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"Maker, though I am but one, I have called in Your Name"

Desmond Aristide Amell Hawke is the eldest son of Malcom Hawke and Lady Leandra Amell Hawke of Kirkwall. He eventually becomes known as the Champion of Kirkwall for his defeat of the invading Qunari Arishok during the First Battle of Kirkwal. He later is named Inquisitor of the Second Inquisition.

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Physical Appearance[]

Des looks distinctly Free Marcher with medium brown skin, dark brown eyes, and brown hair. He stands approximately six feet tall and has an athletic build.


Des is diplomatic and kind. He is slow to anger and always gives the benefit of doubt. His kindness is often taken advantage of by less scrupulous individuals, but Des holds himself to a higher moral standard than he holds others. He's both an idealist and romantic. He'd love nothing more than to fall in love and start a family of his own.

Family is of utmost importance to him. He would do anything in his power, and often does, to protect or help those that he loves. He includes his close friends and companions to be a part of his family.

Des is a devout Andrastian and a staunch believer in the Maker. Despite the Maker's silence, he believes that the Maker is a god of kindness and love. He believes that magic was made to serve man and the Chantry's institutions were designed to protect mages from themselves.

Talents and Skills[]

Des is an average warrior.



Desmond Hawke was born in 9:06 Dragon in Ferelden. He bears the name of his grandfather, Aristide Amell, as his middle name.

In an attempt to protect his apostate relatives, Des joins and trains as a Templar at the Chantry in Lothering.

Dragon Age 2[]

When he flees Lothering with his family, he abandons the Order. Both Bethany and Carver survive the journey to the Free Marches.

Upon arrival in Kirkwall, he presents himself to a Templar outside the gates , but he don't believe that Des was a Templar and refuses to pass on the message. Desperate to get into the city, he speaks to Gamlen's associates. Athenriel promises him lyrium if he works for her, so he obtains lyrium in exchange for smuggling goods.

Once into the city, Des presents himself to Grand Cleric Elthina. As he'd been assigned to the Chantry in Lothering, not a Circle, Elthina allows him to continue his Templar duties directly for the Chantry instead of reporting to Knight-Commander Meredith at the Gallows.

Des is determined to restore his family's place of prominence in the city for his mother. He leaves both Bethany and Carver behind when he goes into the Deep Roads. Bethany turns herself in to the Templars to allow Carver to get a position as a Templar under Meredith.

After Anders destroys the Chantry, Des sides with the mages because he can't accept the nullification of the entire Circle. He allows Sebastian to kill Anders. After he defeats Meredith, he flees Kirkwall and spends most of his time assisting Sebastian with retaking Starkhaven.

Des pities Samson when they meet and smuggles him lyrium from time to time. In repayment for Des's kindness, Samson offers him red lyrium, but Des declines, having already decided that he wants the barest amount of lyrium necessary to stay alive and sane.


He arrives at Haven about the time the mages were conscripted by the Herald of Andraste, Esmé. Carver had sent him a message about Bethany, who'd been with the rebel mages at Redcliffe.

He arrives in time for the attack on Haven and assists Esmé with Corypheus. 

When they arrive in Skyhold, Esmé refuses the mantle of Inquisitor, so Desmond accepts it in her stead.

Cullen ultimately convinces Des to stop using lyrium entirely.


After Cassandra is named Divine Victoria, Des joins her in Val Royeaux as her Right Hand.



  • Bethany: They have a strong relationship. Des would do anything for Bethany, including join the Templars in order to protect her.
  • Carver: Although Des and Carver didn't always get along, their relationship improved exponentially when Des supported Carver going into the Templar Order as he himself had previously.
  • Leandra: Des adores his mother and they have a wonderful relationship.

Dragon Age 2[]

  • Anders:
  • Aveline:
  • Elthina: Similar to Sebastian, Des has a high level of respect for Elthina and values her insight. Elthina was one of the few people who believed in Des when he arrived in Kirkwall, After Leandra's death, Elthina supports him through his grief.
  • Fenris:
  • Isabela: Des has an on and off relationship with Isabela after they return from the deep roads expedition until shortly before he joins the Inquisition in 9:41.
  • Merrill: Des thinks Merrill is sweet, if misguided, and refuses to assist her with the Eluvian. They start a romantic relationship at one point, but he couldn't handle Merrill's intensity and ended it.
  • Sebastian: Seb and Des become fast friends given their commitment to the Chantry and faith in the Maker.
  • Varric:


  • Bethany
  • Blackwall
  • Bull
  • Carver
  • Cassandra
  • Cole
  • Cullen
  • Dorian
  • Josephine
  • Leliana
  • Sera
  • Solas
  • Varric
  • Vivienne


In Tale of the Champion, Varric forgot to include any mention of Carver Hawke once they arrived in Kirkwall. When his editor asked why there was no mention of Des's younger brother, Varric added a scene at the beginning where Carver died as it was easier than revising the entire manuscript. As such, Carver Hawke is often believed to be dead by the majority of Thedas and many people don't associate Ser Carver, the Knight-Templar, with Carver Hawke.


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