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Devyn Lea Hawke was born in Westhill, Ferelden at the end of 9:05 Dragon almost on the heels of Wintermarch of the following year. From the moment she entered the world, Thedas knew she was going to be a whirlwind. 

She took to the Rogue arts quickly and found her stride with a pair of axes and a thirst for adventure. By the time the Blight reached Lothering and they fled to Kirkwall, Devyn was already a force to be reckoned with an attitude to match. Despite not being a mage herself, she has great respect for magic, as it runs through her family, and she has sworn to defend Bethany and those like her from any who would seek to do them harm.  

She arrived in Kirkwall with the intent on making her mark and did not expect to collect a gaggle of misfits that became like family. Nor did she imagine she would find love - especially from a prickly porcupine in elf form. 

All snark and rough edges behind a pretty face, Devyn takes no guff from anyone and moves to the beat of her own drum.


Physical Appearance[]


As a rough and tumble sort of gal who lived life on a farm, she is quite athletic. Devyn stands approximately 5'9" and 160lbs with a solid and strong figure, though not without some softness and shapeliness, however. Like the Amell clan from which she hails, Devyn is a fair-skinned beauty with a healthy smattering of freckles across her face, sharp turquoise eyes and thick brown hair with a natural wave not unlike a young Leandra.


Very much her own person, Devyn has a strong sense of individualism and follows her own wiles rather than anyone's direction, which has earned her the nickname "rebel" by Varric. Stubborn, somewhat prideful and wild, she is a storm of a woman who pulls no punches, finds it easy to be blunt and honest with her opinions and tell it like it is. Devyn is prone to aggression, but aggression marked by passion and snark rather than anger.

“She's always been like this, half demon, half void I tell you.” -Carver to Bethany after she threatened a boy for breaking her sister's heart.

Talents and Skills[]

Dual Wielding - While she experimented lightly with the bow, Devyn quickly found her stride in the art of dual-wielding weapons. Specifically, in her case, a pair of axes or hatchets. Devyn is ambidextrous and more than skilled in the use of both hands equally, so it was really only natural she gravitated toward such a talent. She is capable of quick strikes, blocking, and feinting with her weapons, among other things.

Lockpicking - From a very young age, Devyn was known to take it upon herself to get into everywhere and everything. To her, a lock was only a suggestion and never a deterrent. While it took a few years for her to perfect the actual art of lockpicking, she was never one to

Poison Making - Growing up with two mages under the same roof (her father and sister) that meant there was no shortage of various potions and politics, vials of various concoctions that she could use to whip up something nasty. All it took was a little bit of experimenting and some loving guidance from her father (he had been a mercenary at one point after all) to get the hang of things.

Dirty fighting - Devyn does not play fair. And why would she when there are people she has to protect with her life. There are no rules in self-defense after all. She will use whatever advantage she can in order to get ahead of her enemies and taken them down quickly and effectively. Whether it's below the belt or other underhanded tactics, nothing is off the table for Devyn when she is fighting for keeps.

Hunting - As farmers, living off the land and on the edge of a village to avoid much attention, it often meant hunting for their own food. Devyn enjoyed the opportunities to bond with her brother and father as well but it was a good way to hone her skills with regard to stealth and speed.



What all is there to say? Devyn was born on the 20th Haring, 9:05 Dragon during a fairly bitter winter and shortly before a snowstorm swept Westhill that ended up covering most of the village in which her parents lived. They had little choice but to hunker down with what provisions they had for a solid week and then some, before Malcolm and his fellow villagers made the effort to try and unbury themselves, since no outside aid was in sight.


Act 1[]

Quests Outcome
The Destruction of Lothering Pressured Aveline to handle Wesley. Joined up with Mereen and the mercenaries to gain entry into Kirkwall. Also intimidated Cavril into paying his debt.
The Unbidden Rescue Returned Seamus Dumar safely back to the Viscount. Ginnis Winter was killed in the confrontation.
Enemies Among Us Idunna was killed. Keran was rescued and then reinstated.
Act of Mercy Killed Ser Karras and his group of Templars so the Starkhaven mages could escape.
Wayward Son Sent Feynriel to the Dalish. Danzig was killed.
Shepherding Wolves Almost didn't help Petrice with Ketojan. Did get him out of the city. Fought the other Qunari.
Mine Massacre Killed the mature dragon, convinced the workers to go back to the mine. Gave Hubert an earful later.
Friends in Low Places Told Dougal where he could shove his coin and to get gone.
The Deep Roads Expedition Brought Anders but Bethany was left home. She was taken to the Circle. Punched the rock wraith.
Side Quests Told Ghyslain he was a shitty husband and did not help him. Did not blackmail Ser Thrask with his daughter’s secret. Tracked down the illegal cargo for Martin. Kelder was killed.

Act 2[]

Quests Outcome
Blackpowder Courtesy Did not kill Javaris (but she sure wanted to).
Offered and Lost Did not side with Varnell or Sister Petrice. Varnell was killed in the fight.
Following the Qun Didn't agree to help Petrice (did threaten to put an axe in her face!)
Prime Suspect Took Emeric seriously, agreed to help. Killed Gascard for being a squirrelly bastard.
Night Terrors Went into the Fade, did not have a good time but saved Feynriel.
Demands of the Qun Totally didn't earn the Arishok's respect. Didn't give Isabela to him, and killed him in the onslaught.
Side Quests Took care of the raiders on the cliff without the guard. Helped Aveline court Donnic. Brekker was caught and killed for raiding Hubert's caravans. Spared Sabin.

Act 3[]

Quests Outcome
Showdown Sided with Orsino and the mages
On the Loose Did not turn Emile back into the Circle
Best Served Cold Fenris abducted, lashed out at Keran, turned conspirators into Orsino
The Last Straw Fought back against Meredith and her templars. Did not kill Anders and approved of his actions with the Chantry.




Despite her brash and bold personality, Devyn isn't that difficult to get along with. Here is a general breakdown of her relationships with her family and friends.


Malcolm and Leandra: Devyn not only strongly resembles a young Leandra, but developed much of her personality as a young and spirited noblewoman. And though Devyn was always off running around with Carver and their father, she absolutely made time to spend with her mother. They were close, perhaps even the closest at times though she and Bethany did have a special bond as sisters. She deeply respected her father for his devotion to the family and cherished her mother's nurturing and gentler manner. Though her father's passing was hard, and she did mourn for his loss, her mother's death later during her tenure in Kirkwall, was the more difficult of the two. To this day, she quietly mourns on the anniversaries of their departure from the world and makes trips back to Ferelden semi-annually to pay respects, as she dedicated a small plot of land to her dearly departed family.

Carver: The two of them were fiercely competitive growing up, always trying to outdo the other but there was no lack of love. Despite knowing Carver could very well look after himself, Devyn had always made a point to try and protect her little brother, especially after their father died. His untimely death at the hands of the ogre was heart wrenching, and she mourns him deeply to this day.

Bethany: Devyn adores her younger sister and feels even more fiercely protective of her than she ever had Carver, more so when she came into her magic. Though they could not be more different most of the time, they developed a close relationship that only sisters could. It wasn't the same bond alike he one between the twins themselves, but it was loving and happy. She adores Bethany's more subdued manner and contrasts sharply to her sister's sweetness. Devyn was furious when Bethany was carted off to Kirkwall's circle and feared for her safety every time she heard of the goings on within the Gallows.


Fenris: It took some stumbling around in the dark for Devyn to realize her true feelings for the elf, as someone who (much like Isabela) was not looking for a long term commitment. She became enamored by him but it took her a while and time spent with others (Isabela and Merrill, namely) to realize it. Some weeks following Danarius' death, they reconciled their respective feelings for each other. Their relationship was founded on their solid foundation of friendship and based around mutual growth and exploration.


Anders: Despite her budding relationship with Fenris, whos views on mages were often sour and very much in direct opposition to those held by Anders and her sister, the two of them became dear friends. She found him to be just another addition to her strange found family and someone who she felt she could rely on to help her and the rest of their companions when they needed it. Many times, both Bethany and herself saw glimpses of their father within the healer-apostate which further endeared him to Devyn especially, who greatly missed the man every day he was not with them. Despite his flaws, she felt fiercely protective of him as a friend and had all but adopted the older man as part of the family by the end. She had no love lost for the Chantry nor Meredith and Elthina so his actions were not seen as anything more than a desperate attempt to change the world the only way he knew anyone would pay attention to. She aided his flee from Kirkwall after all was said and done, sending him with plenty of coin and a way to contact her should he find himself in any trouble.

Aveline: At first, it seemed like the warrior would be a steadfast and helpful friend to have, even in spite of her Templar husband looming behind them. She even felt some shred of sympathy for the woman after Wesley contracted the Blight sickness and had to be mercy killed. They shared common ground as two displaced Fereldans fleeing their home to escape the Blight but over time, that ground seemed to wash away from beneath them. Devyn was never fond of authority, and her rebellious, willful nature saw frequent arguments between the two of them. Despite this, Devyn still agreed to help Aveline with courting the Guardsman Donnic. They may not have been the best or closest of friends, but she still held a sliver of respect for the woman if nothing else and felt like even she deserved happiness in her life after what happened to Wesley and their home.

Varric: She liked the dwarf, he had a good sense of humor, a silver tongue and he seemed to genuinely care about her and her family. About everyone, honestly. Varric was always good company and was never short on stories or advice when she needed it, even if she was bad about truly opening up. He was and still is a reliable friend, someone she writes to often to keep him up to date on what's happening in her life. If there was anyone in Kirkwall she trusted the most, next to Fenris or her sister, it was him.

Merrill: Once she got past the initial wariness of Merrill being a blood mage, she found herself rather charmed by the elf's sweet personality and her lovely green eyes. She thought that Merrill's self-exile was brave, even if Devyn was not fond of the way Marethari and the rest treated her when they would visit Sundermount. Merrill was not only sweet, but clever and surprisingly witty when given the opportunity to show it off. It was clear she was hiding a brilliance behind her naivety about human cultures and living in a city like Kirkwall, which Devyn picked up on quickly. She found the elf attractive and considered the possibility of something more than just a physical desire but there was simply a disconnect she could not shake and they chose not to pursue anything more serious. However, despite this they remained good friends and still flirted on occasion.

Isabela: Two peas in a proverbial pod. These two got along far too well from the very start and the flirting and playful banter began almost immediately. As a couple of roguish women, it was no surprise that they hit it off so well. (WIP)

Sebastian: Who? No, but really, she barely bothered with the guy. She cut down the Flint Company only because they were a nuisance and she doesn't tolerate the wholesale murder of a man's family. She turned in the bounty and collected her reward but when he tried to invite himself into her life, she pushed back quite adamantly. He seemed like a decent enough sort, but his deep associations with the Chantry made her rather (as well as Anders and Bethany) quite uncomfortable. Devyn chose to keep the man at arms length as best as she could but certainly saw him around the city. Much like with the Flint Company, she only saw fit to aid Sebastian in dealing with the Harriman family simply because she agreed that what happened to his was terrible and had no problem doling out justice to the responsible party. Beyond that, she didn't like to associate too closely with him, and was more than ready to


Changed Worldstate details. HoF is now: Laerke Cousland but Inquisitor is now Anzo Cadash.


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