Duncan Theirin (born 9:43 Dragon) is the second oldest child of Alistair Theirin and Faye Cousland.

Born after his mother's fruitful search for a cure against the Taint, he is a prince of Ferelden. He has an older twin sisiter, Amelia, and a younger sister, Rosewyn.

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Duncan is a young man standing at 1,79m/5'10". He wears his light blond hair in a short, cropped ponytail and has green eyes and pale skin just like his mother.

He has a strong nose, resembling his father's.

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Talents and SkillsEdit

  • Duncan is skilled in archery
  • he is very adept with horses and a talented rider

Biography Edit

During his youth, Duncan spent a lot of his time away from the court in Denerim, and instead lived in Amaranthine as an apprentice of his godfather Nathaniel, who trained him the skill of archery. It was nathaniel who gifted him his very first bow too.

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