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Eira Lavellan, leader of the Inquisition, is a Dalish Elf of Clan Lavellen in the Free Marches.


Physical Appearance[]

Eira stands at 5'6" with short, platinum blond hair usually tied back into a ponytail, as well as her piercing yellow eyes. Until 9:42 Dragon she wore a red vallaslin symbolizing Sylaise. It was removed via magic by Fen'Harel.


Eira can often be abrasive, stemming from her desire to leave the Inquisition and rejoin her clan. However, in the same way that she's a family oriented person who would do anything for her clan, she knows that only she can perform her duty and that it must be done to protect her new family, the Inquisition. Behind her "get to it" attitude, she's a kind and free spirited person, traits many attribute to her Dalish upbringing.

Talents and Skills[]

-Eira is a skilled hunter, acclimated to hunting in the lush forests of the Green Dales and the Minanter River Valley, all located in the northern Free Marches. -While her clan uses little of the Elven language due to their prolonged contact with Humans, Eira has picked up a decent understanding of the ancient Elven language through her avid study of Elven lore. -Shortly after becoming the Inquisitor, she trained in the assassin's art.



Eira was born into Clan Lavellan near Starkhaven in 9:18 Dragon. Her father is the Keeper's First, and her mother was one of the best Elven craftswomen in the Free marches, which gained them great recognition in Human cities that they traded with. When she was 14, a year after the Fifth Blight, her mother was killed when a roaming Darkspawn warband attacked their camp. At 18 when recieivng her vallaslin, she chose to honor the goddess Sylaise in remembrance of her mother.


Because of Clan Lavellan's abnormally large interest in human affairs and Eira being a relatively unknown member of the Clan to the traders of the Free Marches, she was sent to gather information on the Divine Conclave as a serving girl. She accidently interrupted Corypheus' plans and was bestowed the Anchor. She was proclaimed by many to be the "Herald of Andraste" after stopping the growth of The Breach, but she never officially accepted the name due to her non-belief of the Maker. She did not, however, deny the title as she saw the hope it brought the Andrastians she led. While initially at odds with them, was commended by the Chantry for her leashing of the rogue Templar Order, which she officially disbanded and absorbed into the Inquisition. She spent most of the war against Corypheus on the front lines, personally partaking in major battles. After the Western Approach campaign she banished the Grey Wardens from Orlais, causing much division among an already divided nobility. Empress Celene begrudgingly supported this to continue her facade of stability in the empire. Shortly after, Empress Celene was murdered and Grand Duke Gaspard took the thrown, becoming a staunch supporter of the Inquisition and to much surprise: a stable ruler. To the surprise of everyone, he granted Elves in Orlais much needed social and political mobility and refrained from beginning any wars as they feared he would. She dutifully and skillfully led the Inquisition for 3 years after the Divine Conclave until the Exalted Council of 9:44 Dragon. Wise beyond her years, many feared her and everyone respected her, ultimately leading to the downsizing and repurposing of the Inquisition from an independant paramilitary to the security force of The Chantry.


While still the nominal head of the Inquisition, she spends most of her time travelling and visiting her clan in a state of early retirement. She leaves most of her duties to the Divine and the new advisors who took over when her personal cabinet retired along side her.




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