"Logic tells me that there is no Maker, and yet, I still want to believe."

Ealhswith Trevelyan sometimes known as the Herald of Andraste, was the sole survivor of the explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes and leader of the reformed Inquisition. The youngest daughter of Bann Alfred Trevelyan and promised to the Chantry from a young age, her life was changed forever when her magical abilities manifested shortly before she was set to begin her training as a sister. Incredibly studious and curious to a fault, Ealhswith took well to her position in the Circle, thanks to both her own academic nature and her family's numerous connections. Despite her logical nature, she is a woman who is deeply conflicted about her faith, and what to believe about the circumstances that led to her emerging from the Fade.

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Lied about things but she likes him more than Blackwall. Academia buddies and someone she deeply respects.

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The BFF. didn't hook up with bull despite her attempts so I guess Torri exists in this universe.

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The mentor.

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Another BFF. And a pretty sweet Divine.

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Spirit Son.

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If only you were into femdom.

Blackwall Edit

Kinda hot until the end go fuck yourself asshole.

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The Bae.

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One of the BFFs.

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Really tight with the Hero of Ferelden.

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