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Cirilla Hawke was the eldest child of the elven apostate Malcolm Hawke and the disgraced human noble Leandra Amell. For stopping a Qunari invasion, she became known as the Champion of Kirkwall. She was the cousin of Vasher Amell.


Physical Appearance[]

Cirilla and Bethany escaping Lothering with their mother

Cirilla Hawke is a half-elf with ashen hair and bright green eyes. During her fight with the Arishok, her face was scarred.


Cirilla was soft spoken and polite, but also prone to occasional outbursts of anger. After becoming a reaver and developed a lyrium addictions, these outbursts became more prevalent, but she still retained a reputation for kindness and manners.

Talents And Skills[]

Cirilla was a professional hunter of dangerous creatures. As such, she was a skilled tracker, and specialized in the use of heavy swords to combat creatures much larger than herself.

During her years in Kirkwall, she learned the Templar skills. She also became a Reaver during a dragon hunt.



In Game[]