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Welcome to the Dragon Age OC Emporium Wiki! The Dragon Age OC Emporium is a virtual space dedicated to all of your beautiful OCs! If you've written extensively about your characters, be they protagonists or side characters, this is the place to consolidate all of that information and share it with others.

If you have questions, thoughts for improvement, or just want to talk about your OCs, come to the OC Emporium's Discord Server!

We also host two writing threads on Reddit every week, Head Canon Tuesdays and Writing Prompt Saturdays. The Tuesday thread is volunteer run and Saturday is run by the wonderful /u/AshLyn32.


We can't hide spoilers on this wiki, so reading anything on it is AT YOUR OWN RISK. Assume that you might find spoilers from pretty much everything Dragon Age related. Please, when creating OC pages for protagonists or non-protagonists, keep ALL STORY SPOILERS within the Biography subsection of the template. DO NOT post spoilers in your character summary.

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