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Dimitria Lauressa Hawke is the Champion of Kirkwall and ambassador to Viscount Varric Tethras as of 9:43 Dragon. Dimitria is the retainer of the Amell-Hawke Estate and holdings.

Dimitria was born to unknown origins, reportedly in Orlais. Some time in 9:14 Dragon, Dimitria is apprenticed under a dwarf Warrior, Gegrin, who is specialized as a Berserker. Gegrin trains Dimitria and uses her as bait in cons until his death in 9:18 Dragon. Discovered by a Grey Warden named Duncan, Dimitria is taken to Lothering at the age fourteen. Malcolm Hawke and his wife, Leandra, adopt the girl as their own.

In 9:28 Dragon, Dimitiria joins the Ferelden army with her adoptive brother, Carver.

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Smart-mouth. Plays most things off as a joke. She is more ruthless than she likes to admit. Although, she usually expresses it only in battle. She has an issue with her temper at emotionally testing times.

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From the age of ten, Dimitria was under the apprenticeship of a Dwarven Berserker, She was taken under the apprenticeship of a Dwarven Berserker, a defected Grey Warden.

Duncan discovers her at age 14 after she murdered her master. Duncan sets her up with a family in Lothering. Dimitria is adopted by the Hawkes.

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Fenris and Dimitria: It seems like an unlikely bond. They conflict sometimes over Dimitria’s positive view on mages, although understands Fenris’ issue. She empathizes with Fenris and his slavehood due to her abusive apprenticeship under the dwarven Berserker. For that, they can rely on each other quite easily. Fenris will let Dimitria cuddle up to him and embrace her when she has bouts of memories of trauma resurface. As well, they train together. Push each other to be better fighters.

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