Cyriel is an elf raised in the underground smuggling society of Kirkwall. She has traveled through Orlais, hoping to find work in the Lyrium smuggling business but it ended poorly.

She does not think that she is the right person to be Inquisitor but paired with Callum, she has no choice but to at least try to make good decisions.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Physical Appearance[edit | edit source]

Cyriel is rather short, standing only 5'1 feet tall and her body type is rather slim. The most striking part of her appearance is her bright pink eyes and her wine-red hair (red only in-game; thanks character creator). She is not very athletic, as she has spent jer life avoiding fighting at all cost.s

Her voice is quite high pitched, adding to her fragile appearance. It is noteworthy that her ears are shorter than those of the average elf.

Personality[edit | edit source]

On the outside, Cyriel appears to be quite self-confident, with her constant witty remarks and flirting, however, she is very much the opposite. She is full of self-doubts and has an inferiority complex, which can sometimes lead to her freaking out her friends.

She believed for the longest time that as an elf, she really was worth less than humans and she used that for her own gain. Since joining the Inquisition she's started to understand that that is not the case and is working on building up her own self-image.

She can be rather rash in decision making and rather listens to her heart than her head. She is against murder unless it is self-defense in combat.

In a relationship, she is very caring towards her significant other and maybe a bit overbearing sometimes. She does have trouble opening up about her feelings and problems though.

Talents and Skills[edit | edit source]

Cyriel is very talented when it comes to the art of flirting and other activities associated with it. She is also rather good at lying and manipulating people into doing what she wants them to. Due to her time in Orlais, she is well versed in the art of The Game, altho she despises it with every fiber of her being.

She's handy with daggers and bows, but prefers to stay out of fights.

Biography[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Cyriel was born 9:16 dragon in the Kirkwall alienage. Her mother, a dalish elf who chose to live with her husband from the city, died early due to disease when Cyriel was 2 years old. Her father was a merchant in the alienage, who barely made enough money to support them both. She briefly befriended a mage child for a few months before they were taken to the circle in Ostwick. When Criel was 6 years old, blood mages and templars had a devastating fight in the alienage and her father was killed in the crossfire. Now all on her own, Cyriel stumbled into a smuggling guild where another elven woman took her under her wing to teach her.

Her teaching methods were questionable at best and she gave Cyriel the mindset that she was worth less than humans, teaching her to use that positon to scam people. This meant that Cyriel was forced to put herself into harmful situations, a behavior she never got quite rid of.

After the qunari attack on Kirkwall, Cyriel now being 19, escaped the city and fled with no real destination in mind. She severed ties with the guild, as the leader died in the siege. She met a man named Blaen Pallier, an Orlesian nobleman, who offered her a job. She became one of his contacts and personal thieves. They entered a relationship that was pretty one sided and toxic. Cyriel was aware of that but Blaen could provide her a bit of safety in Orlais. And she enjoyed the extravagant lifestyle Blaen could provide her in return for her several services. It was better than working for the guild.

By the time the Circles rebelled and the Conclave was announced, Cyriel was starting to get fed up however and started realising their relationship wasn't good. Blaen, ever the businessman, sent her to spy on the Conclave to get information on the state of possible lyrium business arrangements with either the mages or templars.

Cyriel wasn't too keen on throwing herself into the line of fire of mages and templars but at least this would give her some space from Orlai's oppressive gilded cage.

What she didn't expect was to wake up with half of a magical mark on her left hand, that would change her life forever.

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