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Embri "Embriana" Trevelyan is the daughter of the Herald of Andraste, Inquisitor Hudson Trevelyan, the supposed heir to the Trevelyan house, and mage.

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Embri was born in Wycome in 9:26 Dragon to Inquisitor Hudson Trevelyan, an apostate, and an elvhen mother.

When was Embri was around 5, her family was intercepted by Templars. Embri's grandparents were notified their missing son was apprehended. Hudson was given a chance: submit himself to the Ostwick Circle willingly and keep his head down and give up Embri to his parents to raise as their heir or risk his wife and daughter being turned out into the Alienage without financial support.

Hudson promised Embri to her grandparents with the assurance that she and his wife will be well taken care of. Her mother was denied access to her daughter until she died in grief around 9:37 Dragon.

Raised by her grandmother, Embri name was changed to Embriana Margaretta Trevelyan. As their only living grandchild, she was groomed to be their heir of the aging noble couple. Embri was denied her elf heritage and many details about her parents. Instead, she was raised a devout Andrastian and schooled in etiquette.

In-game Edit

After her father, Hudson, became Inquisitor, he petitioned his parents to relinquish custody of Embriana to him. After meeting with his mother and daughter again after 10 years, Embriana was allowed to remain at Skyhold. Eventually, it is discovered that she is a repressed mage as well.

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