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The Bloody Dales[]

Ea'lin Surana []

Garett Hawke[]

Teodora "Thea" Trevelyan[]

In The Light of the Maker[]

"Loyal Andrastians who carried out their duties with honor." 

Fenella Cousland[]

Carolyne Hawke []

Wesley "Wes" Trevelyan []

Last of the Elvhenan[]

"Individuals, elf and human born alike, who acted as sympathetics to the plight of all elves."

Fenrie Mahariel  []

Dimitira Hawke []

Halesta Lavellen  []

League of Extraordinary Magi[]

==="A long line of mages, distinguished by their heroic acts."  ===

Fausten Amell []

Dov Hawke []

Hudson Trevelyan []

Embriana Trevelyan[]

Fond Women[]

"Women who stood out for their tenderness, whether it was obvious or not." 

Monta Aeducan  []

=== Marian Hawke===

Saphira Cadash []

Magarit Cadash   []

Universe Plot[]

What form does the story of this AU take, or what are the main story differences between it and the BioWare canon? Use sub-heading 2 to break up plot points.

Plot Point 1[]

Describe plot point 1

Plot Point 2[]

Describe plot point 2


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