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Darrian Tabris is a rogue and the Hero of Ferelden,


Physical Appearance[]

He is a tan young man, his hair is long & brown and kept in a ponytail to keep it out the of the way.

He is often wearing a cloak that covers up most of him and allows him to blend in better as just a rogue and not the well known hero.


Darrian is a thoughtful person, often being a bit stuck in his own head it can take him awhile of thought to act or speak something that has been on his mind, he also has a hard time getting across what is going on in his mind & tends to not express what he is thinking or feeling.

He is kind-hearted, he wants to help & protect those weaker than him and wishes to be there for people. During the Blight he'd help everyone he could. He is someone that is very selfless and had a very hard time with doing things for himself as he is almost always thinking of a greater good, so a good example is pushing Alistair to be king even though that put stain on their relationship, Alistair was the only person he trusted to keep his word and rule well so he was fine with Alistair resenting him.

All of the above leaves Darrian rather drained he has a bitter side to him that is vengeful, once you've angered him he is unlikely to forgive & forget as Loghain found out the hard way, this comes from when he was young & hearing all the things that humans have got away with doing to the elves, it made the young man angry, especially that humans got away with taking away his mother from their family. This does carry over into things that aren't as life or death, such as Alistair pushing Darrian to led when things went wrong at Ostagar, Darrian did still care lots about him but also did feel bitter which made it easier to push Alistair to be king despite Alistair wishing to stay a grey warden.

Darrian doesn't have much in the ways of self worth, he doesn't feel that he alone has worth & only does when he is doing something for someone else; being a good child, being a new grey warden, being the leader of a group stopping the blight, being a commander, being the one looking for the cure. Without those things he won't feel like he has worth, it is what others apply to him that he sees as what he should be proud of. It was something he was working on with Zevran's help but even now it's something Darrian suffers from.

Most importantly to Darrian's character is that he is very caring, he is deeply loyal to his friends and loved ones, even to this day he'd lay his life down for any of his team. He did the best he could to set up his friends to be doing well after the Blight & did what he could to make sure they'd be happy with or without him. This care is why he's left his friends behind, he wants to be able to save Alistair & all the other grey wardens from the calling & hopes that perhaps that once he has cured the calling he'll be able to just settle down & live a more simple life with those he cares for.

Talents and Skills[]

  • Stealth:
  • Parkour:
  • Crossbow:
  • Knives:
  • Assassin Skills:
  • Shadow Skills:
  • Leadership:



When Darrian was born & for awhile of his early life he was thought to be a girl, this later make finding him a match harder as his father wanted him to not feel singled out by being married to a Elvin man so trying to find a young women who was like Darrian in this aspect.

Darrian's earliest memories are vague but important to him as it was when he was being trained by his mother in the art of being a rogue, he often wishes that these memories were clearer, but just the vague feeling of knowing it was her hand that helped him first learn to hold a knife & crossbow.

It was when he was 11ish that he came out as trans, his family was supportive though didn't fully understand it. This also when Darrian started his hobby of exploring parts of the alienage, normally the more out the way & hard to places.

As a teen he wasn't really happy about his in-coming marriage to someone he hadn't picked himself, but he thought of it as his duty & what he owed to his family, so he didn't outwardly complain to anyone.



He saved his cousin & co, killing every single of Vaughan's men along the way.


He helped out where he could, & it was here he met Alistair, who though time he'd become very very loyal to. He thought that would be ahead would be hard but that with good leadership & someone who wasn't giving him orders but was more used to being a warden that he'd be alright.


Darrian hadn't ever been so stressed out before, Morrigan & Alistair had been fighting the whole way there, he & Alistair were the only wardens left & Alistair wanted Darrian to led, which honestly Darrian was bitter about as he was still dealing with the grief of his whole life being uprooted let alone the deaths of everyone he was just starting to trust at Ostagar. But he didn't share this anger at being made the leader, instead he got to work trying to get together whatever money he could & gaining Leliana & Sten as members of the team.

Brecilian Forest

Darrian went here first hoping that perhaps the elfs would quickly agree to help, only to find that they were dealing with their own problems and weren't quite as he hoped they'd be like. He was able to end things peacefully.

Circle Tower

He went here next hoping that maybe some of the people who had been at Ostagar would be able to help clear his & Alistair's names, only to yet again be met by the fact that those that he hoped would help needed help themselfs. He sided with the mages & had Wynne join the team.

Zevran Attacks!

While trying to finally get to Redcliffe Darrian & Co were attacked by Zevran, Darrian was unsure about sparing someone who had tried to kill him, but it was pointed out that the team could question him if he were left alive. Darrian was rather token it back when Zevran offered to join, Darrian decided to for once spare someone who had crossed him & let Zevran join the party.

Only to nearly pass out when Zevran flirted with him next they spoke at camp, this is when their relationship started, at first Darrian didn't really trust Zevran but did enjoy that someone seemed into him for his own triats and not just what people thought an elf or warden had to be.


Darrian nearly snapped when Alistair finally admitted to being the former king's bastard son, like I mean he both nearly hit Alistair but actually ended up laughing & crying on the ground for a hot sec before regaining his ability to control himself and kept going on with the quest, unsure how to feel about what Alistair had kept to himself, it felt like slap in the face that it took so long to find out & that Alistair had manged to avoid the duty of leading the Grey Wardens & Ferelden.

Darrian protected the town & then got to work on saving the erl.

Urn of Sacred Ashes

It was during this time that Alistair's personal quest was done, Darrian did almost go down the route of hardining him, but he couldn't do anything but be kind to his oldest friend within the party when he was in such a emotional state.

Darrian was able to get the urn & dealt with the cultists by killing them.



The Landsmeet

Darrian pushed to have Alistair become king & when he got the chance he happily killed Loghain for what the man had done to all those that fought at Ostagar.

The Final Battle

It was a hard battle, but Darrian nor Alistair died, Darrian had Alistair do the ritual with Morrigan as so the both of them could live, though failed to explain why he didn't offer to do it.


So after awhile of staying by Zevran's side, Darrian left to find a cure for the calling, he mostly hasn't been in contact with others as he thinks he might die on his quest & doesn't want anyone else to pay that price along side him and he also feels that his friends at this point are better off without him around to mess with what they are doing.



When he first meet Alistair he was rather charmed by Alistair's humor and persona, so they became fast friends. Which made when things went wrong & Alistair wanted Darrian to led a lot more awkward. Throughout the Blight they stayed friends and even for awhile Darrian had romantic feelings for Alistair but there was a bit of a tenseness to the relationship that came to a head when Darrian pushed Alistair to be king & made him do the ritual with Morrigan without going into why he couldn't do it himself.


His loyal and good boy, the dog was already named Buddy when he got the dog, but he decided that it was a slightly silly name for the dog, but loved the idea Alistair had so named the dog Barkspwan.

He still has Buddy following him to this day and considers him his loyalest companion.


They were good friends & could relate to doing to do their bests for those around them.


At first he didn't know if he should trust her or not, but over time he came to thinking of her as a good friend.






Zevran Arainai[]

At first Darrian didn't like zevran & just thought bringing him in as a necessary evil, but after speaking with him again after bringing him in made Darrian change his mind. At first their romantic life was mainly based in being into each other and not being love with each other, but as they grew to know one another & fought by each others sides they started to fall in love and their relationship became a lot deeper.

By the end of the Blight they were very close and Darrian was even willing to share secrets with Zevran that only those from Darrian's home knew before or in some cases no one knew before.


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