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"I swear the only reason everyone knows my name is because I've threatened everyone at one point or another."

Drasia "Killer" Hawke (born 9:07 Dragon), also known as "The Champion of Kirkwall", is the eldest child of Leandra Amell and Malcom Hawke. Tutored by her father when her magic manifested, Drasia became an accomplished mage talented with electricity. After her hometown of Lothering was destroyed during the Fifth Blight, Drasia fled with her mother and twin siblings to the city of Kirkwall. She became well-known for her efforts to keep the peace in the city and ultimate decision to support the Templars at the onset of the mage rebellion.


Physical Appearance

Drasia stands about five feet ten inches tall, with sandy color skin and long black hair. Her eyes are naturally blue; however, they were tinted purple as a byproduct of her affinity with electricity magic. She has a pear-shaped figure with semi-defined muscles on her arms. There is a birthmark on her shoulder and a small scar on the back of her left leg from a childhood accident.


Abrasive is the one word that sums up Drasia, only speaking when she has something important to say and only in short sentences. Her direct approach to many situations makes her few friends, but she doesn't consider that a bad thing. After her father died, Drasia became much more withdrawn and antagonistic as a defense mechanism. By the time her hometown was destroyed, Drasia's words could inflict wounds as deep as her magic.

Talents and Skills

Drasia is gifted with magic, and has a natural affinity for the lightning element. Although she had her father teaching her in her youth, Drasia learned most of her other spells during her life in Kirkwall. She especially likes force magic, as it holds most of the defensive spells her father was unable to teach her. However, she does have a proficiency in close combat with the use of her staff as a melee weapon.



Born on the 28th day of Firstfall in the year 9:07 Dragon, Drasia is the eldest child of Leandra Amell and Malcolm Hawke. As a babe, she was carefully watched and spoiled as most parents do with their first-born. She quickly decided Malcolm was her favorite parent and would often be found clinging to him with the biggest smile a toddler could manage. At the age of four, she met her siblings, Carver and Bethany, and shared her room with them almost immediately. During this time, Drasia was pushed to the wayside while her parents had their hands full with the twins. She spent her days finding places to hide and counting how long it took before someone found her. Other times, Drasia wandered into the family garden and talked to the vegetables that grew there. It wasn't until she was eight years-old, and her magic manifested during a heat wave, that she received special attention again. Though it wasn't the same special attention, Drasia cherished every moment, every lecture she spent with her father while she learned the basics of controlling and hiding her magic. Occasionally, when there was no moon in the sky, her father would sneak them out to the fiver to practice freezing the water or calling down a bolt of lightning from the sky.

When the twins were seven and Drasia eleven, Bethany joined their special teaching sessions. These group outings allowed the sisters to grow closer and form a pact to never play pranks on the other. Their brother was still fair game, and sometimes the scoldings were worth it. These years were a time of peace in Drasia's life, and aside from her magic lessons, she grew up a relatively normal kid. She had a few friends amongst the other teenagers, although Drasia was always careful with her magic, and had many firsts under a large oak tree with a red-headed boy named Mathias, including her first heartbreak.

As soon as Drasia became an adult, her life began heading in a downward spiral. In 9:24 Dragon, Templars began to have an increased presence in Lothering, which halted her magical education. Instead, Malcolm taught her and Bethany how to spar using their staffs as spears as a last resort, although they were encouraged to leave their staffs at home whenever possible. One year later, Carver was recruited into the King's army, serving under lieutenant Jelvin. While this was great for Carver, the Hawke family was now without their main protector. Two years later, in 9:27 Dragon, Malcolm Hawke died from a pox and Drasia retreated inwards with grief. With her father dead, Drasia was handed down all of his responsibilities. Her mother hardly allowed her eldest time to grieve and Drasia grew bitter at her mother's continued favoritism towards Bethany and Carver.



Drasia Prologue.png

A weeks after the onset of the Fifth Blight, darkspawn were fast approaching the town of Lothering and forced the Hawke family to flee their home. While escaping, they encountered several groups of darkspawn and fought them off, encountering Aveline Vallen and her husband, Wesley. The two groups decided to travel together, both wary of the other. It wouldn't be long before an ogre charged into their group, grabbing Bethany and killing her. Although her death was an accident trying to protect her mother, Leandra blamed Drasia for not protecting her little sister. The group was eventually saved by Flemeth in the form of a dragon. In exchange for her help, Drasia was tasked with bringing an amulet to a clan of Dalish elves in the Free Marches. Before leaving, Aveline killed her husband out of mercy as he was succumbing to the darkspawn taint.

The group were able to secure passage to Kirkwall and arrived after several weeks at sea. Once they arrived in Kirkwall, the Hawke family was dismayed to find out that their family fortune, and high status, were gone. While Drasia wanted to travel further inland, she was outnumbered by the rest of her group. In order to buy their way into the city, Drasia and Carver became indentured servants to the mercenary group, The Red Iron, for a year.


After the year was up, Drasia and her brother learned of the dwarf Bartrand Tethras' expedition to the Deep Roads. Hoping for some steady work, Drasia tried to persuade the dwarf to let them join on, but were denied. It was shortly after this confrontation that the Hawke siblings became acquainted with Varric Tethras - who promised them a position on the expedition if they could come up with a bit of coin. Drasia was immediately wary, shouting

Drasia Hawke Act 1.png

that if she had coin, she wouldn't need this work. But that didn't deter the dwarf, who invited himself into her group, despite Drasia's protests. Drasia then traveled to the city barracks to talk with Aveline while she was working. Aveline, not having anything else to do, decided to follow Hawke around Kirkwall for the time being.

Drasia next follows Varric to a local bar known as The Hanged Man, where he informs her and Carver that the expedition needs to find a way into the Deep Roads, and one way to do that is to get maps from a Grey Warden rumored to be hiding amongst the Ferelden refugees in Kirkwall. Momentarily sunned, Drasia returns to her uncle's home in Lowtown that her family was sharing. She walked in on an argument between her mother and uncle and felt that Gamlen was hiding something about her grandparents' will after he sold the family estate to a group of slavers. Determined to right any personal injustice, Drasia and Carver agreed to sneak through the Amell Estate basement and take back the will. When they did, Drasia was unsurprised to discover that the entire family fortune was left to her mother, her, and her siblings. The Hawke siblings immediately returned home where another argument broke out. The fight further strained relations within the family and Drasia was left with a letter to her from Meeran, the leader of the mercenary group she had been indentured to, with one final job.

Drasia went to meet a dwarf named Anso, who asked her to retrieve some stolen merchandise in the alienage. He promised to pay well, and Drasia set off to retrieve the goods, angered that the house was empty. When she left, she was ambushed by another group of slavers and quickly took them down until she was stopped by the captain of the company. While he was interrogating her, a tall elf with white hair approached them, stopping and tearing out the heart from the captain's chest. This was her introduction to Fenris, an escaped slave from Tevinter. Although she was lied to, Drasia agreed to help him rid the world of more slavers. Although their first meeting was pleasant, Fenris became more defensive and hostile when he discovered she was a mage. Despite his hostility, Drasia still welcomed Fenris into the group.

Several days later, Varric got a lead on the Grey Warden he'd been trying to locate. The Warden was a mage who supposedly ran a clinic in Darktown. Drasia set off to the Lowtown clinic to see if she could gather any further information. There, it was confirmed that the Grey Warden was a healer in the slums of the city, and Drasia quickly tracked him down to his clinic. The mage gave his name as Anders, and agreed to give Drasia the maps in his possession in exchange for her help in rescuing another mage Anders was close to. Hesitant at first, Drasia agreed to help and met Anders at Kirkwall's Chantry that night.

Note: This table will be removed as events are written

Act Choices Made
Act 1 Turned mages over to Templars
Returned Saemus to Viscount
Ginnis died
Told truth about Ghyslain's wife's death
Didn't blackmail Ser Thrask
Sent Feynriel to the Circle
Defended Ketojan from the Qunari
Karras alive and well
Keran reinstated with Templars
Idunna killed
Solved mystery of missing miners
Killed Danzig
Keldar killed
Returned cargo to Martin
Act 2 Didn't kill Gascard
Discovered looter of Hubert's caravans
Didn't encounter Yevhen
Javaris died
Didn't side with Petrice
Didn't side with Varnell against the Qunari
Feynriel made Tranquil
Attacked raiders without guards
Killed Arishok
Act 3 Hawke offered to help Nuncio
Let Zevran go
Rescued Nathaniel
Handed conspirators to Meredith
Returned Emile to the Circle
Reunited Charade and Gamlen
Gave Keran to the Templars
Killed dragon at bone pit
Sided with Templars
Legacy DLC (Act 3) Sided with Larius
Found Malcolm's will




Drasia stayed in Kirkwall for several months to try and do damage control. Eventually, Drasia and Fenris were forced to flee Kirkwall due to growing tensions between the Champion and the citizens of the city. The duo moved north-west with no real goal in mind, earning coin as mercenaries dealing with slavers, rogue mage, and Templars.

In 9:41 Dragon, Drasia and Fenris decided to split up. Fenris would make his way towards Tevinter to continue dealing with magisters, slavers, and try and help free slaves. Drasia, on the other hand, would go to Skyhold, where the growing Inquisition held its base, to meet up with Loghain Mac Tir, her Warden contact, and assist with the rogue Grey Warden problem. They agreed to reunite as soon as possible and parted ways with a kiss.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Drasia made her way to Skyhold on Varric's request after the situation with the Grey Wardens became unstable and potentially volatile. She arrived only eight days later, and was promptly introduced to Inquisitor Nevan Trevelyan as well as her inner circle. Nevan recognized Cullen from Kirkwall and said hello, but otherwise she was quick to meet up with Loghain on the outskirts of Crestwood where he was hiding. Nevan met Drasia and Loghain in the cave a day later. Loghain informed both Nevan and Drasia of just how dire the situation with the Wardens was and Drasia agreed to head to the Western Approach with Loghain.

In the Western Approach, Drasia witnessed just how far gone the Wardens truly were, and began to think them foolish. After dealing with the brainwashed group, Nevan requested that Drasia and Loghain head with her to Adamant Fortress, where a portion of the Order were staying. Once there, Drasia helped fight off demons to help the Inquisition get a foothold in the fortress. As a dragon attacked the group, Drasia ran with Nevan to confront Erimond; however, in the fight, the dragon had fallen and taken the bridge the group was on with it. As they fell, Nevan opened a rift that the group fell through and Drasia found herself physically in the fade.

The fade, Drasia decided, was an awful place. She did not like how gravity seemed to go in eight different directions, she didn't like the hoards of demons, and she didn't like that the Wardens were responsible for her being here. Still, she held her tongue as best she could and fought with Nevan against the demons until they reached a rift that Nevan thought would return them to the physical world. Before going through, the group had to battle the fear demon that ruled over this section of the fade. Drasia helped initially, but found herself stuck and unable to help later in the fight. Eventually though, Nevan was able to weaken the monster to the point the group could make a dash for the rift. While running though, the demon returned and blocked the path for Drasia, Nevan, and Loghain. Drasia, knowing that the Wardens were now leaderless, volunteered to stay behind; however, Loghain also volunteered as a form of penance for all that he and his Order had done wrong. Neither Drasia nor Loghain would give in, and eventually Nevan grabbed Drasia and told Loghain to buy them as much time as he could. Drasia ran and jumped through the rift back to the physical world.

Although Drasia was glad to be alive, she was still apprehensive of leaving the Wardens leaderless. She told Nevan she would travel to Weisshaupt to inform the First Warden of the events involving the Ferelden Wardens. Drasia bid Nevan goodbye and left for her new destination.


Note: These tables will be removed as relationships are written.


Character Approval Rating Events
Leandra and Malcolm Hawke N/A Hawke greatly mourned her father's death
Hawke argued with Leandra over family troubles
Hawke did not mourn her mother's death



Growing up, Bethany was Drasia's favorite sibling. The fact that they both ended up developing magic only made them closer, and they had their own special pranks against either Carver or the local boys. Drasia grew protective of Bethany, and after Malcolm died, she took it upon herself to continue Bethany's magic education. Drasia took Bethany's death hard, often blaming herself for failing to protect her. She often fondly talked about her little sister to her companions.


Carver and Drasia do not get along well. Seeing himself as nothing more than his sister's shadow, Carver grew resentful of the attention Drasia received growing up and the continued attention and praise she garnered in Kirkwall. For her part, Drasia never made any overt attempts at friendship with her brother, and the two seemed content in a constant sibling rivalry.

Carver was able to somewhat smooth over the squabble with Drasia after he joined the Grey Wardens in 9:34 Dragon. Being allowed to make his own path mellowed him out a little and he couldn't lie and say he didn't miss Drasia after years of searching for and fighting Darkspawn. The two were unable to reconnect until 9:37 Dragon, and have since kept in regular contact with each other.


Physically, Anaiah is almost an exact copy of her mother, but that's where the similarities end. Anaiah is a quiet, yet playful child and constantly keeps Drasia on her toes. Something Drasia promised herself was to always listen to her children and never make them feel unwanted like Leandra made Drasia feel. Anaiah is everything to her, and Drasia would give her life without a second thought if it meant her daughter was safe.

Still, they have their fights. Drasia will set rules and Anaiah will inevitably push against them. At the end of the day though, she loves her little girl.


Character Approval Rating Events
Aveline Vallen Friend (70) Aveline stayed with Hawke
Aveline married Donnic
Isabela Friend (80) Recruited Isabela
Isabela returned to Hawke
Hawke didn't give Isabela to the Arishok
Merrill Rival (-100) Merrill destroyed eluvian
Merrill's clan killed
Sebastian Vael Rival (-95) Recruited Sebastian
Sebastian urged to reclaim throne
Varric Tethras Rival (-100) Bartrand killed
Helped Varric discover cause of haunting
Varric did not keep the Lyrium Idol


Initially, Drasia had a respect for Anders. He was a Grey Warden and a Healer. Selfless to a fault, it seemed. They became fast friends despite some contradictory opinions on the Circle. They also seemed to share the same sense of humor, with Drasia only expressing hers more violently. When Anders revealed his attraction towards her, Drasia politely declined and insisted they remain friends.

As time went on and Anders became more and more isolated, Drasia stopped intentionally seeking him out unless she had a medical concern or needed him on a mission. She still considered him a friend, if only one that had drifted apart some, and Drasia still trusted him with her life. When Anders came to her with his plan, Drasia agreed almost instantly, hoping this would bring Anders back to some sort of normal. It only made his actions all the more heartbreaking when the Chantry exploded. Ultimately, Drasia executed Anders and resolved to never speak of him again.



Fenris and Drasia immediately got off to a bad start when he noticed her use of magic. Although overall they shared sympathy with the Templars, Drasia's decision to look at each situation individually often contradicted Fenris' blanket view on mages. Despite their disagreements, Drasia would be a fool to say she wasn't attracted to the elf and she wasn't sure how to approach him. During their first few years of knowing each other, they danced around each other awkwardly whenever they weren't out solving someone else's problem. The two would flirt almost as often as they would bicker, with Drasia becoming more forward as time went on.

Fenris and Drasia's romantic relationship also got off to a rocky start due to Fenris' past trauma, and it took several years for them to work through it. When they did, they became devoted to each other. Drasia is not shy about showing her affections, even while the two were separated from 9:41 - 9:44 Dragon, she often wrote letters to Fenris with loving notes attached.





Other OC Protagonists

Character Overall Relationship
Fen'virna Mahariel Fen'virna and Drasia do not get along
Drasia killed Fen'virna's clan
Nevan Trevelyan Drasia and Nevan get along fine
Nevan did not let Drasia stay behind in the Fade
Nevan is the only thing preventing Fen'virna and Drasia from killing each other




  • Drasia's middle name is Cirus.
  • Her leitmotif is "Death of Me" by Daughtry.
  • Drasia's MBTI type is INTP.
  • The scar from her "childhood accident" was actually a result of Carver stabbing her with a small dagger. Drasia calmly walked to Malcolm with the dagger still stuck in her ankle, and refused to tell him exactly how it got stuck in her leg.
  • When she was little, Drasia would sit with her legs folded under her. She still does this as an adult occasionally and everyone wonders how she could possibly be comfortable sitting like that.
  • Drasia hates jams of all flavors.
  • Enmity Era: Nevan actually slapped Drasia when she suggested sacrificing herself in the fade. This was to knock sense into her and Drasia holds this as one of her lowest moments for believing her daughter would be okay without her. She hasn't told anyone else about this an neither has Nevan.


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