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Dhavihal Lavellan was the leader of the second inquisition

Overview Edit

Physical Appearance Edit

Dhavihal has dark skin and hair, yellow vallaslin, (ghilan'nain) and purple eyes. He is rather petite, standing at about 5'1" and weighing about 95 pounds.

Personality Edit

Dhavihal tends to rush into things before thinking them through. He believes everyone should be free and should have equal rights.

Talents and SkillsEdit

Dhavihal is good at archery and sassing people. He can also play the lute.


History Edit

Dhavihal was trained as a hunter from the time he was ten.

In-game Edit

Allied with the mages. Celene and Briala reconciled Inquisitor drank from the well Leliana became divine Inquisition disbanded

Post-game Edit

Here's what happened after the events of said game, brosef.

Relationships Edit

Dhavihal romanced Dorian, and was close friends with (despite their differences) Cassandra, Vivienne, Josephine, and Cole. Because of their differing beliefs, he often butted heads with Cassandra, and even more so with Vivienne. Josephine helped him through Halamshiral, and they became good friends afterwards. Cole freaked Dhavihal out at first but now he is his smol spirit son. He dislikes Iron Bull, Sera, and Blackwall. Iron Bull's just a little too much for him, Sera's blatant disrespect of the Elvhen Dalish culture pisses him off, and Blackwall is "A whiny, fake meat shield," (Lavellan, 9:41 Dragon).

Miscellaneous Edit

His name means "kissed by the halla"

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