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"A prince, therefore, being compelled knowingly to adopt the beast, ought to choose the fox and the lion; because the lion cannot defend himself against snares and the fox cannot defend himself against wolves. It is necessary to be a fox to discover the snares and a lion to terrify the wolves."
- Nicolo Machiavelli


Physical Appearance[]

Enansal is tall for an elf at 5'7". She has a toned build, and can pass for a slim human aside from her ears. She has dark brown curly hair, which she usually wears in a bun. Her skin is a warm medium-brown and is marked by a scar going from the right side of her jaw to the bridge of her nose. After stepping out of the Fade at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, her formerly brown eyes turned green. They got brighter when she entered the Fade again at Adamant. Her ears are large, even for an elf, and she has multiple ear piercings on each ear.

Clothing and Style[]

Color-wise, Enansal tends to lean towards golds, greens, reds, whites, and jewel tones. For her day-to-day wear, Enansal tries to balance comfort and style. She doesn't shy away from showing skin, often wearing sleeveless tops. She rarely wears dresses, preferring to stick to pants or capris. She has a particular fondness for capes.

In combat, she wears The Skin that Stalks in white with (early game) green or (late game through Trespasser) red accents. Post-Trespasser, she wears a similar style, but in darker colors.

In formal situations, she wears either a dark green dress with gold accents or a dark green version of the Inquisition's official uniform.


MBTI: ENTP (The Debater)

Enneagram: 1w9 so/sx (tritype 1w9/3w4/7w8)

Tarot: The Magician

Vice: Pride

Virtue: Diligence

Tropes: Pragmatic Hero, Badass Bookworm, Nay-Theist, Playing With Fire, Cultured Badass, Renaissance (Wo)man, Magic Knight, The Dragonslayer, Deadpan Snarker

At her best, Enansal is a tenacious, charming, intelligent, strategic, hardworking, cunning, and adventurous leader who is committed to making the world a better place for all. At her worst, Enansal is prideful, excessively self-doubting, quick to anger, manipulative, Machiavellian, and prone to overworking.

Talents and Skills[]

Enansal is a talented mage, especially in the area of combat magic. She uses the techniques of the Knight-Enchanters, though she does not consider herself officially one of them. She is good at defensive barrier spells as well as offensive spells. In battle she typically uses fire magic and her spirit blade, but will adapt her tactics as necessary. She has rudimentary healing magic abilities. Her deep understanding of magical theory allows her to use her magic in creative ways and synergize with her mage companions.

Enansal is also a skilled leader, and has a strong understanding of politics and strategy. She thinks through the implications of even her smallest decisions and is constantly trying to learn more about the world so that she can better influence it. Her goals of equality and freedom are noble, but she is willing to go to any ends (including not-so-noble ones) to achieve them. Her political talent makes her a great boon to those whose side she is on politically, but a terror to her enemies.





Main choices[]

In Hushed Whispers: Alliance with the mages.

Here Lies the Abyss: Stroud is left behind. Grey Wardens not exiled.

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts: Briala rules with Gaspard as a puppet.

What Pride Had Wrought: Allied with the Ancient Elves. Inquisitor drank from the well.

Divine Election: Steeled Leliana.

Trespasser: Inquisition Disbanded.


Post-Trespasser and the disbandment of the Inquisition, Enansal spends most of her time in the Free Marches, though her travels take her almost everywhere in Thedas. Her main activity is working against Solas, whether that be working with Dalish clans to keep them from joining him or trying to track his spy movements. She has more time than during the game for her hobbies, which include reading, physical training, spending time with friends, and magical experimentation. 




Enansal and Blackwall were on fairly good terms at the beginning. She usually took him out in the field for his skills in battle and synergy with her own fighting style. As the game goes on, Blackwall begins to grow wary of Enansal's willingness to carry out immoral actions in pursuit of her goals. He especially doesn't like it when she lets Celene die. However, she does enough good that he's willing to stay with the Inquisition, and while they are not close, they get along well enough.

After finding out about Blackwall's secret, Enansal is furious, throwing all manner of insults at him. Her anger doesn't stem from what he did, but what the incident will do to the Inquisition's reputation. Leaving him to die is not an option, as she needs him in battle. She considers making him lie and pretend to be a Warden, but knows that the truth will eventually come out if she does this, and ends up giving Blackwall to the Wardens.

After this, Enansal and Blackwall's relationship is strained: she dislikes him for making her risk her reputation and he dislikes her for her ruthlessness, but they also both believe that the other is capable of great good. They are never good friends, but every once in a while Enansal wonders how Blackwall is doing in the Wardens.


Enansal and Cassandra consider each other good friends and trusted confidants. While they have different political and religious stances, they both know that they can trust each other to offer honest opinions and advice. Enansal encouraged Cassandra to rebuild the Seekers, both because she genuinely trusts her to build up the Order as a force for good and to give her a project that would occupy her time too much to become Divine. Post-Trespasser, they don't interact often, but when they do catch up it's a full-day affair.


Enansal finds Cole fascinating on a theoretical level, and likes to ask him questions about his nature that get frustratingly vague answers. At Solas' urging, she helps him become more like a spirit, though sometimes she still wonders what it would've been like to make him more like a person. Cole admires Enansal's genuine commitment to making the world a better place for all, but doesn't like how she's sometimes willing to be cruel to get what she wants.


Enansal and Dorian met at Redcliffe, and they became fast friends as they navigated the bad future there. Once they returned to the present, they quickly bonded over their mutual interests in history and magical theory. During the situation with Dorian's father, Enansal told Dorian about the letter and encouraged him to reconcile with his father.

Enansal considers Dorian one of her closest friends. Whenever Enansal wants to try out some out-there magical technique, Dorian is the first one she goes to. They both want to make the world a better place and are working to do so, giving them a sense of shared purpose. After Trespasser, Dorian goes back to Tevinter, but he stays in touch with Enansal via a communication crystal. They talk frequently, usually about their respective political goals and interesting magical developments. They are also working to create their own version of the Eluvians - unsuccessfully, so far.

Iron Bull[]

Enansal and Bull got on well from the beginning, sharing interests in killing things and drinking. When an opportunity to ally with the Qunari came up, Enansal was intrigued but wary, as she had never liked the Qun's lack of freedom. When she arrived at the Storm Coast to secure the alliance, she began to see the entire mission as a way for the Qun to confirm Iron Bull's loyalty. In her mind, if what they really wanted was to test the Inquisition, why were they resting most of the mission on the known element of Iron Bull? Angry at the perceived attempt at manipulation, she chose to save the Chargers. In the immediate aftermath, Enansal regretted her rash decision, but was at least happy that Bull's loyalty was now firmly to her.

Enansal and Bull became even closer friends after he became Tal-Vashoth, frequently sparring and hanging out with each other. They also liked to fight dragons together whenever they could. She was always a bit unsettled by how easily he could read her, but appreciated how he could understand the things she left unspoken and respond in a way that helped.

After the events of the Trespasser, Enansal and Iron Bull began a romantic relationship. Wherever they go, they are never far from the other's side.


Enansal considers Sera like a little sister. They're close, and get into all sorts of fun mischief, but are also near-constantly at each other's throats. From the beginning, Enansal loved the idea of the Jennies and thought they could be powerful allies for the Inquisition. Enansal and Sera became close friends and loved joking and playing pranks together. In Verchiel, Enansal acquired Harmond's lands for the Inquisition.

Their relationship took a turn for the worse after the Temple of Mythal and Enansal's breakup with Solas. Enansal got sick of Sera's constant refusal to listen to reason, and being laughed at after the breakup was the last straw. Enansal herself was not blameless, throwing insults at Sera that she knew would sting. Their relationship wasn't restored until after Corypheus' defeat, when they apologized to each other and slowly but surely became close again.

Enansal sees Sera as a source of grounding and advice from the perspective of the common people, as well as a good friend and someone who happens to have incredible natural political instincts. Enansal becomes a Jenny after Inquisition, and while she doesn't spend all of her time doing it, she always looks forward to spending time with Sera.


Enansal initially found herself intrigued by Solas, as she is deeply curious and he seemed to know a lot about almost everything. While she outwardly rejected his comments about the Dalish, she secretly enjoyed his seeing her as special, a sentiment she had long secretly shared. While she flirted with almost all of her companions, she became more deeply interested in Solas and ended up kissing him in the Fade. A bit later, they started a real relationship.

Enansal and Solas' relationship was intense for the time it lasted. They had frequent discussions about everything from magic to history to philosophy. As someone who constantly doubted her own actions, Solas served as a useful sounding board who would provide honest feedback, whether it be criticism or praise, something she greatly valued. They often spent time together in the Fade, and he aided greatly in her exploration of the powers of the Anchor.

Soon after the Temple of Mythal, Solas took Enansal to Crestwood, where he removed her vallaslin after explaining its previous meaning as a slave marking and then broke up with her, citing a distraction from duty. Enansal responded angrily, demanding he tell her that he never cared about her. Because of her associations of Solas with sleep and the Fade, Enansal slept little in the months following the breakup. His leaving after Corypheus was killed made her realize that whatever he was up to, it didn't involve her, and she mostly got over him - though some anger and a hint of fondness still remained in her heart.

Enansal figured out that Solas was the Dread Wolf during Trespasser before meeting him, which impressed but did not surprise him. They met again and he explained who he was and what his motivations were. Despite her anger towards him, she softened, and they shared a kiss before she promised to take him down by any means necessary and he took her arm. Enansal disbanded the Inquisition so that her efforts against him would be less bogged down by spies and bureaucracy, and she now spends her time trying to track him down and counter his efforts to recruit elves across Thedas.

Solas and Enansal's relationship was not always healthy. They appealed to the other's pride, both putting the other on a pedestal as unique and special. They are similar people, and for better or worse, they understand each other better than anybody else could.


Before the events of the game, Enansal Lavellan read and was greatly inspired by Varric's Tale of the Champion. When she meets him, she is very excited to meet one of her favorite authors, much to Cassandra's chagrin. Enansal enjoys spending time with Varric, and frequently brings him along in the field, but holds him at a distance as a famous author that she looks up to. He, in turn, also enjoys her company but holds her at a distance as he sees her as the Herald of Andraste. Enansal admires Varric's ability to bring people together, and always attends his Wicked Grace nights.

Enansal is very grateful when Varric offers her a title in Kirkwall and an alliance with the elf-led city council of Wycome. Post-Trespasser, Enansal spends most of her time in the Free Marches, and plenty of it in Kirkwall. She and Varric grow closer, and they both come to value the other's friendship instead of keeping each other at a distance.


Enansal and Vivienne got off on a bad foot from the beginning due to their very different stances on mage politics. However, Enansal still helps Vivienne find the wyvern heart she needs, and Vivienne aids her when she's dealing with her clan's situation in Wycome. This leads to a form of mutual respect between the two as they come to recognize each other as effective political actors - but from the way they snark at each other, you'd never know it from the outside.



sets things on fire with her magic fire sword


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