Eddard Trevelyan (born 9:07) is the older brother of Catherine Trevelyan and was a notable member of the second Inquisiton.

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Physical Appearance Edit

Eddard has signature Trevelyan tanned skin and messy brown hair, as well as blue hazel eyes. He keeps a little scruff but doesn't grow out his facial hair.

Personality Edit

Eddard is pro mage freedom. He is extremely overprotective of his little sister and frequently embarrassed her in front of her friends.

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Biography Edit

Ostwick Edit

Eddard was taken to the circle at a young age. He frequently wrote letters home and disliked the tower. After surviving the conclave he joined the inquisition.

Inquisition Edit

Eddard helped the inquisition in places it needed to be helped;

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He is asexual

He dislikes nugs. "What? Their feet are creepy!"

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