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Embla Brosca (born 9:09 Dragon) was a former casteless dwarf of Orzammar and rogue of the Grey Wardens. She was the child of Kalah Brosca by her estranged husband Woden, the younger half-sister of Rica Brosca. Embla was a former noble hunter in her teens, but after miscarrying a dwarven warrior's daughter and nearly dying in the process, she became infertile and was forced to eke out an existence as a goon of Beraht.

(Her worldstate) After being caught disguising herself as a warrior to enter a Proving, Embla was conscripted into the Fereldan Grey Wardens. After surviving the slaying of the Archdemon, she was named the Fereldan Commander of the Grey in 9:31 Dragon and continues to hold the title to this day. As a Paragon, she is the founder and head of House Brosca, currently one of the largest houses in Orzammar, due to its willingness to accept casteless into their number. As well, she is aunt to Orzammar's future king, Prince Endrin Aeducan.

(Otherwise...) Embla was thrown into jail for her crime, and ultimately starved to death in her cell.

  • Additionally, in Aliena Surana's worldstate, Queen Rica Aeducan eventually named her daughter after her late sister.


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