverished people of the city. She earns a reputation for kindness and gentleness that has not been known in Starkhaven for many years.

The Vaels first child, Benedict, was born following the Exalted Council in 9:44. The Vaels second child, Ignatius, was born in 9:47. Ignatius inherited his mother's magic and was removed from the line of succession when he joined the rebuilt Starkhaven Circle. Elspeth, born in 9:50, was given to the Chantry at the age of eleven and eventually succeeded Victoria as Divine. She takes the name Clementine and leads the Chantry into a new age.

Relationships Edit

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Miscellaneous Edit

Approximately fifteen years after her death, Sister Juetta Maugarny, a Chantry chronicler, caught a glimpse of Our Lady of Penitence, a statue of Andraste that had been carved by Esmé herself. Juetta had never heard that Esmé was a sculptor and it was then that she realized there was much more to her story than the official Chantry narrative of the Herald of Andraste. Juetta chose to pursue the true story of Esmé.


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