"Is that not what you wanted? A hero?"

― Ciralanda Lavellan[source]

Ciralinda Lavellan is an Dalish elf mage and leader of the Inquisition.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Ciralinda has dark black hair that she regularly keeps tied in a bun. She feels an intimate connection to her hair and does not let it down in front of unfamiliar company. When it is down, it falls midway down her back.

She has small, dark eyes, thick eyebrows and lips, and tan skin. She bears the vallaslin of June, in honor of her mother Shari Lavellan, who was the master craftswoman in her clan.

Like most elves, she is of small, slender build.

Personality Edit

Initially, Ciralinda was known for her lighthearted and witty personality; however, over time, her discomfort with the Inquisition and its Andrastian influence became more apparent, and she developed a more bitter and cynical attitude. Her belief in the elven pantheon and the support she found in her closest companions, as well as the looming threat of Corypheus, encouraged her to see her mission through.

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